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Will Arsenal return Wilshere to top form in time for transfer?

Arsene Wenger has claimed that Jack Wilshere is nearing his best at present, but his Arsenal contract remains in its final year.

The midfielder is out of contract at the end of the season, and having been linked with the exit door for over a year now, looks more likely to leave then sign a new deal.

Wilshere could return to play a part in the first-team this season after impressing on loan with Bournemouth last term, but whether Wenger would be able to persuade him to stay beyond the current campaign remains unknown.

The French manager claims he isn’t quite back to his best, but he looks likely to feature against Doncaster tonight.

“If you ask me, ‘Is he back to his full, 100 per cent potential?’, I would say no,” said Wenger. “But he’s not far away.

“The rest now can only be gained by competition. That’s why I believe that these kind of games [Europa League and EFL Cup] are very important for Jack at the moment.

“He is focused, he is working hard and he is absolutely determined to get his place back in the team. There is a big fight there, and that’s what we want.

“It’s a dream for all of us to see him fulfil his potential.

“I gave Jack his start at 17 years of age. That means I am convinced — you have to be convinced, to play a boy at 17 years of age, that he is a special player.

“He is a special player, but we are all the same in that you need health to work — I need health to work and a football player needs to be healthy to play.”

Could we persuade Wilshere to stay beyond the current campaign? Will he earn his new contract? Where would a top-form Wilshere fit into our first-team?

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10 thoughts on “Will Arsenal return Wilshere to top form in time for transfer?

  1. sarsfieldNY

    Hopefully between a healthy Jack and disciplined Ramsey fostering competition we will finally fill the void left by Santi Cazorla. Jack has something to prove and if he can stay healthy (big IF) I see him relishing this type of challenge. In my opinion he changed the game when he came on vs Cologne with his creativity and vision.

    Side note– are there any good links I can watch the game on today? Much appreciated!

  2. Godswil

    If he returns to top form why let him go?
    I mean the form of the match some few years back that he mesmerized Barca players.

  3. Anko

    I just wish him well and pray he is able to come back to the best! Though I hope he will take it easy on himself and play with the mindset of safety first.

  4. Gunners

    May Wenger please not play Nelsson as a wing back…please please that kid thrives as an attacking player!

  5. Bsquared Kagoro

    Wilshere will come good, he just needs time. I am not sure arsenal has that luxury now. good luck to us all tonight. COYG

  6. Nothing changed

    It makes no sense to me what so ever to give Jack playing time. He should first sign a new contract that is heavily favorable for Arsenal.

    If we get him back to his best we essentially doing his next club a favor. At least put yourself in a position that if someone wants him because we got him back to his best, that we can make some money of a sale. This is not possible as long as Jack is in his final year.

    Sign him to a three-year contract with an easy out for Arsenal, a low base salary which increases if he stays fit and increases if he plays. This means if he gets injured again we can get out of the contract or if we wish to keep him he hardly gets paid while injured.

    But whatever you do don’t get him to peak for ys and then leave for free.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Can anybody see Wilshere, given his record, being offered more money than he would be offered by Arsenal? He would be a high risk for any club to offer superior wages.

  7. Mogunna

    Wilshere caught big head at some point, he was on every club wish list at some point, i’m talking Barca and ohers, then the smoking, clubing, playing golden boy, drinking has caused him trouble, more fragile, logic somehow…So, right now, he looks like he realises that it is now or never and i think that injury free, he will be at his best level we seen so far, you can already see it, he is more discipline on the pitch, passes ball fast and when needed…If he keeps up, he can really be a top player… He his more skilled than a Ramsey overall… Must focused on his game and play.

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