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Will Arsenal sign new right back?

Should Arsenal be in the market for a right back by TS

The transfer season is coming to a rapid close and despite the constant speculation that Arsenal will continue signing players, the lines are divided on whether AW needs a suitable replacement for Sagna. As we all know, our first choice RB suffered a second leg break which unfortunately leaves him out the mix of selection for some time.

Now we saw Jenkinson playing during the first match of the season and to be fair he had an average game. The reason we can’t really say he did exceptionally is because he wasn’t really tested. Its no secret that some EPL teams are shaping up some lethal attacking options and we have to wonder if we are completely covered in that position to handle any opposition. In my opinion, the boy looks out of his depth too often. Defence in football is one of those areas where any weakness in the line affects the entire team so I think its important to look at some of our options this season.

Jenkinson is obviously AW’s leading man in that role at the moment with Djourou, Coquelin and even Koscielny filling in the position on regular occasions. So its clear with Sagna missing, that AW instigates a rotation policy that makes up the position. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Djourou at RB. Coquelin is a viable replacement for Sagna in the long run and with Koscielny better suited to his normal position of CB. Having said that we also have Yennaris who also looks to be an up and coming prospect.

I guess the only question left to ask is do we need an experienced, quality signing in RB before the transfer market ends or do we rely on our youth structure implemented by Arsenal? I feel there’s no real right or wrong answer here. There’s no use having a youth structure if we don’t bring up players into the first team yet its not unreasonable to bring in a quality defender if we looking to win silverware. In Arsene we trust, I suppose.

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46 thoughts on “Will Arsenal sign new right back?

  1. GoonerForde

    Jenkinson was solid last week, Yennaris looks a talent, Don’t need to waste money , Sagna will be back to his best, replace song and maybe a striker who can come off the bench and cover the 2 new boys.

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  2. OhToBeAGooner

    Tbh we don’t need a right back , coquelin and jenkinson provide enough cover for Sagna at least until he comes back .

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  3. yemmy

    Nuri Sahin’s deal has stalled due to no agreement with madrid to buy back @ d end of loan spell.

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  4. Smiley

    Personally I like Jenkinson the fact that his whole family are life long Arsenal fans tells me he’ll be loyal, but onto his football I think he REALLY needs to work on his positioning the amount of times he was out of position when attacking was bad at one point in the Sunderland game he was running down the middle but I think his defending is ok considering he’s only 20 years old you can’t ask for a lot. But Sagna isn’t out for long so… I don’t think shouldn’t buy another RB we have Jenkinson, Coq and Yennaris. Also if we’re getting M’Villa he should help our defence a lot.

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  5. bravais

    No need ! … We can’t claim to be faithful to our youth policy and keep bringing in established players. It will only make these young boys feel irrelevant…

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  6. French Fries

    Oh jenkison is so not arsenal ,he runs like a wild dog ,and passes the ball like he got concrete feet.No sagna for me all day everyday of the week,i find yennaris much better instead jenkinson i still dont know who the hell scouted this kid omg.

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  7. VM

    Sagna is ageing. He will take time to recover. We need Van der Weil to cement the RB position. Yennaris and Jenkinson can learn a great deal from him and go on to carry forward. We need Van Der Weil, Yann M’vila and Nuri Sahin.

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  8. Malik

    debuchy is valued at 4m n jenkinson is sh*te, so u tell me should we trust some kid who was injury prone, unreliable and inexperienced last season? or do we take a gamble with 4m n buy an experienced RB who’d be stolen from our rival (newcastle), costs 4m and filled sagna’s spot in the french squad like a boss in euro 2012??? what’s the bigger gamble???

    debuchy, fellani/m’villa, baines/m’beguene and cisse/Ba it would make my year if arsene signed these guys up

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  9. Douglas

    why don’t we try and get mapou yanga-mbiwa? he can play right back, centre back and left back. talk about versitaile

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  10. Michael Senior

    Cover for CB and definately a DM are a must before wasting money on RB unless like others have stated we buy a versatile defender,for me Yennaris looks more than capable of filling in til Sagna comes back.

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  11. Daniel bromley

    2 defenders cb and right back sahko and the tousle lad were being linked with. Cdm (mvilla) and sahin. Then llorente and I genuinely believe we would challenge for trophies. In arsene we trust!

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  12. wez the gooner

    arsenal have made contaact with montpellier over mapou yanga-mbiwa!!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Gooner Cape Town

    Yanga-Mbiwa is the man. Sagna is great but his leg concerns me now after 2 breaks and he is aging.

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  14. Bob Dylan

    Malik go back to ur kebab shop, Newcastle have had bids higher than 6m reected by Lille for debuchy so how can he be worth 4m, gona get Paul to sort u out

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  15. Héctor

    It should bo a nonsence. Sagna is one of the best in the world, Jenkinson is very good, just need to play more. The young Bellerin has a bright future.

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  16. Victor wangila mkenya

    No no nooo to bring in another rb will kill da moral of our youths let jinks,coq and yenar do da job en they might be helped by da captain.

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  17. Me-Basil

    SkySports on Ade Moving to Spuds “Champions City will make a huge loss on a player who cost £25m from Arsenal.” LOLOLOLOL

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  18. AidanGooner

    free transfer
    world class
    experienced winner
    LB & RB cover/competition
    near end of career so won’t hold our youngsters back long-term
    ….but will have plenty of experience and tips to pass onto the likes of Gibbs, Jenkinson, Bellerin etc.

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  19. AmericanGooner

    First of all, Van der Wiel is garbage. He cannot defend, he is a younger Jose Bosingwa. But we don’t need a pure RB. Debuchy is not going to come here to sit on the bench behind Sagna. We should have kept Eboue first of all. But between Le Coq, Jenkinson, and Yennaris we are fine until the end of September when Sagna returns. We already have Sagna’s successor. He is in our reserves and his name is Hector Bellerin. I just hope we can keep Barca’s hands off of him.

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  20. Don

    What about a loan deal for a player that is out of favour at another club? Stephen Warnock is out of favour at Aston Villa. He is a left back. Jenkinson could play at left back and learn from Warnock who has more experience. This would also help Gibbs and Santos by increasing competitiion for places. Yennaris is also a valuable asset as cover for right back. We must be ahead of the game this year. Injuries and suspensions will come.

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  21. jermaine

    i think micheal bastos would be a good signing we only have arshavin,gervinho,walcott as senior wide men so with arshavin and wallcotts future on clear he could be added he also could play left back meaning andre santos can alternate duties with him.(Park or chamack could be part of the deal)

    alternitivley podolski can push left to accomidate the signing of llorente (give them bendner or chamack)

    sahin is on his way wich is a equal replacement for song with even more potential, but before song went we also needed a senior back up for him eg nzonzi,mvilla with to dm signings ramsey can be loaned which he needs

    as for right back situation squillaci should be sold and mbiwa bought in (part exchaange?)

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  22. Alain Kisakali

    We need da Replacement of Song only and dat is Yan’Mvilla or Sahin and abt RB,CB,LB or Striker no need.

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  23. ThirdManJW

    First of all, Djourou is only a centre back and should only ever play in that position. I felt the criticism he got at right-back last season was out of order because he’s not a player who can play in multiple positions. It’s the same as putting Mert at right-back. This only leaves us with two out and out right-backs in Sagna and Jenk. I wasn’t overly impressed with Jenk last season, but then again he was out injured for a long time, it was his first season playing in a new team, playing top flight footie for the first time, and he’s still very young and learning the game. We all know how tough the EPL is and so many players look better in their second season. I say let’s give Jenk a chance until Sagna gets back and we also have Coque who can play there, but he’s more of a def mid. Can someone please let Wenger know that Fergie wants his money back.

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  24. Ben

    I doubt it, though experienced cover would be wise. No one can predict how Sagna will come back and what sort of condition and form he’ll be in? Two leg breaks at his age is not good.

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  25. Martin

    All you Jenkinson knockers lay off him!!! This boy will be the BEST right back in the country in 2 seasons mark my words.

    Great crosser of the ball, reading the game better every time he plays and is strong for. 19 year old, he’s a lad, so how can so called Gooners say he’s shite??

    That’s the problem with some Arsenal fans we like to slate our own before they’ve even developed !

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  26. Jim A

    I would forgo one of the backs when we play teams that just defend. So no need to buy a back because for about half our games will be like Sunderland.

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  27. Ross Kempson

    Keep the youth. I agree. No use having a youth structure if you not goin to use it!

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  28. PrinsityGH

    Am not sure we need RB now, though michel bastos is gud player who can help us in our LM, but i think we should concetrate on M’Villa bcos now we need DM than other thing in this club

    GUNNERS till I die

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  29. Alex

    Jenkinson can fill in for Sagna for the smaller teams like Stoke on Sunday but when we play bigger teams like Liverpool put in Yennaris on Coquelin (great prospects for the future) until sagna gets back if we are going to buy a defender Yanga M’Biwa would be a good signing RB CB LB DM good back up for Gibbs and sagna jenko can learn from him and if we get sahin and/or m’vila another spare player for that position like frimpong and coquelin COYG AFC 4 LIFE

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  30. Wassim

    In: Cesar, Sakho & M’Vila or Fellaini – We don’t need a striker unless we get rid of Walcott for financial reasons.

    Out: Fabianski, Squillaci, Djourou, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park & Bendtner – All surplus to requirements or they don’t posses good enough skill to remain in a club like Arsenal.

    Fully Fit Team w/transfers:

    Subs: Cesar (GK), Sakho(CB/LB/RB), Jenkinson (RB), Gibbs(LB), OX(CM/LM), Walcott(RS/RW), Podolski(LS/LW)

    Rotation for when players are unfit/injured/require playing time (What Wenger does anyway): Cesar for Szczesney, Jenkinson for Sagna, Mertesacker/Sakho for Koscielney/Vermaelan, Gibbs for Santos, Frimpong for M’Vila/Fellaini, Diaby/Ramsey for Arteta/Cazorla, Rosicky for Wilshere, Walcott/Podolski for Gervinho/Giroud

    I chose Gervinho & Giroud alongside each other because they seem to have chemistry/bonding more so than Gervinho & Podolski or Walcott & Giroud. Also Walcott Pace & Podolski’s positioning would compliment each other perfectly. Cesar is an experienced keeper who can be used in case Szczesney suffers injury (God forbid).

    I’d prefer Fellaini over M’Vila because of his Belgium chemistry alongside The Verminator as well as his EPL experience making the switch smoover – although I wouldn’t be at all disappointed with the chemistry between Koscielney & M’Vila and would certainly welcome it.

    We also have a brillaint Young squad in the making with players like: Mannone, Miquel, Yennaris, Coquelin, Eastmond, Lansbury, Eisfield, Gnarby, Miyaichi, Afobe & Joel Campbell

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  31. FEDON

    of course we need a RB with attacking ability.JEnkinson has absolutely no place in our team.Additionally the other mentioned alternatives are only considered on an AD HOC BSS.Thus definitely we need RB more than a striker…..And certainly a DM.This is deemed essential….

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  32. vish Puro

    Don’t see Arsenal buying a right back. Profit and Loss Account is looking good right now why spoil that! Sahin and maybe a centre back, tops. History suggests that the books are balanced and the club won’t risk not making a profit for the eight consecutive season. They’re not going jeopardize the club’s most important month of the year May- our financial year end (not season end). It ain’t all bad though because our Balance sheet’s going to looking awesome, and if we’re really try, we might even find ourselves one place higher on the most ‘valuable club’s rich list. So whatever happens, just as long as we bank £40 mill & fourth spot we shouldn’t look upon it at as a bad season as Mr Kroenke will stand to see his shares increase. At least we can live in the knowledge that our owner will be smiling.

    Just ignore me, I’m just being financially naïve, I’m just a chartered accountant what do I know. Just keep listening to the board and their constant reminders of the credit crunch and ‘the Malaga situation’. Firstly, the downturn’s really affected us badly hasn’t it, because our 60,000 stadium’s always empty, not mentioning the really bad interest arrangement we have in place for the stadium- do me a favour. I accept that our sponsorship money is not as great as it should be, but any owner who half cared about the club would loan the difference until it comes up for renewal, end off. Secondly, how can you even compare a team like Malaga to us, come on now. We’re the third most prestigious club in the Prem, based in one of the best cities on the planet, you seriously think we’d be short of takers if we were struggling. For the record, I do not suggest we embark upon the Malaga path, but have grown sick and tired of the club scaremongering us to justify their profit maxmising and using convenient excuses along the way. Ultimately, It’s the lack of transparency at the club enables the board to achieve this, and the resulting competitive advantage derived, should not be deemed more important than the club’s accountability to us the fans. Why do they continue to do everything in their powers to limit information (even to fellow shareholder Usamanov ),What are they so frightened of? This combined with the recent allegations from Song’s agent that the board labeled him as unprofessional to make the departure easier for us fans to digest, despite song asking for a reasonable contract renewal on a number of occasions, only raises further suspicions of on how the board conduct themselves.

    The club has not won anything for so long, in which time the club has got richer and richer-This is unjustifiable. Money isn’t being reinvested, with the sole purpose of increasing our balance sheet reserves and sale value of the club. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t reserves there for a rainy day. If Mr Kroenke doesn’t consider it to be raining after going 7 years without a trophy then he has seriously underestimated the club’s history. God forbid, but if we lose any of our big players next season round i.e. vermalen, ox or Wilshere we must make a stand. WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK!

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  33. LoyalToArsenal

    I think this talk about signing players is pointless looking into at the end of the day wenger will sign who he needs, my opinion that another goal scorer, defensive midfielder.

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  34. Mpoki K

    Now that song is also gone,AW raise interest at felaini of everton he is a wonderful talent ofcorse,so head up AW,we are starving of silverware atleast one this season to easy the long cruel drought.

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