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Will Arsenal start Giroud and Alexis despite bad blood?

I am not sure that there is too much for Arsenal fans to worry about with the story of some bad feeling between two of our strikers Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud, but hey, what do I know? If there is then it might be an issue for Arsene Wenger to consider as he prepares the Gunners for the next game, which is a Premier League clash with West Brom on Sunday night.

According to Metro the two Arsenal forwards had a running argument during the Carabao Cup win over Doncaster, with the Chilean apparently growing ever more frustrated with his French team mate for some failed flicks and tracks and a general inability for them to get anything going.

The bad blood between the two strikers was picked up on by various Arsenal fans and with questions already being aimed at Sanchez over his attitude, could this be a further sign of his unhappiness at not getting the transfer away from Arsenal he wanted?

Even more important, could it have a negative effe3ct on hos the two play and therefore on how the whole side performs in crucial Premier League matches? With Danny Welbeck out the chances of Wenger selecting both in our starting XI is much higher, so will this be a problem?

In my opinion I do not think so. There was frustration throughout the side as we struggled to put Doncaster to the sword and even if they are not getting on it should not really affect their form. What do you think?


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15 thoughts on “Will Arsenal start Giroud and Alexis despite bad blood?

  1. Akan

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  2. Simon

    I don’t need a perfectly happy team – a bit of frustration is to be expected between players that give a shit. And they both do

    So think it’s good to see

    Almost every tough Sanchez did in previous game (except goal) was a bad one.

    But bet no one would beat him up for it more than he would himself

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    1. Me

      The difference is that Giroud gives a shit about Arsenal.
      Sanchez is only bothered about himself..

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  3. summerbreez

    We have an important game on Monday and is against a better seated team West Bromwich Albion F.C as we lost against stoke they drew and they were unlucky to win and they were not hammered by man city but lost 2-1 We need to be on our top game else a big embarrassment West Bromwich also won against burnly so we better watch out the tactics most be 100% players most be at their 100% and chances on target must be counted so Giroud and Alexis and co must perform to win the game

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    1. Shortboygooner

      Sanchez is whiney with a poor attitude. At the doncaster match he broke down most attacks and tried to dribble through the team and lost tje ball most times. I was a fan but if thats what we have to deal with every game. Personaly I would rather him go and we get lemar in. I think his career is over anyway. Nearly 30 and poor attitude. There is a reason pep sold him in the 1st place. Once he leaves us its all over and good ridence

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  4. Me

    I cannot wait for Sanchez to leave.
    Wenger can say what he likes about him but for me is nothing more than a sulking petulant child.
    If he is as good as he thinks he is why was Barcelona willing to let him go for just £31 million?
    Probably because they felt he was a disruptive, sulking little whiner…

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  5. Nothing changed

    Giroud should not start. Is Laca injured he has not played for more than one week come Monday.

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  6. Break-on-through

    Partnerships is what sets some teams above the others. Giroud and Alexis is not an ideal partnership, both of them feed from different games. Looking forward to Lacazette and Alexis, that’s why they should’ve been playing together before now, to get that chemistry from a partnership. Our defenders get messed around too much also, you’ll hear any good CB talk about the importance of knowing the players around you, esp the one beside you.

    Arsene for all his talk about togetherness and cohesion, he can hurt it with his decisions at times.

    Read someone saying he thinks the reason we had a good will, desire against Chelsea, was because Ozil, Chambo, and Walcott did not play.

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  7. walle

    Was it Sherringham and Cole or Yorke who did not have good relations at MAnu? But that did not stop Manu winning…….. AS long as they dont deliver I dont care if they are friends. Im not friends with my workmates but we do the job we are paid to do .

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  8. Coldzero

    Alexi should be dropped to the reserves. His attitude stinks and he is creating trouble- he needs to be taken away from the squad.

    I know some of you don’t want to hear it but he is done at Arsenal – he is not even loyal to us so it’s time to let him go.

    Anyone seen at decent performance from him since his return? Stop with these unfit excuses as well- he does not want to play for us and his attitude is not professional it stinks.

    Remove him from the team and put him in the reserves, sell first thing in Jan.

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  9. Vlad

    Am I the only one who’s tired hearing about Sanchez at this point? The guy is not playing for Arsenal anymore, and it’s pretty clear. He’s mentally checked out few months ago. I’d rather play Iwobi (and for the record, I don’t rate him much) in his place because at least I now he’ll put a single ounce of his heart and soul into the game whereas Sanchez is thinking only about himself at the moment. I wish we sold the little Chilean Le Sulk for 60mil when we had the chance. However, I gotta give Wenger some credit for sticking to his guns, and keeping him with the club.

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  10. The barrel

    Giroud can’t start ahead of Lava, Sanchez, and Walcott. Since coming to Arsenal I have never seen him challenging defenders. He is just waiting for aerial balls and tap ins. Let Sanchez’s value drop by warming the bench. He is childish

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  11. The barrel

    Arsenal should sell Ozil and Sanchez in January. Ozil has don’t care attitude and Sanchez is childish. They are bad influence to the team. They should be followed by The Lamp post on the exit door

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