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Will Arsenal’s awesome big game record secure EPL title?

It used to be one of the many sticks used by the football media to beat Arsenal with in recent years, but after the season which saw the Gunners take some seriously heavy batterings away to Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City, our performances and results in the big games has got a lot better.

Not only did Arsene Wenger alter his tactics to cope with these games better, but we saw the emergence of Francis Coquelin and a greater collective strength and solidity from the whole squad. And after that watershed match last season when we went to the Etihad Stadium and really did a job on Man City, Arsenal’s record in games against our big rivals has become one of our biggest strengths.

We have still had trouble with Chelsea of course but as they are not challenging for the Premier League trophy I am not going to include them in this article. Before the last round of EPL games a Sky Sports report showed how the top had performed against each other in a mini league.

While Leicester City were top with 12 points, Arsenal were second on 10 and we had played two games fewer than the Foxes. Our points per game of two was actually the best and after beating Leicester on Sunday our points tally of 13 from six games is also the best. Man City are the worst with just three points from eight games and our north London rivals Tottenham are now second with 11 points although they have also played one more game than us.

With the Gunners still to face Man United, the spuds, Man City and West Ham, the only side in that mini league to have beaten us, could this big game record prove to be the thing that secures a first title in 12 years for the Arsenal?

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6 thoughts on “Will Arsenal’s awesome big game record secure EPL title?

  1. GoonerLad

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    1. almostawinner

      “whenever we’re under pressure to score we struggle”: what’s life wo struggle? we did it at manc last year, bayern, MU. now leicester . WE ARE THIRD AND NONE OF OUR STRIKERS IS IN FORM. thats not going to last : once sanchez and 1 other come into form we’ll be hard to beat. + we wont have a soft middle like we did in last 2 months while flam was deputizing.

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  2. Raoh

    Our record against top teams are good this season but to truly there down the line we have to continue that trend. Now that the Spurs are in that conversation winning against them would do many things: give belief, strengthen our confidence, go 2nd or 1st depending on Leicester result. Also Man U is coming a making the double would be priceless as well. All in all we need to be 1st before going to Man city only way we’re winning the league this year!!

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  3. cescyfab4

    Off Topic: Who else has seen Debuchy moaning on about Arsene blocking his move to Man Utd? I think the guy lacks class.

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