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Will beating Liverpool stop Arsenal fans transfer demands?

It is hard for any football fan to be patient and to look at anything to do with their team with rationality and without letting our natural passion and bias get in the way, and after the frustration and protets over Arsene Wenger and the way our club is run that were so evident lasst season that is probably more true of Arsenal fans than most others.

So while he does have a point, hearing our manager call for calm after last weekend’s loss away to Stoke City because it was just one game did not sit well with most of us. That is the way of things in football, though, and the performance or result of just one match can change our outlook in a big way.

So imagine how we will feel if the Gunners go to Anfield on Sunday and do a job on Jurgen Klopp’s reds. Would coming back to north London with all three points change much do you think? If our defence performs well with Koscielny back, with our midfield in control of the game and our attacking and creative players get in the goals, would that stop the Arsenal fans demanding that Wenger gets more transfers done before the window shuts?

Hopefully we will find out after the weekend. What do you think?

Sam P.

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30 thoughts on “Will beating Liverpool stop Arsenal fans transfer demands?

  1. John Ibrahim

    Lets be honest, the chances of beating an strong attacking Liverpool side are extremely low

    We dominate and cant even score goals and yet fans are calling for signing of CB

    1. Break-on-through

      That’s nothing to do with our player personnel (but for a few same as every good club). That’s overplaying, looks great when it works but allot of the time players are just trying to edge a little closer so to tap it in after the umpteenth pass. We were clinical last season but lost our creativity because of it, we tried being more direct. Walcott, Giroud, Alexis, they were clinical with others chipping in at times. This season we look creative again.

      The liv game. I was more confident with last seasons three four three, as everyone I’d imagine. Wenger bloody ruined it two games in. But even last seasons system, I would worry away to liv because of their wide play. That can be a weakness of this system, besides Wengers midas touch, teams who are good at wingplay and doubling up on players could be a problem for this system. Ive only seen us once getting destroyed out wide last season with it, so it might depend allot what type of mood our players as a whole are in. Or I could be wrong and all it needs is the two players in the hole to really pitch in at CM and out wide.

  2. JW Holmes

    LIverpool is certainly a big test and winning that game would be a positive sign. But its only the first of several big tests that Arsenal will face. Those also include Tott, Man City, Man U, Chelsea. Arsenal need to come out on the plus side of the majority of these big tests to convince me that the team is for real.

    1. Break-on-through

      We can’t lose, at all costs we must not lose this game. We’ll see what our players are made of. To have lost two games this early, it would be a joke. All the years of .we’re going to do better next season, we are trying for top top player only. Then this happens, Id be beyond depressed, a maddening depression.

    2. Marty

      The way we consistently miss chances it’s not just the big games that are a test, every game we play against anybody seems to be a struggle.

  3. Finding Dory

    Doesn’t matter. Arsenal isn’t beating Liverpool. And that’s the best thing that can happen.

  4. Herbdawg

    No, because some fans will never be happy with our squad, or our manager.
    Haterz will hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!

  5. denny'.

    OT: just read from skysports the Ox has turned down the latest offer from believed to be around 180k per week, and now Wenger have 24 hrs to let them know (Ox& his representatives) if he will sell him or let him leave for free next summer, and the reason behind Ox refusal to sign is Wenger is playing him out of position.!

    ….so, now Sanchez is leaving this is obvious,the Ox will leave too, dont care about Ozil whether he will leaves or not, what are they doing at Arsenal?!, don’t see Arsenal winning anything this season either we beat liverpool tommorrow or not, our team is in total disarray.

    ….ooh, and what about loads of deadwoods we are still possessing?!, wow!, let the genius who gave Wenger those two years enjoys it.!

  6. Viera Lyn

    regardless of the outcome on Sunday, this team is in trouble both short and long-term…the bigger question is what is truly going on with this club? there is some suggestion that wenger is backtracking on his fervent stance regarding what players would be staying at the club for the remainder of the season…some might deduce that this is all part of a much bigger, more elaborate plan…by shifting the blame wenger is attempting to, not so slyly, flip the narrative…by doing so he hopes to evoke empathy from his most ardent supporters, while attempting to rally any fence-sitters, whose faith was waning unless a more legitimate agent of blame emerges…unfortunately, and incredibly insulting to the fans, when wenger attempts to spin a tale and/or tries to eat his own words, he doesn’t seem to play it all the way through in his head, so invariably gaping holes emerge…say we believed his version of the truth, would that not make him either an incredibly well-paid custodian of destruction or a spineless jellyfish because what manager worth his weight in salt would stay at a club that didn’t give him final say after 20 years of supposed “success”…no matter the answer, neither bodes well for us…how ironic, in a way, since many pundits claim this team has lacked a “spine” for some years now…so whether we win, lose or draw on Sunday is frankly immaterial, as the problems will remain, and although it will be easier to digest if we left the Pool with 3 points, it might just be the worst result for the betterment of this club…a fact that both breaks my heart and baffles the mind

  7. Ronny

    It we somehow beat pool it will be a shock on current form. However as we all know we can be amazing one day and utterly useless the next.

    It’s a long season and even at the start of it we lack one midfield creative player,(I think Wenger has fingers crossed for Jack) and the defence is short.

    1. Break-on-through

      Jack is good at getting the ball from A to B, and one or two touch passing, but he ain’t creative.

  8. Turbo

    No! Fans want to have a chance to compete for a title. Even if we had a terrific season and were very lucky to avoid injuries, we are still a bit short at key areas, even if Alexis stays for the season and plays with full commitment. We are really short if we lose some or all of Alexis, Ozil, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshire, Mustafi without equal or better quality replacements and then more on top.

  9. AB

    It is not about one game. It is disrespectful to say that people’s opinions are based on just the Stoke game. Our defensive mid weakness has been out there for a while and many people on this forum have called it out. I want us to win the Liverpool game but irrespective of the outcome we need some define or midfield additions IMO.

    1. John Ibrahim

      We lost the stoke games because we could not score goals

      and not because we are weak in defence

      If Welbeck has taken his 4 chances…we could have won the game by 4-0 or 4-1

    2. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

      It’s probably disrespectful to say, but it is a fact that the mood of AFC fans swings from game to game nowadays.
      This article has raised a real question. If we win at Liverpool, fans generally will still demand additional signings. But the pressure is going to be a lot lot lesser than it has been the past few days.
      Add to that those “real fans” who’d eventually come out to argue that we do not need anymore signings.

      Still, I’m hoping Arsene plays a balanced midfield and the team wins as a result. That would be a more sustainable approach and it might change his approach to strategy for good.

  10. John Ibrahim

    A very strategic move by Ibrahimovic

    Utd is very highly likely to win the title

    he can claim another medal and recognition

    the only challenge to Utd is City

  11. Imran

    I still feel we are lacking in transfers. May be Arsene waiting for bargain. But how difficult the decision is to offload Walcott and welbz and bring in Draxler and mahrez. Wages of both can be easiy manageable. Don’t know why Wenger doesn’t go for a CB and CDM? Why can’t he see that? Why don’t he sense he need both of that positions? I believe still we have chance to win both EPL and Europa league by having strong 25 players. He must have 6-7 players for whole season which are irreplaceable and they must be regular for EPL and Europa league. He can rotate 4-5 players. In my opinion strongest XI and formation must be:
    Van dijk Kos mustafi
    Bellerin/Ox CDM xhaka/Ramsey saed
    Ozil Sanchez

    It will be 3-4-2-1 and in some cases 4-1-3-2 to punish small teams:
    Bellerin Van dijk Kos/mustafi saed
    Iwobi/Ox Ozil xhaka/Draxler
    Lacazette Sanchez

    6-7 Players who must play only EPL and Europa league are : Sanchez,van Dijk, lacazette,saed,mustafi,CDM and xhaka
    For rotation we can have remaining players. Ozil can be replaced with iwobi or Ramsey and for other positions based on situation.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Why do we need a CB when our main issue is we Cant score goals??

      are we going for 0-0 draw in every games?

  12. Joe

    Its possible for arsenal to beat liverpool, not only beat liverpool but go top of the table as we normally do, but arsenal will not win the league. Othrs will come from behind and take it away, we are always used as pace setter. We shall finish 6th. Euros is the best way for us to get to the champions league, I think wenger should take it seriously and play stronger teams. Top 4 in our current state is a dream.

  13. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    To boost a morale and the spirit around the club, I’m hoping Arsenal keeps Alexis et al and makes one more brilliant signing.

    But I’m aware the club and the manager are not so much desperate as I am about that stuff.

  14. Yossarian

    No… A single win over Liverpool will not enough. To stop us life-long Arsenal fans complaining about the current transfer policy (And indeed everything else that we’re currently moaning about) we need:

    – A solid Premier League campaign where we finish in touching distance of the winners, at least

    – A season without being humiliated by very heavy defeats

    – A settled team where everybody knows their positions, and understands what their role is

    – Performances that show fight and determination every game

    – Release of perpetually injured players and not-good-enough deadwood from the squad

    – Genuine intent to improve the team in the right areas, not just the usual lip-service and lies

  15. Atid

    What’s all this we can’t score goals? In one game against Stoke our strikers failed
    Yet we had a perfectly good goal ruled out, we’re denied s definite penalty and created chances. The previous week we scored 4 and the week prior 2 goals lifted the 5th ranked trophy available to is this season by beating the champions. We did all this without our best player and goalscorer from last season. For me we have 6 main issues
    1 The owner
    2 The manager
    3 playing players out of position
    4 we need a powerful captain in the back 3
    5 we need a powerful player in the dm role
    6 expiring contracts – if a player is not signing your best and it has to be your offer with only 9 months to go, he must be sold and replaced with someone who is as good, and really wants to play for Arsenal Football, especially if he one of your starting x1

  16. deleny

    Signing a player for wenger doesnt depend on sole winning of the liverpool game. If he deems it fit and of necessity to sign players. He wld do that. U and i knw wenger b4 nw. He hates being cajouled doing things that doesnt come frm his mind.

  17. Gooner100

    The game at Liverpool is important. Clearly we mustn’t lose, but a win won’t indicate success this season.

    What happens in the next week will determine our season.

    If Mustafi, Sanchez, chamberlain etc stay and we win tomorrow then fine we may get through. We will still be a couple of players short of where we could have been, but with Lacazette and Kolasinac, we’re better off than last season.

    If they go and we don’t have replacements lined up (at least a wc CB and a replacement for Sanchez) then, win, lose or draw at Liverpool the team will be weaker throughout the entire rest of the season and that would make the transfer window a stunning failure.

  18. jacob

    let ox go…m tired of average players telling us want the want..if we don’t sign players b4 thursday..den we wud b lucky 2 c 6 dis season

  19. Mikekobi

    Beating Liverpool is not gonna happen, and we get the 3 point that is not going to justifies anything.

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