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Will Champions League qualification be enough to keep Van Persie at Arsenal?

After the last match of the season against WBA, won by Arsenal with a 3-2 scoreline, manager Arsene Wenger spoke about the situation with RVP’s expiring contract.

Van Persie has snubbed all contract negotiations until the season finished, so now it’s time for him to face reality and make a choice. Following the game, Wenger thought that Champions League qualification could only help the talks: “It is easier to attract players and to keep them.” he said.

It was suggested to Wenger that Van Persie’s after-game celebrations could be taken as a farewell to the Arsenal fans, but Wenger disagreed. “You can make of that what you want.” he said. “If a player does not come out and celebrate you say he is a already gone and if he goes and celebrates with the fans that means he is saying goodbye. I believe it is positive.”

The Frenchman also spoke about Podolski’s signature, in Arsenal’s attempt to find another top striker who can score goals on a weekly basis alongside Robin.

“I was asked many times the question whether or not we relied too much on the goalscoring of Van Persie. He has scored 30 goals and we have tried to add somebody else who can score as well. Yes we plan to speak with him before the Euros.”

Robin himself admitted he would be starting talks with Arsenal soon, but he wouldn’t give any hint to the outcome at all. “We’ll see. We’ll have a chat and go from there.” he said.

It remains to be seen whether Robin will accept to continue with the Gunners, but at least now he can’t postpone the talks anymore the way he did until the end of the season. It’s time to take a decision Robin, So what’s it going to be?

So no indication from Wenger or Van Persie about the way the talks may go, and I can’t see anything in those quotes that give me hope of a positive outcome, can you?

***West Brom v Arsenal Highlights***

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76 thoughts on “Will Champions League qualification be enough to keep Van Persie at Arsenal?

  1. estin

    its not just about the champions league football thats going to make him stay , he wants to know from wenger what the intentions and ambitions for next season are , if we are going to go and spend some cash on world class players to come in and help us win … robin has been exceptional this season scoring goals and winning us games.. But as a fan for over nearly 20 years this season has been PAINFUL TO SAY THE LEAST, and seeing city win the title after splashing the cash has made me envy the fact that players who cost 35million like aguero win big matches for you and when need some big players in FACT … i really hope wenger sits him down and says look we have brought podolski in , where going to be bringing a few more in and getting rid of some of the dead players and see what we can do next season because we wont be able to do it without RVP thats for sure…

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  2. zainkiani

    Absolutely not…he would ask for more than 150k wage as well as club ambitions to win trophys next year…hope he get his wish wage and club Sign some quality players to show him their ambitions…he will definately sign then…!

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  3. Pat Rice

    I don’t know how I would act if RVP were to leave. I think first I’d be physically ill as I love him. The fact remains however that we have stood by RVP throughout all his injuries, out of the 8 years he has been with the Arsenal, he has given us one and half excellent seasons. I think he needs to show us some support by signing a new contract for the fans, Arsene and the club! COYG

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  4. Aurijit

    Yes…Few signings….new contracts to other important players and certain hike in his wage bill…. This will be enough to keep RVP home….

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  5. budgie

    No, sadly, we finished 20 odd points behind top 2, he knows we not good enough, our defence was like the keystone cops yesterday, and if it had not been for the West Brom keeper being terrible, we would have been in trouble, we need major investment, which I dont think Arsene will do, I hope Im wrong, I just hope he doesn”t go to city,I think Mancini likes him, and might offer us dzeko and a few quid!If we stand still, we will be going backwards!

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  6. Gooner CT

    CL is one thing, challenging for trophies is definetly another and also, to be rewarded for ones efforts and results is most important. Football is RvP’s career. He won just about every award he could this season. He needs to be financially rewarded. Wenger needs to also show him and the suppoters that we mean business next season by bringing in quality and experience. Once again yesterday our defence showed a lack of experience and sharpness. We need a LB and a RB tovover for Sagna. Vertonghen is definetlt that player, but it seems we screwed up that option by going back after agreeing a deal and trying to change the terms. This is not how to do business with our future success at stake. The story regarding M’ Vila is also seems to be fading. We had no midfield yesterday and missed Arteta emensly. We do need a serious attacking midfielder. 4 serious signings and with the rest of the squad we can challenge for great things, but we need those players to make it happen.Please AW, get Vertonghen, M’Vila, M Suarez and fight for Gotze/Ericksen or get Belhanda.
    COYG, let’s be positive and secure the signatures early so we can get the guys in on the pre-season tour and hit the opening games with force, great football and success, so we do not play catch up next season. I have a feeling it is going to happen for us and I will continue to support and back my club to the hilt. I am not even British and live 1000 miles south but Arsenal is MY team and always will be.

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  7. Elgy-Gunner

    i had mixed emotions about watching his interview after the w.b.a game.. sort of reminded me of what Fabregas & Henry reacted when they left.. personally i think he will be holding out for more money and as been noted above wanting to see who we bring in the summer .. we need a top quality defender , midfielder and striker .. Podolski was a great signing i think if we could get someone like Huntelaar (wishful) , mvilla (got enough attacking midfielders) and Vertonghen(Spurs bound i know) it would showgreat intent of going to go on and push for the league next season .. wilshere back will be like a new signing .. Gibbs is really maturing, Kos and verm are looking great together.. if Van was to go i really think it would be abroad to either real or juve .. lets remember he plays for arsenal we dont play for him .. we lost Cesc and nasri last season and finished this season better! .. bare that in mind..

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  8. blackeyedpea

    His post match quotes yesterday saying “whatever happens” he will always be a Gooner at heart should make all Gooners uncomfortable. I am convinced that if he had his way, he would love to stay and win trophies at the Emirates. My only worry is that the Board may play hard ball and not do all they could and should do to keep our prized asset.

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  9. Miles52

    In the post match interview I think RVP gave the strongest indication yet that he would be leaving! When asked about his current situation at the club he said that no matter what happens, he loves this club and always will, which to me sounds like he’s already made up his mind to walk out the door. To see our best players leave again only to be replaced by mediocre talent completely knocks the wind out of me! We need him to stay more than we needed fabregas and nasri to, and I hope for wengers sake he does!

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  10. Deeray

    @Elgy-Gunner: mvilla ‘(got enough attacking midfielders)’… m’vila is not an attacking midfielder my friend. he is a Defensive mid.

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  11. StoogeFinder

    Champions League is a prerequisite to keep our main players and attract new ones. RVP’s family is settled in London and this would be a bigger factor to him staying than the money other teams are offering.

    I’m so happy we got an assured CL berth, that now increases our buying power and we can only get better from here. looking forward to the new season! COYG!!!!

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  12. albanian-gunner

    If he has to he gas to go padolski will as gd as him trust me gunners

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  13. albanian-gunner

    If he has to go he has to go padolski will be as gd as him look the amount of goals he has scored on his own at a club like cologne imagen him when he will have all the help from our players he will destroy defenders trust me

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  14. Flexo

    I couldnt help but notice Wenger’s reactions during yesterday’s match…

    How he was hugging helpless Pat Rice like a baby needing his mama’s cuddle, marching & punching the innocent pitch, littering d place with bottled water………… lollllllllzzzzzzzzz…………. He should dance to Michael Buble’s dance tracks, after a crazy season as this he nids it…….. I just love wenger regardless of the 7 trophyless seasons & he’s a Role Model……. On Van Persie I fink we all need a 1 month break too its indeed been a rollercoaster season, QUE SERA SERA…….what will be will be…… And I LOVE ARSENAL FC…..

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  15. landmind111

    Arsenal better not f this up, there are some good players that are available this season for a cut price, we should take full advantage of it and sign what we can. And as for all you fans who say “we shouldn’t buy so and so, coz it will ruin the development of so and so” your not that clever. Competition is part and parcel of this game, no one is guarenteed success, u have to fight to be number 1, giving these youngsters an easy route to the first team will not make them ready for serious competition. If they’re good enough they’ll play, if not, at least we have the best option, its a win win for the team! That’s wots more important.

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  16. Dom

    He is holding out until he feels we are ready to win silver wear. At the current time we are far from it we have to strengthen in key areas now and I predict that he will sign around the end of the transfer window

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  17. Name not required

    As long as gazidis isnt involved he will be an arsenal player next year

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  18. Straight up

    ARSENAL ANNUAL SALE : this year we have one of the worlds top scoring talents , a Dutch master + our team captain – we’re starting the bidding at 20m and we’re gonna throw in a free trophy cabinet – cos we won’t need it … U don’t get a trophy for qualifying for Europe anyway ! Or wot about taking a pair??? Song plays really well with robin so he would be a great extra signing – lets start the bidding at 12m cos he won’t sign a new contract … Wot a traitor – he only wants to win fings !! Anyway if thers any bidders ther could u please leave a deposit as we dnt wanna sell em til the last day of the transfer window so it gives us an excuse not to sign any1 . For further details on jacks + walcotts transfers for the season after – just fone stan in the states – thank you ! Seriously guys – this is the way it’s goin . Let’s back our club – not any individuals .

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  19. scott

    The Van-Persie Situation is a lot easier now. If he refuses to sign for 150kpw, we should give him to Man city for Eden Dzeko on a four year contract on his current salary and get 3 years salary cash from Mancity as part of the deal. Dzeko at 26 years hits above 25 goals yearly when he plays and is a lower injury scare.

    I would be more concerned about the Walcott situation honestly as opposing defenders panic when he is on the pitch. Oxo is fast but I maintain not Walcott fast. Oxo is the new rooney but walcott is the Walcott simple, he offers a variation to the team I’ld rather have over Gervinho, Oxo or any of our current wingers.

    On the final note, Benayoun should please teach our attackers game-committment before he heads back west.

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  20. Malik

    this is seriously arsene’s chance to restore EVERYONE’S FAITH and sign those players if wenger signs M’villa(or martinez or any 5-STAR dm or cm), kawaga(someone as good), verthongen(or any good VERSATILE defender)……u’ve already added a 5-star striker/winger , throw or loan out our rubbish just at least get Squid, bendtner, almunia and denlison SOLD, ramsey and jenkinson loaned. chamakh, arshavin, diaby and vela can have 1 more try.

    this is showing a MAJOR intent of ambition n if one of walcott, song or RVP leave arsene can hold his head up high and be proud of his actions and NO ONE has the rite to boo at the emirates


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  21. Emery

    @Name not required

    Gazidis is involved im affraid, he said he will sit down and speak with Wenger AND Gazidis which is always bad news in my books

    I will be extremley let down if he does go, espicially if to another PL team, City im looking at you, they seem determined to steal our best players every year, imagine if we had a strong owner that wasnt motivated by money and this season we had Nasri, Cesc, (possibly Adebayor) as well as RVP?

    But anyway the club has stuck by him for so long, the ammount of injurys hes had and they havent once said sell him, he finally manages a full season and all of a sudden he considers leaving, that in itself is hurtful to me, I just hope he looks at what everyone else has gone on to do at his age after leaving Arsenal and realises its a bad idea

    I bet next season if hes still with us he will pick up a long injury after like a month :L its just what happens

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  22. Emery

    I would like to also point out that Walcott is in the exact same position and in my opinion it could be just as bad to lose him as it would be with RVP, we need to get them both to sign long term contracts

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  23. northlondonner



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  24. Johnno

    His family love it in London. He’ll stay for them and to repay Arsenal for standing by him so long during all of his injuries. But at least he won’t go to any other PL side if he did leave.

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  25. Jumong

    Before d final match u guys say champions league footbal is d key to bring m.villa and keep van persie,now wat am i hearing dat rvp is leaving? He is nt just a gud scorer but a fantastic captain am teling u guys if he leave it wil affect us very wel as for him were wil he go dat wil lov him like we do, luk at fabregas na barca are planing to sel him, pls rvp dnt do wat wil mak u regret later

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  26. lifezone

    with the way wenger is going,arsenal might miss out on RVP,persie is not only interested in CL but also in trophies.wenger is not showing any sign that he is willing to challenge for trophies next season.
    westbrom game really expose aresnal type of quality players.most of this guys are not trophy winning candidates.with this present squad i promise that next season we will still struggle to finish forth.

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  27. Bring back T Adams

    If he won’t sign an extension then sell him are we really likely to get another seaon like that from him following years of injury plagued seasons

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  28. Georgio

    we can challange the premier leaque next season as below :
    – secure the signature of Van Persie with the financial
    – Sale some players
    – Bringing in some quality and experiences player

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  29. Yaiz

    This is so effed up. We develop talents from their obscure youth to world class stardom then they leave us when they are at the top of their game…. Is it really worth it to stick to this failed policy? I have a bad feeling about the RVP, Walcott & Song situation. God help us :/

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  30. KickuPtheArsene


    Interesting perspective. Dzecko & Podolski would be an interesting front 2. I too rate Dzecko – great skill and also younger. If RVP is set on leaving, I would consider that deal.

    I get the feeling RVP is gone though. Pains me to say it, but it feels quite similar to the way things played out las summer in the transfer window. I really hope I’m wrong.

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  31. G-Force

    CL qualification will definitely not be enough to keep RVP. Mark my words, he will want to see the AMBITION of the club, who AW intends to bring in during the transfer window and also his own personal contract terms.

    I am so glad RVP is NOT indoctrinated.

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  32. Arsenger

    The team last night was not good enough to chase after the title. Wondering again why Ox was not playing after a good game against Norwich.
    The team next season will have Wilshere, Sagna, Arteta and new signings Podolski and I believe M’villa. I still don’t think we can challenge Champions League and BPL because other clubs will patch up with stronger players; something that Redknapp was also worried about for Spurs for next season! If we don’t see significant signings, let’s support Arsenal for FA/League cup and not to disappoint ourselves with ambition to get BPL/CL title.
    Last night I had enough heart attack wanting 3rd place but with such an easily breakable defence line! Terrible defence … just a luck that WB doesn’t capitalise and victory bonus from their GK!

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  33. realist

    last time i looked chelsea was in london, whether they will be in the champions league next season remains to be seen.

    i think robin will simply put off signing a new contract, go the euros then play it by ear

    then it is over to arsenal, if they up his wages and sign some players and then are looking good next season, rvp could sign a new contract before xmas.

    if the club panic, then they will sell him to the highest bidder, but his family do not want to leave london. i think lukaku & benayoun plus £10m will seal the deal for chelsea.

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  34. mrblobby

    just like to mention yossi benayoun who has shown real professionalism in his approach
    to playing this whole season. he has been very influential and has always looked motivated and ready to unlock the defence when others have looked lacklustre. thanks again yossi!

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  35. Slash345

    @ Deeray, you misinterpreted his comment. He is saying we should sign Mvila since we already have enough attacking mids.

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  36. Hademe P

    RVP worths more than 150k a week but i am convinced the problem is beyond money. He is simply ambitious. Fab left and won medals, Nasri and Clichy are boasting of PL crown, here is a world class finisher who lacks medals despite his potentials.Wenger need to sign top player that can ensure our winning medals next season, that alone will make captain fantastic to commit his future to arsenal. Will the board see it this way?,will Arsene see the hand writing on the wall?,will he stop advocating for financial fair play and focus on top quality player to buy?. I will not like RVP to leave but if the club is not ready to strengthen the team,he is free to follow fabregas way for his personal fufilment.He has sacrificed enough.

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  37. Elgy-Gunner

    haha Thanks Slash345 .. we have enough attacking mids .. maybe we are conceding goals because our defence doesnt have enough cover .. Song with mvilla could provide a better backbone against counter attacking teams..

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  38. nickw

    I doubt it. If it were then why is he being so cagey about it? Unless we can convince him of some real ambition I think he’ll be offski. I love Arsenal and have done all my life and I don;t believe they have any ambition beyond top 4 and I don’t think they’ll do much this summer to strengthen. You only have to listen to Wengers comments to know plans to do very little this summer, so why should RVP believe otherwise?

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  39. Nick

    It’s unfair to ask RVP about his future after the game. He’s exhausted both mentally and physically. He’s carried this team all season and I think he’s a fantastic captain. I think he more than any other player for Arsenal deserves a rest. Let him talk with his family and then decide his future. But we can’t wait till late July for him to make up his mind (if it’s not already made up).

    I find it ironic that the entire season has been “we need someone to help RVP in the scoring” but we beat WBA with goals from 2 defenders and 1 loan player. RVPs efforts this season have been nothing short of spectacular and I think he wants to stay at Arsenal and win trophies with Arsenal. That’s what Cesc wanted and the board and Wenger didn’t make it happen. We’ve seen this season what happened due to the lack of intent from those who control the purse strings. I’m saying it like that because we honestly have no idea. If Wenger is in complete control it’s his fault. If he has no say then it’s his fault for not demanding more from the board. I don’t quite think Arsenal are in crisis but there needs to be some serious reinvesting in the squad.

    At minimum I think Wenger has targets (which I’m glad he doesn’t talk openly about in terms of alerting other teams like Spuds who can’t do their own scouting)and then back-ups for those targets and he will tell RVP who he wants, what his vision and goal is for next season and the season after that. He will make every attempt to sign RVP to a new contract to avoid another transfer window like last year. He’s got a couple weeks till the window officially opens and secure RVP in my opinion. If RVP hasn’t made up his mind, being aided by Wenger, by the time the window opens I think we’ve lost him.

    My hope is that Wenger has plans for either scenario and if RVP does leave then he’d better bring in a class player like Falcao, Giroud, Klaas, etc to pair with Podolski.

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  40. Bruce TongaBull

    As long as our ambition is too finish above tottenham then no way will he stay. Evn players like Rubbish Ramsey wl walk away. Disgraceful Arsenal. Im crying right now

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  41. alex

    After 8 years he finally has an injiry free season and he wants to go?. No one in the world needs 150k a week. Van Persie owes Arsenal. So for all those seasons he couldnt perform because of injury did we deduct his salary? Yes he had a fantastic season but he owes the club. Its a shame if he goes. It will say a lot about the guy who is our captain.

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  42. KickuPtheArsene

    Just once it would be great to hear one of our star players say something like “my contract is ending, and there are details to work out, but I would like to remain a Gunner because I love this club.” when at the end of their contract. You don’t hear Messi saying – Barca is a great club, but I’m not sure where I will be next season. It just shows where we are as a club. Players don’t see us as the top of the pile (as far as clubs go). We have lost our prestige. Once a player has gone through our system, and are finally achieving for our team, their contract renewal comes up, and the grass is greener elsewhere. Why? There is somethIng fundamentally wrong with the culture/ the way we operate for this to consistently be occurring. Something has to change.

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  43. FS

    Yup Wenger’s ambition is what matters.Buying class will keep RVP.But if Wenger doesn’t then RVp has a right to go.All Arsenal fans say that we have been with him through his injuries(Talking as a Arsenal fan).(Talking from RVP’s side)He Is 29 & isn’t getting any younger & as a player everyone wants atleast something won by his team he represented.He has only a few years left & he wants to make the right decision.Anywayz Congrats to RVP as Player of the Season( & also he is the only arsenal player in a while to play all 38 league games.People say that Wilshere played all games but remember he was once sent off so missed 2 to 3 games).I’m supporting him till the end because he has won us 30 million pounds by getting us almost single handedly into the CL which looked highly unlikely in October.The season has ended & now u think how important was the Goal from Arshavin against Swansea in October or Henry’s against Sunderland.

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  44. Llewellyn Herbert

    Serious look at Wenger/Arsenal attitude:
    – Content with with Euro qualification…Far more remarks about qualifying than Winning the E.P.L
    – Same attiuted with V.P as Nasri, Fab… All the above have been asking/warning Wenger to bring in players who will play effectively enough to make the club win…
    – Contrast Arsenal with ManCity… Arsenal brings in no more than 1 top player per year (last 2 years none… Almost/all are cheap or free… Hi hopes for Podolsky, but was the same for Chamakh, Gervinho… Last 2 for most part, do not contribute to the club winning
    – Most glaring: ARSENAL DO NOT PLAY TEAM DEFENSE… The team have not, in the last 8 years, make it hard for opposing team to take clear shots on goal… I’m forever seeing our forwards facing packed boxes, while their forwards/midfielders taking un-contested shots on our goal…
    – Next will be Walcott (better keep him than lose him)… Arsene contented to let his stars go, keep the money he gets for them, but do not invest by bringing in someone as good, or better.
    – Arsenal so far is succeeding making lot of money for management, but not enough placed in team improvement… This kind of success will not last long.

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  45. AndrewArsenal

    Dont see him staying however if he does leave then his life will get worse because the only clubs he has said he wants to join is barca and he dosent play thier style of play plus he would only get about 20 games a season just look at fabregas who always is overlooked for ineiesta and xavi. if he stays i think next season he will only score about 20 for us but that is not because arsenal will get worse it is beacuse the ox will score at least 15 and the pod 20. Biggest request to wenger however is to keep benayeun

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  46. trask

    No no no no no no….beta get ready to welcome a new captain next season!..verminator!

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  47. Gooner Cape Town

    Have to get serious defence shake up. Bould will do this and get Baines at LB, MVila def mid and Suarez as striker with Belhanda as AM/Winger.
    Then maybe RvP will consider staying.

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  48. Gigi

    Finishing 3rd is a good start (we had finished 4th he was out!).
    But AW has to understand that his tactics to negotiate to bring in players can work with a certain type of players. But if one wishes to win a title one year, it is NOT the future, it has to be already established players, in PRESENT tense.

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  49. Uche

    If Arsenal act right, Robin will stay. I think it is less about money and more about the club’s ambition. Money is part of it for sure. But RVP knows that we cannot match city and Juve’s wages. This is what I think. Players like Robin have been deeply hurt by Arsenal’s reluctance to invest in solid players while selling their best players. That is painful for us fans not to talk about a top class ambitious footballer like RVP. This was also the reason for Cesc’s departure. Cesc took a pay cut to get away from Arsenal. That speaks volumes. Everybody knows that for the past seven years, Arsenal was never bent on winning anything. Wenger’s target from the board was always to qualify for Champion’s league and he has been doing that for fifteen years. That is also why they have not given him the kind of funds needed to buy players capable of winning the title.

    RVP wants that to change all of that and he is not alone. Do I think he will sign? Yes, provided the club signs more players. If Arsenal sign Mvilla and Dempsey this week, we are almost certain that Robin will say yes. For once that means that defense, mid field and attack have been bolstered. Dempsey can play as an attacking midfielder or as an outright forward. He scored 22 gaols this season from Midfield! That is why he is the perfect utility player for midfield and attack and that is also why I slightly prefer him to Kagawa. Clint is a goal machine. The only midfielder that has grabbed such goal numbers is lampard, which shows you why Clint is such a gem. He is a goal getter, a hustler, a solid finisher and poacher. Mvilla of course is a defensive midfield gladiator. Now I am not saying that these two players are all we need. But at least it will convince RVP that Arsenal has turned a corner and actually intend to win things now and not just qualify for champion’s league. The two acquisitions are very doable. Nobody is asking for an Aguero type of expensive forward.

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  50. FS

    For Suarez supporters I don’t want a diving racist like him at Arsenal.He barely has scored more then 20 for LFC.there are way better players then this player out there.Face the Truth!

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  51. Robbie

    Why should it?
    We are there.. so the board will be happy for the money it brings in..
    but just as the game against Ac Milan showed we have not got a squad that can win it.
    It must be rather frustrating to love and play for a club that does not share your ambition..
    I would think bringing in some top class players and showing that we want to WIN the champions league not just make up the numbers would go a lot further towards keeping him.

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  52. skelator

    ah heck i think i hear a taxi for van the man and wenger because if van goes wenger better follow himout the door because the board wont help him move the club on to bigger things go van persie win somthing before its to late
    maybe give the rebuilding job to klopp or avb to inject new passion into the club and build a new chapter maybe trophys

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  53. Pete

    RVP will probably go if they board get an offer over 30 mil…. And about diaby, when the injuries stop he may become a class player, like RVP did.

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  54. Mic

    Is this not the same van persie,who previously couldn’t complete a season for arsenal and most arsenal fans insulted wenger for keeping him? He has glass legs,he is fragile,bla bla bla. Now the same idiots re saying sh*t they don’t know. I have seen better players leave arsenal and I’m prepared for the worst should our captain decide to go.

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  55. sean

    keeping RvP is a sign that we are going all in to win a trophy next year.

    and that can be accomplished whether RvP signs a new contract or not. (arsene has said he wont be selling RvP, regardless of contract talks)

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  56. scott

    @FC… the people clamouring for Suarez are asking for the Belgian not the Uruguayan. Mathais Suarez I believe he is called.

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  57. GLF

    if i see any more of our star players leave, i myt as well stop supporting this business.

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  58. gary


    £ $ euro Gold Ingot etc etc etc….





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  59. DCC

    This really hurts to say… But I genuinely believe that RVP is already half way out of the door.

    I base this on the fact that AW broke the habit of a life time and signed Podolski early … Am I wrong but isnt Podolski a left footed striker….

    I truly hope I am wrong, but I am concerned ….

    However with all the hype surrounding RVP, we seem to have forgotten that Theo is in the same situation……..

    God forbid we lose RVP and Theo just like Cesc and that traitor NA£RI…

    If this does occur, then someone seriously needs to look at whether Gazidis is earning his money

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  60. KickuPthearsene


    This is football. You never know what will/won’t happen till it does. You may be drinking some sea water soon. I wouldn’t take a bet either way. I am pretty sure RVP is gone, but am I certain? nope. I certainly wouldn’t put my house, boat, children or whatever either way.

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  61. bromley

    give the guy 130-150k a week… sell players like almunia, fabiaski, squillacci, johan d, denilson and chamack. buy players like craig gordan, leighton baines, richards, vertnorgon, mvilla, martinez, hoilet, dempsey, giroud or remy? then play this squad
    baines vermy/merts vertnorgon/kossie sagna/richards
    wilshere/rosiky mvilla/song martinez/arteta
    chambo/miyach van persie/remy podolski/wally
    then we get to semi finals of champions league, win the fa cup.. reserves get valuable experience in carling cup and we lift the premier league trophy again with conceding less that 35 goals and scoring over 90! FACT!

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  62. Gooner CT

    It all sounds bleak guys. Want to remain positive but it is slowly fading. here we go again.
    COYG, Wenger get the cheque book open and reward him and sign great quality, you have approximately 100m pounds mate.

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  63. Aussie Jack

    Getting into the Champions League is but one part of the equation. I wouldn`t be at all surprised if van Persie is not on a private and personal crusade to force Arsenal into buying quality players. Wenger and the board must show serious intent not call his bluff.

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  64. Another season

    If RVP refuses to sign another contract, just make him see out the remaining year.

    We were so close to missing out on the CL and I would rather turn down an offer of 20 million to help us make the top 4 next season.

    Podolski needs a season to bed in, and it will be easier and cheaper to strengthen in every area, if we get in the CL.

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  65. lawrence gf

    No. RVP is waiting to see if Barcelona firm up their interest, if not he will listen to offers from Juve and two british clubs.

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  66. Saton81

    If he is commited and sure of Arsene’s plans are then sign a 4-5 year deal.

    He should sign a 2 year deal so he will be in the same situation next year and he can see if we will have improved from the past season./

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  67. henrychan-indonesia

    I’m very much sure that our Captain will stay..
    we just need to bring some good players..

    My first choice is Sneijder..
    Heis my favorit one for this reasons :
    1. He is dutch, he can make RVP stay..
    2. he is almost got the best player 2 years ago..
    3. He is the midfielder General.. look what he has done for Ajax, MAdrid, Inter and also Holland..
    4. He will leave Inter for other clubs..
    5. His price is not to expensive like Hazzard or M’Villa..

    And most of all.. He is very mature.. And hard worker..
    So get him for our team..

    Go Gunners..

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  68. gary stringer

    I just hope it isnt gonna be 1 of those saga’s like we had we veiera,henry and cesc i want arsene to get it sorted asap if he isnt gonna sign sell him as there is no point in losing out and a few million and move on

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  69. Number 7

    RVP has been the top striker in the PL this season and I think we all new of his quality when he very first joined. It has been very frustrating seeing such a talent being held back by injuries but very satisfying finally seeing him show the world his quality and pushing us into that all so important 3rd spot. To think after all his years with us that after his first full campaign he is to move on would leave me as an Arsenal fan feeling very used. I believe he owes the club, the fans and Arsene Wenger his loyalty. I have been unsure whether Podolski was brought in to replace RVP or work along side him. I would hope the first 1 but let me tell you Podolski is of the same class. Well done Arsene either way, this was a very strong addition. 7

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  70. Number 7

    Please excuse my mistake. I would hope Podolski is here to work alongside RVP. It would be terrifying for any defence in the PL

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