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Will England regret missing out on Arsenal’s Iwobi?

Arsene Wenger insists that England are to blame for missing out on Alex Iwobi, and the Arsenal youngster is now impressing for Nigeria instead.

The 21 year-old broke into Arsene Wenger’s first-team squad in 2015, and is growing into a well-rounded midfield talent.

Iwobi recently scored the winning goal to send his country to next summer’s World Cup, and expressed his elation in helping Nigeria achieve the feat.

“When I actually scored the moment was crazy, I remember running off celebrating,” Iwobi said. “I almost cried, I actually almost cried to see how the fans were reacting, to see my mum and dad in the stands, it was just an amazing feeling.

“It’s always an honour to wear the green, white and green, I mean I’ve seen so many kids on the street when we’re in the bus, they’re screaming “go Nigeria, go Nigeria”, so to represent them I’m just proud.”

Prior to playing for the Super Eagles, the Gunners youth product had been playing for England at youth levels, making 11 outings for the Lions spread across the England U16, U17 and U18 sides.

He could well have been in contention to play in next summer’s World Cup for Gareth Southgate’s side, but Wenger claims that the FA didn’t do enough to convince Iwobi to further his allegiance with England.

“He had the potential to play for England and for Nigeria,” Wenger said. “Today he looks very happy with Nigeria. When I speak to him, he’s had very positive experiences. Iwobi: City result might ‘have been different’ if Lacazette started

“He brings his quality to Nigeria – he’s absolutely a creative player going forward. He’s very strong in small spaces and he’s starting to score goals as well.

“For a while it was open between England and Nigeria, and England didn’t really push for Alex during that period. Nigeria were more willing to have him. I’ve seen many times that sons of parents from Nigeria want to go back to their parents’ country.”

Would Iwobi have been a huge boost to England next summer?

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15 thoughts on “Will England regret missing out on Arsenal’s Iwobi?

  1. jack

    not if he develops like walcott, wilshere, chamberlain, gibbs etc, etc… basically not at all. Its a shame there isn’t one arsenal player in the england team anymore, look at spurs they have dier, trippier, rose, winks, ali and kane.

    1. ZA_Gunner

      Iwobi is bright, you are misguided. I believe in this young one and you guys should not put pressure on him showering with expectations. He has already achieved more than most kid his age.

  2. stubill

    He’s big, strong, runs around a lot and is willing, apart from that he offers nothing, but for some reason some fans love him, I’ve never understood why.

    So no, England aren’t missing out on anything.

  3. ramterta

    iwobi will be world class someday.
    Wish Wenger will start him in the Europa league more often because he will be much more productive and will play a very central role given a chance in those games.

      1. ramterta

        nope but he might reach Sanchez level He was amazing in pre season and against Chelsea last season in pre season.
        Iwobi has certainly had his moments.
        He is undergoing a dry patch at the moment which is normal for young players

    1. ThirdManJW


      Did you not watch our last Europa League game? Iwobi started, and I actually thought he was playing for Red Star, given the amount of times he kept passing to them! Iwobi had a shocker that night! He has got some potential, but rarely produces anything worthy of a regular starting spot. I would like to see him a central position as well, as you’ve said.

  4. Adeyemi Royalman

    Am so happy he chooses Nigeria, with his age n his creativity, he will become world class. I can’t forget his goal that qualify us for world cup wow wow wow

  5. Eddy Hoyte

    SMH for you lots. so many negative comments about the young man. Iwobi isn’t crap, Iwobi would flourish under Guardiola or any amazing coach.
    If you call Iwobi crap, you might as well add Adelaide,Bellerin, Niles, Chambers and Holding to the list. cus so far, our younger players seems to be regressing and I bet it’s cus they get too comfortable under Wenger.

    Iwobi is still young and with massive potential us a joy to his country, you lots should shove your negativity up your ass and just keep quiet

    1. Sue

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion! When he puts in a decent performance on a regular basis then I’ll quit with the negative comments

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