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Will Kane absence give Arsenal crucial edge over Tottenham?

He is only a doubt at the minute, but I am sure that each and every Arsenal fan on the planet will be hoping that the Tottenham and England international striker Harry Kane does not pass the late fitness test that his manager Mauricio Pochettino revealed Kane would be having ahead of the north London derby this weekend.

The fact that this latest clash between Arsenal and Spurs is taking place early on Saturday may just have done the Gunners a huge favour, as it may come just a little too soon for the in form centre forward. As reported by Sky Sports, the Tottenham manager did not soon too confident about his star player being fit enough to start, but how much of an edge would it give us and would Arsene Wenger and the lads be able to take full advantage?

You would hope so and the fact that Kane has a good record against us, while the spuds have already shown how much they struggle without him, losing back to back games against West Ham and Man United when he was not in the team. Our local rivals have also lost their best defender Toby Alderweireld to injury and as well as weakening them at both ends of the pitch this could affect their confidence and the way they approach the derby.

If Kane is not in the starting XI of Spurs, will it prove to be the crucial factor in an Arsenal victory?


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12 thoughts on “Will Kane absence give Arsenal crucial edge over Tottenham?

  1. gotanidea

    Yes, because Kane is not just a good finisher and a tall striker, but he can also drop back to give his teammates support in the midfield. He is dangerous because he is creative and a team player like Sanchez, due to the fact that he played in midfield area when he was younger.

    If Arsenal could get a creative, skillful and tall forward like Kane in the next transfer window, it would be a great boost. Lacazette could play better behind a taller striker.

  2. Declan

    Of course he will play, he was photographed in a training session yesterday but in any case, Son is just as good, unfortunately. We will still win though

    1. Break-on-through

      Son is not as good, nowhere near it. He’s just one of those players that knows what this type of game means to it’s fans, we don’t really have that anymore. They talk a good game but Ive yet to see some real passion.

      We need a hectic pace, if we do this we have a good shot.

      Looking at Lacazettes conversion rate compared to Kane, he’s a killer.

  3. barryglik

    This match is so important.
    If Spurs lose their title push is over.
    If Arsenal lose 4th will start to slip away.
    Both managers reputations are on the line.
    Players reputations are on the line.
    Will Kane Erickson and Ali triumph?
    Will Ozil Sanchez and Lacazette be victorious
    So many great match ups
    North London pride is on the line.
    Please no red cards or penalties…
    This could be one of the great Derbies :).

  4. Salmonella

    @moley football says that Sanchez was involved in a bust-up with Jens. If it’s true then he won’t play against Spuds & most probably will be sold in Jan.
    If Ozil wants to give Alexis company, he’s free to do so.
    Get out of our club you mugs

    1. Vlad

      Mugs? Frankly, I don’t get the hate on Sanchez and Ozil. Actually, I might even accept that some don’t like Alexis lately (including myself) because of his childish behavior. There’s no place for sulking or any of that kind in professional sport. You’re an employee of the club, you’re still under contract, so you should act accordingly. But what has Ozil done exactly to deserve such treatment from the fans?

  5. Break-on-through

    Betya he plays. Wouldn’t be the first time he exaggerated an injury. They all seem to do this, except Arsene because he gives out every tit bit that comes along his way then scratches his head when the player is suffering again. Keep that stuff to yourself, the exact area, and bluff now and then. Other managers wouldn’t be lying about injuries if it didn’t have some sort of impact on the other team as well as your own.

  6. joe from kenya

    stakes are high tomorrow if arsenal loose its a seven point gap with spurs if we win its a one point gap…COYG

  7. John Rambo

    Spurs win ratio without kane only drops 6% but they also keep significantly less clean sheets. Son is a different type of striker so they may be forced to alter the formation. Either way derby games are the most unpredictable as current form usually doesn’t make much difference to the result. I reckon we will give the spunks a major reality check.

  8. Ackshay

    lol kane will be alright as will all those spurs players who played sick this international break. i understand all team do it from time to time and players need some rest plus silly friendlies only serve to line the pocket of the rich. but spurs have overdone it kane, dele, winks, lloris and the only reason eriksen played because it was a playoff match, fa and fifa if they hads balls should investigate this.

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