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Will Mertesacker make Arsenal defence strong enough for Stoke?

I am sure that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal coaching staff and medical team will be working as hard as they possibly can over the next week in an attempt to make sure that our German international defender Shkodran Mustafi is fit enough to face Stoke in Arsenal’s second game of the new Premier League season, but I think we have to accept that the German may not be ready.

He has not played at all since helping his national team to lift the Confederations Cup and even if he is fit I do not think Wenger will be too keen to give any player their first minutes in a crucial game at the hostile home of the Potters. I do not think we necessarily need to either, as long as his fellow countryman Per Mertesacker is back in the starting line-up, which he should be.

Laurent Koscielny is definitely not playing as he completes a three match suspension, but despite that I think that our BFG will make that back three of Arsenal work much better, just as he did against Chelsea and all their attacking threat in the Wembley FA cup final.

Holding on one side and Monreal the other will take their cue from the big German and will be much calmer with his experience to guide them, in my opinion, and their pace or lack of it will not be such a problem as it was against the lightning bolt that is Jamie Vardy.

Mertesacker’s aerial ability on set pieces should not be understated either, so do you think this one addition will sort the Arsenal back line out enough for us to get the right result away to our old enemy Stoke?


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18 thoughts on “Will Mertesacker make Arsenal defence strong enough for Stoke?

  1. John Ibrahim

    lets have 8 centrebacks in the team

    its never enough for the fans….even if we sign VD this season…

    there will be excuses such as someone retiring or ageing to sign another centreback next season

  2. gotanidea

    He often becomes the scapegoat of Arsenal’s bad results, but he is actually not always the one that make mistakes. His experience, calmness, offside trap play and reading are excellent, therefore he is very suitable to be the commanding middle DC.

  3. John Ibrahim

    seems like Lemar deal is finally over

    Wheres Kev = Resources = Remember Resources

    status from done deal to announce next week to end of season and its over now

    It appears that we are not signing anymore

  4. Simon

    Gutted if we don’t get Lemar.

    I think our midfield looks ok, but ok isn’t good enough if want to win the league

  5. pubgooner

    From the last topic. Just hated seeing Sanchez sitting in the stand chewing gum, with arm around his gal looking absolutely healthy and fine. Gloating at Arsenals struggle with Leicester. Just sick of these mercenaries…Can see a lot of future dressing room disruptions, will just end up affecting the other players. Please sell him fast !!!

    1. Neil

      The media can make any photo or video look as they want to…. one said he was not interested … the image could be from any time during the game..
      Do all you fans always have a smile on your face when watching an Arsenal match?
      Lets focus on those who played and got us the win!

  6. Bright

    And why will Mustafi not ready for the showdown with Stoke? Didn’t Antonio Rudiger played a championship tournament too? Like wtf? Send him to the pitch so he could earn his pay!

  7. Valentine

    BFG will be adequately suitable for the Stoke game. If the midfield can be more tidy with their passes and not give away the ball carelessly, with Elneny (if he plays) sitting back and Xhaka playing a bit further (so dat he doesn’t give rash tackles that may cost the team), the defence can be well protected.
    Sanchez Iwobi
    Kolasinach Elneny Xhaka Ox
    Monreal BFG Holding

    From the bench: Ramsey, Giroud, Welbeck.
    Prediction: Arsenal wins 3:0
    Laca to also get on the score sheet, Sanchez scores his first of the season.

  8. Waal2waal

    before merttesakker came to arsenal our defence was in utter turmoil. he’s given tremendous service to arsenal and he’s a part to play in this campaign. I think our WC winner merits more respect than he’s getting. commited capt deserves to leave on a high.

    1. waal2waal

      ramsey is livid that he’s resigned to being brought on from the bench – but – it brings out the best in him. sorry but i’d be concerned by his inclusion in my starting line-up.

  9. Abu bakarr

    wenger always have excuses for not fielding in strong squad,sanchez and mustafi should play this weekend or else stoke will torn us apart.

  10. Akaymoney

    i always have confidence in our defense when per is there. tall German with experience. he has helped more than his mistakes… and I can’t wait to see koscielny back from suspension too. COYG

  11. john

    I not sure it will, though his experience would help guide rob holding who don’t ok but needs to learn more, i hope Mustafi fit so Monreal can play as a left wing back

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