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Will Mikel Arteta REALLY get a new Arsenal contract?

The Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta has only made 11 appearances for the club so far this season, and with only a few games remaining until the end of the season, he is still a week or two away from being ready to play. The Spanish midfielder turned 33 years of age last month, and with just a couple of months left on his contract is aiming to reach full fitness before discussing a new contract with Arsene Wenger.

When asked about any contract discussions, he said: “My only aim is to get back fit and try and perform on the pitch

“As long as I do that I feel that I will continue at this club. With the relations I have with the club, with the respect I have from everybody here, I’m really happy.

“If I don’t do that I’m not going to be here because I don’t want to be somewhere where I cannot perform at my best and give what I think I can give.

“In May when everything is fine we will sit down and talk and it will take five minutes.”

To be honest though, I can’t really see Arteta getting any game time this season unless our League position has been confirmed, and that may go right down to the last game of the season. And now with Coquelin confirmed as first choice DM, and an unbelievable range of excellent midfielders, how often would Mikel get a game anyway?

Maybe we could keep him to get his coaching badge and as an example to our young players?

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10 thoughts on “Will Mikel Arteta REALLY get a new Arsenal contract?

  1. Zulu-boy-SA

    I feel more confident with Le Coq in front of the defence. Arteta should go play football in USA now and then become a pundit while getting his badges.

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  2. fred cowardly

    I’m okay with him having one more year but doubt he will have much playing time.

    Another question is Diaby. He may get contract extension as well.

    With Coquelin, Arteta, Diaby, Wilshere, Bielik, Chambers, maybe Wenger may decide against getting a new DM like Schneiderlin.

    We will see.

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  3. ras911

    Why a new contract? Let him go and introduce Bielik to the first team simple.

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  4. Dennis

    No way! he’s done at this level, i’m not sure he could even make it in the MLS tbh

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  5. haywill

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  6. davidnz

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  7. atid

    I would say thanks Mikel but if u stay u will be back up at best. In my opinion arsenal could offload a dozen players this summer and not have an impact on our best starting x1 and probably not even our bench. Then we would bring in some extra funds and be in a position to sign up to 6 world class defenders. I would sell debuchy and jenkinson for £25m and buy hummels, I would also allow ajayi to leave on a free. In the midfield I would release arteta and use flamini as a makeweight in a deal for schneirderlin. I would also release diaby and rosicky and bring in a more attacking midfielder too, someone like cabaye, isco illarimendi. Next up podolski and ryo out to be replaced by reus and also sanogo and campbell out to be replaced by a world class striker (can’t decide who) That leaves one player left to go and for me that player should be Szczesney so that we can sign a world class keeper.

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  8. kamn288

    I want sczezeny sold,he had a clanger and was really poor,Gibbs was lousy and his positional play has been very bad always on the attack defends less and one time cazorla had to reach out his leg to stop counter attack going through. Debuchy was equally horrible.
    Had jack,arteta played we would have lost 1-0 or 2-0

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