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Will Perez transfer mean Arsenal CAN keep Ox from Chelsea?

Going by the general consensus of the Arsenal transfer rumours in the football media this summer it would seem that our England interrnational star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of the players on the transfer wish list of Antonio Conte.

It would also appear that the Ox would be quite happy to acept a transfer to play for our London rivals Chelsea and I can understand that to some extent. Not only has the 23-year old graduate of the Southampton academy failed to secure a regular first team place since coming to north London as a highly rated and promising teenager, but a quick look at the recent trophy success of the two clubs would suggest that playing for Chelsea is more likely to fill up your trophy room.

While it looks like Arsene Wenger sees Chamberlain as an important player, although not to the same extent as Alexis Sanchez, The Mirror has reported that Arsenal may have to consider selling him to Chelsea because of our bloated squad and the failure to trim off the dead wood during the summer window.

That would be a terrible situation for the Gunners, so the news reported by Sky Sports that the agent of Spanish striker Lucas Perez is making very positive noises about the striker#s possible move to Deportivo could be just what we need to stop the Ox going to Chelsea.

Will Perez transfer mean that Arsenal can say no to Chelsea’s reported £35 million bid? Should we just take the money?


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13 thoughts on “Will Perez transfer mean Arsenal CAN keep Ox from Chelsea?

  1. John Ibrahim

    It doesnt matter if we sell Gibbs and Perez

    If we keep Ox, Ozil and Sanchez

    thats a 150m write off

    We may have no money to spend next season

    1. Al the Gooner

      I agree entirely. The club are haggling over 2m difference for Lucas from Depor, we refused 10m for Gibbs, apparently seeking 15m and turned down almost 8m for Wilshire. For any fans that think the club can afford to lose 140-150m this should make it clear, we can’t. That loss is being covered by us not spending any more money this summer or quite probably next summer too. Wenger can only buy now if he sells first, he even said as much.
      Wenger clearly has some fantasy that these players will be convinced to sign if we win the title. That’s not happening, the players agents will be salivating at the prospect of insane offers of wages from clubs that won’t have to pay for them, we have no chance to compete with the wage offers Ox, Ozil and Alexis will receive next summer.
      I see all kinds of dumb comments from people claiming it will pay for itself though success and getting back in the CL, but that is not true if you look at the money the club is making. The CL has on average over the past 5 seasons brought in only 35m a year. Last year we had a total revenue of 345m yet we only managed to make 25m profit. The year before we made just 6m. I note also that 56% of our 345m revenue goes on player wages and that was before our 2 new signing who are apparently on big money. I think this is utter madness.

    1. Waal2waal

      “may have to consider selling him to Chelsea because of our bloated squad and the failure to trim off the dead wood during the summer window”. end quote.

      we really dont believe afc contract dealings with ox are as dire to warrant selling him to chelski. it likely to be the ox’s agent pushing to get him a better deal nothin to do with perez

      1. Mobella

        Selling a player that is mostly needed because we can’t sell the ones that are needed defies every logic. This is absolutely unthinkable.

    2. Waal2waal

      soon as chambo turns out either in liverpool’s or chelski colours he may as well change his name to the ‘cash-cow’. by deciding to go down thst route he forfeits any respect he’s had from arsenal fans. ox needs to put an end this sh** about playing for our rivals or he’ll be seen as being complicit in much of it.

      chambo is another in need of an appointment with uri geller for hypnosis – he really should be weighing in with more goals.

  2. Pablo Picasso

    – Give Ox a 110 per week 4 years offer
    – Tell him he will compete for RWB / B2B / LWB / and LW
    – Tell him should he remain consistent and force himself into the starting 11 his contract will be revised at the end of the season.
    – Give him an ultimatum to sign the damn thing or be sold before deadline day.

    As for lucus, alious amigo. Good player but it seems this wont work. It is better for both parties to split ways. Best of luck back home and Arsenal funs will also have respect for you.

  3. Joey Mack

    Bob says in his piece that he understands Ox wanting to go to Chelsea, but I don’t!

    Ox has been wildly inconsistent and injury prone during his many years with us, yet Wenger has always stood loyally by him. Now, when he has finally strung a handful of good performances together, he suddenly thinks he’s too good for Arsenal. Right – obviously he hasn’t watched his last performance for England, when he spent more time losing the ball than doing anything else.

    And does Ox seriously believe he will be a regular starter at Chelsea? He’ll end up like Delph at Manchester City, a forgotten man.

    I think we’re better off without him. Take as much money as we can extort from Chelsea or Liverpool and give a chance to some of our young stars who actually love the club.

  4. tobby1983

    The media can be confusing most times. We don’t have the facts. Does he want to go? Sell him to the highest bidder. Does he wish to stay? Give him a good contract. He is good enough to get a good contract, but not good enough to make us beg him to stay. I wouldn’t even beg Alexis and his dogs if they really want to go!

  5. GB

    Tell Ox he is our number 1 right wingback at present and based on form that’s how it will be. He is far better than Bellerin in this position and must be kept.

  6. Viera Lyn

    More excuses, more bad decisions, more ridiculous claims and more delusional comments by the big man…Wenger talks about keeping Ox for years to come yet no contract, then talks about Wiltshire being back in the squad for the season(“new signing”)and finally he makes a statement that seems to suggest that our club will be sellers not buyers in the current transfer window…will this insanity ever end?…the most infuriating part of this whole misadventure is that so far he has re-signed no one that truly matters to the future of this club and the only players to be sold, if Perez gets his inevitable exit, were the two most talented players on our bench(Schez & Perez) with the most up-side for this club

    it’s time for this club to put it’s money where it’s mouth is…no more half measures, no more settling, no more making money hand-over-fist with little to show for it, no more excuses and no more hiding behind the idea that this is “small” club that can’t compete with the “big boys”…the only real difference between them and us is what the manager demands and what the owner is willing to give…we play in the League with the richest tv contract in Europe, we have one of the largest home venues with some of the highest ticket prices on the continent, we have several major corporate sponsors, we have one of the largest fan bases in the World whom purchase a ridiculous amount of merchandise, we rake in coin on tour each and every preseason and we have banked countless millions from qualifying for and participating in various competitions at home and abroad

    we have waited a long time for this club to truly step up, which is a difficult ask…to do so properly they will need to overextend themselves and get well outside the comfort zone they have become accustomed to…at the very least they owe their fans, most of whom supported this franchise for at least the first 8 years of this 10 year plan, one real shot at the “promised” land…remember phase one was build and save, phase two was the fire sale of all our top players, phase three was supposed to be our metamorphosis, when we were literally told how we could compete with any club in the world and phase four appears to be rinse and repeat, under the guise that we just can’t seem to find any players that are better than our current lot(can you even imagine the state of world soccer if that were truly the case)…it’s time for you Mr. Kroenke and Mr. Wenger to ask not what the fans can do for you, but what you two can do to make things right again for the fans…if you can’t do this earnestly and honestly, simply move on before the only thing left in the cupboard are bitter memories and what could have beans?

  7. ClassyGunner

    He is playing well at the moment. However, he has a history of getting injured after a few good games. He then needs some time to get back on form. Kind of an unfortunate cycle with him. In today’s crazy market Ox at 35m is a steal. However he is in the last year of his contract, its too late.

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