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Will Santi Cazorla persuade Llorente to join Arsenal?

Arsenal’s very own signing-of-the-season Santi Cazorla is reportedly very good friends with Athletico Bilbao’s prolific striker Fernando Llorente, and according to the Express he wants the Spanish international to join him at the Emirates.

Llorente is fast approaching the end of his contract at Bilbao and Wenger could snap him up for peanuts in January, and considering that the Frenchman has made it clear that he is short of strikers it is a real possibility that Arsenal could make a small bid in January.

Llorente himself has already admitted that he is open to a move to the Premiership, although he indicated that it probably wouldn’t be until he is a free agent at the end of the season.

LLorente said: “I really like the Premier League and I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that it’s a league which appeals to me a lot.

“You never know. It’s one good option in terms of my future but we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to see what happens.

“It is true that we are approaching the date when I can sign for other clubs.”

Just last month Wenger admitted that he could be buying more Spanish players when he said: “I must say for someone who knows well the Spanish market it is maybe a good period to buy good players because the clubs are in trouble financially and you can make bargains there.”

Well on that premise Llorente could be an even bigger bargain with such a short time left on his contract. Send Cazorla over to have a word with him…….

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34 thoughts on “Will Santi Cazorla persuade Llorente to join Arsenal?

  1. Irish gooner

    No doubt he is a class player, but i think we need someone more pacey up front, not another giroud!

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  2. chunners

    I hope he persuades Isco too sometime! But for now Llorente would do 😀
    Arsenal FTW

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  3. Laurentkboi

    Wouldn’t mind that but to me we should sign klass jan huntelaar and Kevin strooman, and defo sign theo on and get a right winger or play ox there and promote gnabry and Eisfeld.

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  4. ErkSon

    I’d rather see some more pace and technique. But on the other hand we can’t say no to a player that sheap..

    Focus on getting a complement LB to Gibbs and strong biggAz DM!

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  5. gonner 23

    just sign up demba ba certified goal machine and with cazorla feeding him with those accurate passes he could be banging them in or fun

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  6. ThirdManJw

    We’ve had Bendtner, Chamakh, and Giroud upfront, and it doesn’t work. We need a striker that is smaller, has lots of pace, and technical ability. Our system doesn’t work as well with a big immobile guy upfront, no matter how good he is.

    If Wenger played a 442 now and again then I’d say buy Llorente. But we know Wenger won’t change the formation.

    I say give Walcott a chance upfront until the end of the season because he’s better for the system than Giroud, Huntalaar, or Llorente. Even if Asnl went for a big name striker, other than these three, we wouldn’t be able to get them until the summer, because what team is realistically going to sell their star striker half way through the season.

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  7. Dan

    The question everyone will be asking – Is he just another Giroud?

    I am sure he has more ability with his feet and hopefully a bit more pace but is he really the best option.

    We’ll have to wait and see.

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  8. Azim

    Llorente is a proper striker! No nonsense fancyflicks or 20 extra touches, once he recieves the ball he’ll finish the job with ease.. Having said that you need a reality check mate, no chance is he joining us in the near future.. We’ve got a manager who insists of playing gervinho upfront instead of pod and walcott. I see only cover for gibbs coming in january. No way a strikerLOL.

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  10. Twig

    We’ve had too many gangly strikers of recent with little to no technique: Bendtner, Chamakh and Giroud. Like @ThirdManJw said, we need a smaller, mobile forward. If Walcott excels as a CF, and extends his contract, we may not even need to buy any striker. Probably, just to strengthen the DM and LW positions.

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  11. georgegooner

    We don’t need another striker we have theo as an alternative striker to grioud, we should sign an out and out winger, someone who can cross and score, pacey, like navas or nani. We shouldn’t bother signing another striker unless its another alternative to theo and giroud, like hiquain, shane long, tevez

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  12. philthompsonsnose

    He isn’t another Kangaroo Giroud..! Giroud is SHITE
    Llorente has 2 excellent feet and would be perfect for us but…
    AW won’t buy him if someone ELSE has recommended him…
    Bcos AW won’t get the credit!!!
    Expect an unknown….

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  13. khaesar

    Fernando Llorente and Giroud same air ball champion, and direct ball specialist, but not good at dribbling the other players different play styles, which are good at dribbling the ball and good provoke opponents, such as Luis Suarez!

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  14. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Twig, @ThirdManJw

    Agreed…too many similar style strikers…

    if Walcott is staying Arsenal prob shouldnt go for any forwards but a winger instead…

    Pod, Giroud, Walcott and Bendtler, considering Chamakh is leaving….

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  15. Joe

    I Agree with the majority of comments saying we need a different mould of striker. We need someone who has a fair bit of pace to frighten defenses and run in behind but they must also be fairly good in the air and most importantly they need to have good link up play with the midfield.

    Lewondowski fits the bill perfectly can do all of the above and is a clinical finisher as well and would come at a fairly reasonable price. Other options would be Cavani, Jovetic or Falcao but i think cavani may be the only other option.

    If lewondowski joined us i think he would change us from a teaming competing for top4 to a team that could compete for the league.

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  16. the king

    people Llorente is no Giroud.
    llorente is more the better version of giroud.

    faster, better and just has that extra bit of skill that saddly giroud dose not have.

    llorente is the best option out there for us his perfect for the way we play and ofc he will be cheaper..if he was not in his last 6 months of contract he would cost round the 20-25 but 10-15 should be more then enough for him.

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  17. RT

    Isco sometime?!?!?! He is 20 years old and has a BUYOUT of £17mil WHAT BETTER TIME IS THERE?!?! Santi needs to drag him over here asap before big spenders throw all their money at him. If we wrap up Isco we will not need a forward just Theo to sign – Isco is an absolute gem we must focus on just buying him and releasing deadwood!!!!

    Llorente too similar to Giroud – why have 2 target men upfront? We obviously need Theo as he’s more agile, and faster it gives us a different aproach so we’re not so predicatable. IMO It’s Llorente OR Giroud, can’t be both.

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  18. Joe


    Falcao and jovetic will be too expensive with the teams interested, but we’ve been monitering cavani on more then one occasion and we could get him for 25m. Unlikely i know but if the money’s there like they say it is it could be a good investment.

    Lewondowski on the other hand we could get for maybe 20m which would be a reasonable price for such a good player plus he’s still quite young.

    Whoever mentioned isco i agree he’s a fantastic player infact he is an arsenal player would love to sign him and play him in the middle with jack and arteta and move santi too the wing or play isco on the wing.

    Spain looks like the best place to shop at the moment! I was watching filipe against Barcelona and i thought he was really good, would be a good signing to compete with gibbs its the only game ive watched him in though so he might just have played really well, anyone seen him on a regular basis?

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  19. jjedwards92

    what if he ends up lyk a kanu remember that gole he scored frm thr byline :0

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  20. Invincibles nice (1)

    Id like if admin gave us some of his striking statistics that went before last seasons twente nine goals.

    The Spanish league is one of the poorest where defending is concerned, cheapest goals youl see anywhere.
    So it would be easily conceived seeing an average or slightly above perform a thirty goal season one off, as there are many examples.

    Besides those stats/goals he produced last season, watching in action i wouldnt have thought him class, furthermore i have never while watching the player thought to myself wow what a talent he is, this fella knows exactly where the goalposts are, and if only.

    On the other hand while Watching Lewendowski also Cavani i have mentioned to myself and others that this is a player who knows exactly where the goalposts are and what class talents both players are, Cavani is a step or two above Lewendowski but so is his price tag, would be very pleasing to capture either one. Those two players Cavani in particular have all sorts of goals in them, who also seem to have an heir about them, a work ethic and a will, a champions mentality.

    KJH would surely score goals, but what if our supply were neutralized, would he have that will to make things happen wether hes outside the box or in it?, or is he only a poacher who wouldnt like having to chase harry and force an err while also defending from the front?. We wont truly know how good a fit any will be until there tested.

    What will it say for/to Theo if or when we add a top marksman to our team, i dont believe that Theo will want to play second fiddle to anyone so his demand for the spearhead position may be unjust as we are crying out for a top pro who would walk straight into that exact position. It will/would be interesting to see if Theo would/will take the challenge in the way that big game players do in playing for a top team full of excellent talents.

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  21. true gooner

    Llorente is all good but I think that Al Sharaway is the right young talent for Arsenal or Willian who is class too.

    Would love ‘El Tigre’ The Beast – Falcao BUT he is way out of our price range. It has to be Cavani or Willian. Willian is the man.

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  22. BPAix

    liorente is perfect.
    he maybe similar to giroud but he is so much better.
    We have poldi walcott and giroud that means 4 strikers.
    We need 1 or 2 world class wingers cause gervinho and ramsey are shitty on wings and poldi is no better too.
    a dm and a backup LB.
    dm 20 mill
    liorente 5 mill
    Lb 5mill?
    winger 30mill?
    60 mill total

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  23. Wengy Pls

    Llorente would be great, but I don’t see why we don’t get Demba Ba. He’s not very expensive and is proven to be prolific and is not so similar to Giroud. I’d take Ba over Llorente to be honest.

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  24. alby

    wow! amazing how people accesses me i’ll rather pick a firing chamack than a Rvp who is not me he’s got ball sense and knows what exactly to do with ball when he gets it.we all say giroud was bought to score goals not to give assist or good me considering our policy,and our search for real quality he is the man for the job.theo,giroud doesn’t come any closer him in terms quality ,experience and work rate.lets not forget even Rvp enlisted him in his conditions buy even at his peak in arsenal.another quality i’d love to see is Jesus Navas or Isco.

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  25. mrinal

    no he is like giroud .. we have walcott who will be a world class striker . thats for sure
    we need strootman

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  26. Thala

    LLorente Is a Good Player, No doubt. But What We need is Schurrle… He is an Amazing talent . He is young ,Fast, skillful ,Tall & Physical and Awesome finishing . He can play either as striker or Winger. He is the player we need. he may cost 20 mill. he is not cup tied too.

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  27. chamberlain

    how about torres?? his good with pace heading and technically. with wenger guidance im sure he can find the net for fun and what do you know? his a spaniard

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