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Will Seri be the final piece in Arsenal’s transfer jigsaw?

There is still the ongoing transfer sage between Arsenal and the Monaco and France winger Thomas Lemar to be resolved before the end of the summer transfer window and many people in the football media think that Arsene Wenger will either get his man finally or get another player in who is similar, such as Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City.

After that, however, there does not seem to be much on the cards for Arsenal fans to get excited about in terms of new players coming in to north London, or at least that seemed to be the case until this week when a number of Arsenal transfer rumours popped up concerning another possible signing from a French club.

This time it is Nice and the player in question is Jean Michael Seri, a pocket dynamo of a central midfielder who could be our own N’Golo Kante if the report by ESPN is correct. The 26-year old Ivory Coast international was a major factor in Nice finishing third in the French league and earning a chance to qualify for the Champions League and that could be one of the factors in whether we can secure his transfer or not.

Another is that some reports claim that our north London rivals Tottenham are also after Seri, but with Coquelin having picked up an ankle injury that could see him miss around two months of the season, is Wenger going to make sure Seri signs for Arsenal and completes his summer transfer jigsaw?


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39 thoughts on “Will Seri be the final piece in Arsenal’s transfer jigsaw?

  1. Dom

    Seri is a good strong player that will strengthen our midfield whilst stopping the spuds from signing him as well. It a win, win situation!

  2. mobay gooner

    Wilshire in the last yr of is contract with everthing to prove…come on jack dont let me down

  3. wengers coat

    I honestly dont understand why people want Seri, hes had 1 good season at Nice, not even special and only 14 caps for Ivory Coast. Remember that guy M’Villa? how about Schneiderlin? Rabiot, Oh and the mighty Lars Bender? He was sidelined all last season and has been under performing to say the least.The fact Wenger hasnt made a bid convince me that hes not a big target nor a big potential.

    Unless we get someone like Goretzka, Fabinho, Kante, I dont see a reason to offload Coquelin, Elneny, Wilshere. I think players who integrated in our system is far more important than new unproven signing. Seri is a good player, but after the amount of bullets weve dodge im save to say hes not a priority.

    1. Ranjan Das

      My friend – for most people the grass is always greener on the other side. The belief is buy someone and we will improve. We cried for a cb last season – we got 2 and we are still saying we need 1 more. What do you do with all the CBs that we have in the books? The focus is rightly on Lemar because he is different class and can play different positions. In the midfield I really don’t see us buying anyone unless we can offload people.

      1. Loki

        My friend, The belief is we need to improve, we have to improve if we want to pose a serious challenge for the trophies. Current midfield is just above average and if Xhaka or Ramsey gets injured things will get worse.

        We were too stubborn in last 3 transfer windows and never got us a world class striker (Apologies to Perez, no apologies to Welbeck). In the last 3 years we’ve done well in the first half of the season but post January our slump begins, but we never learn from our mistakes and take necessary action, be it transfers or tactics. FINALLY We took tactical action this year by changing formation and IT worked very well. Alas! It was too late.

      2. wilshegz

        Lemar ll be okay if he can play in CM as some say… but for CB we lack quality, we only have quantity.
        Koscielny is d only consistently reliable CB n he is 32 struggling with injuries
        Mertesacker is in d final year of his contract
        Holding is good but can’t be started every week yet.
        Mustafi is okay but last season on his return from injury he was poor.
        Gabriel is more brawn than brain,Needless fouls n get disgraced against technical sides. remember City n Bayern last term.
        Chambers did well for Boro but isn’t convincing yet for a club as big as Arsenal.
        …and finally we play 3CB formation.. which means we need at least 3Reliable CBs starting League games.
        then the quantity players can play Europa C1C n FAcup..,.. we need a VanDijk/Koulibaly.

  4. Andrew Ken Reyes

    I’ll accept Seri if we cannot get Carvalho . And by the way we still need a world class CB like Koulibally .

  5. Sunny

    We definitely need some power and mobility at the center of the Park. Some one who does not get bullied by opposition . Some one who can break opposition play and can won aerial dwells at the center.
    I think Carvalio/Seri will be good addition. United buying matic , we need similar kind of player. we are loosing too many balls at the middle. We need to win this and pass the ball to quick players like ozil to do counter attack

  6. wengers coat

    Youre clueless on Seri, Seri is a box2box midfielder, very similar to the role Ramsey plays right now, he doesnt defend like Coq or Xhaka. Whats the point on another Ramsey, technique wise Aaron is far more superior.

    If you think Seri is a Wanyama or a Kante youll be dead wrong

    1. maxi pimpi

      You truly are Wenger’s coat. How could you compare ramsey to seri technically. Wow!! It shows you don’t even know the player. Try to do some research on the player and judge for yourself. Somehow a lot of people think Ramsey and xchaka pair will work. History repeats itself when you don’t learn. That has been the case at arsenal for many years. What worries me is the fact that other clubs are improving every season while we are continuing in mediocrity. How we can’t differentiate between quality and quantity baffles me.

  7. jakseth

    Seri would be a pretty amazing addition… he is like a cazorla and pirlo mix.

    Made Nice tick last year. the gel bonding the whole team as the chief creator.

    I am much more excited about him than Lamar. you guys should check his skills on youtube. and he seems get better every year.

      1. Tidan2

        Is it possible to make your point without putting down our own players? We all know YouTube makes players look good because they are showing highlights, which by definition is their best play.

        Check him out though. His long balls are bloody amazing.

    1. Quantic Dream

      Maybe but you forget Kolasinac was signed on a monstrous 150k per week and Lacazette himself 200k per week so no one really knows how much money is available for transfers…

  8. Sam

    @wengers coat my concern with some arsenal fans like you is that you so much trust in wenger’ s judgment when it comes to buying the right players. You mentioned few players who Mr i know it all (wenger) ignored in the past whom actually turned out to be bad players but failed to mention handful of players wenger passover whom turned out to be world class players Such as Ronaldo, Zlatan, Ronaldinho, Drogba, Yaya toure etc. Clearly this man is clueless. Deadwoods like wilshere, Gibbs et’al need to be shown the exist door as soon as possible if we want to have any chance of winning a major trophy in the near future

  9. Sandeep

    PSG buying Neymar this will definitely make many transfer possible and chance to get good player like verrati or matuidi maybe draxler.

  10. Yossarian

    I like the look of Seri as a replacement for Cazorla, to partner Xhaka in central midfield in front of a back 3.

    For me that would indeed be the missing final piece of the “Transfer jigsaw”.

    I would much rather have Seri than Lemar or Mahrez, because he’d slot right-into Cazorla’s central midfield role.

  11. killamch89

    So I was pondering the players PSG might have to sell to get Neymar and I started looking at all the players that they might offload and one name stood out to me – Javier Pastore. Javier Pastore is a highly underrated midfield player that can distribute the ball pretty well, excellent dribbler, excellent chance creator and can keep possession of the ball. He also was a target for Wenger in the summer we bought Ozil. I have watched him over the years and his style of play suits us and for some reason, I believe he is going to end up at Arsenal by the end of the transfer window. The fact that nobody has linked us to him in ages tells me that this might be who Wenger moves for – a signing that flies under the radar.

  12. ade

    I just watched this guy seri video. Wow! Is wonderful, acurate short n long pass. Dribbling. Perfect replacement for Cazolar. If Wenger doesn’t sign him I ll be very sad.

  13. wilshegz

    Lemar in CM, Seri, Matuidi, Rabiot, Carvalho,Nzonzi…. there are so many options, but I prefer the CMs that can effectively carry the ball n link midfield to attack like Cazorla does or close.
    …Lemar in CM, seri,matuidi, rabiot ll be d best options..
    Rabiot adds d incentive of height and youth.
    Matuidi has 1year left so ll be easier to sign n ll cost as lil as 15m.
    Seri-Im a bit unsure about him but he looks like aside carrying d ball he could tackle too
    Lemar in CM- he is twofooted, deadball specialist n better dribbler than all…
    looks most likely signing cos I dnt see Wenger switching from 3421 soon. Alexis n Ozil are staying…so d only space opened for Lemar to play is beside Xhaka.
    although he has to learn to do more defensive work than he did as a LMF.

  14. ade

    Time is going we need a skillful midfielder now, arsenal is known for good midfield, but this has changed. I don’t kno if Wenger sees this.

  15. Dianjuh

    SO Lets see how the line-up would be:-

    Cech – Ospina
    Mustafi – Holding
    Koscielny – Per
    Monreal – Gabriel
    Hector – Ox
    *Seri* -Elneny (Cazorla)
    Xhaka – Coq
    *Lemar* – *Kolasinac*
    Ozil – Ramsey
    Alexis – Iwobi – Walcott
    Lacazette – Giroud – Welbeck

    Am sad I cant seem to find a way to fit Mahrez… 🙂

  16. Ronny

    Not coming now, didn’t Nice knock out Ajax from the cl qualifying last night? His assist for the 2nd goal which I’m told was pretty darn good!

  17. Ronny

    I read your comment and immediately thought – Artiro Vidal if only! He has that sanchez like snapping at your heels way of playing and he’s 30 this year!

  18. MWNN

    Someone in a reply yesterday, post commented on Chamberlain going to Chelsea and went on to say that not a good move unless we got either Kante, Cahil or Fabregas in return. Why would we need those players when we’ve already got similar.

    Everyone goes on about Kante and yeah, he’s a good industrious hard worker but he excelled at Leicester because they had a unique and regimented approach to how they played football and how the whole team acted as a unit, which made his job much easier and conversely,the other players jobs were easier too when considering his role in the set up.

    Seri might be a good player but he might only be able to be as effective as he is, due to the current set up of his current team. Arsenal like to play a more fluid style of football, with regimen and discipline coming in, behind flair. If he’s allowed the freedoms that most Arsenal players enjoy, Seri could end up being just a loose cannon in our midfield. Xhaka prior to coming to Arsenal was thought to be the archetypal, stalwart midfielder and probably was in his previous team. But he has had some of his shackles removed at Arsenal and given a bit more freedom of expression, has now perhaps highlighted some of his frailties.

    We gotta get out of this mode of thinking that players that ‘do well’ at other clubs and or, in other leagues are always going to be the answer to our problems. Our problems are internal and not necessarily down to the lack of ability of our current players but more down to the way we go about our football and the emphasis of flair.

    Someone asked in a post yesterday If Arsenal had enough to cope on all fronts. I said yes, as I feel that with the players we’ve got and under the right guidance in terms of method of play, we can be an exceptional team.

    Although we didn’t make our top four benchmark this year but have in every season past and considering what’s touted from Arsenal fans and nearly everybody outside of Arsenal, how we’re meant to be so shite. We’ve not done too bad to consistently finish in the top four.

    And before all the naysayers start to bombard me with their usual criticisms of ‘oh that’s because you are willing to enjoy mediocrity’ and the like, it’s not that at all.

    I want Arsenal to do well but not at the expense of selling our soul like Man City, Chelsea, or constantly thinking that being linked with every ‘so called’ great player under the sun is going to be our salvation. We’ve done well with a so called mediocre and rubbish team to do as well as we have for many seasons. Just think what we can do if we now just organise that team into a well drilled machine !

  19. John

    We have to let Wenger do his job…..he is our coach for the next two years…….,,I wished he had retired or moved into another role ……but he has two years to win some trophies……and he needs our support……..also we cannot sign every top footballer…….yes an outstanding player like Sanchez helps……but you win trophies with a team……players doing their job……and dynamic and efficient coaches………we also have youngsters who are hungry for opportunities……..I feel our +++demand for success has made it difficult for the coach to use these youngsters in some games……finally I wish Arsenal will not sell Perez…..he is hungry to play…….exactly what you need in players to win games……..typically Wenger’ s signings tend to do better in the second year onwards…….that’s when we should judge any new signing……only problem is that Wenger has this favoritism thing…….and sometimes emotional attachment to failed and underperforming signings and hangs onto them for far too long……he strongly believes he will be proved right……even when everyone obviously see a deadwood…….who needs to go…….

  20. BOBBY

    Seri, Nzonzi, Carvalho, Goretzka, Lemar? Mehn, Just Bring In Idrissa Gueye And The Issue Of The Midfield Is Over. He Is A More Industrous Version Of Kante. I Swear This Lad Will Make Us Stronger. He’ll Be Cheaper And Is A Proven EPL Player.

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