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Will Virgil transfer be F.A.B for Arsenal?

It was good for Arsenal fans to hear Arsene Wenger state this week that he knew that the Gunners are short on the defensive side of the squad and declare that he expects to be able to solve the situation in the January transfer window.

Hopefully the defensive crisis will not be as bad by then, with our France international right back Mathieu Debuchy supposed to be fit again around the end of the year, but the current problems have shown that we are very vulnerable to injury.

However, with Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny having a great understanding in central defence and Calum Chambers showing great ability as long with his versatility, there is a feeling that Wenger is not looking to add a real top quality defender to the Arsenal squad.

So we could be looking at an older and experienced centre back or a young and promising one, with the Celtic star Virgil van Dijk being strongly linked. The Daily Mail have reported that we are planning to make a £7 million offer for the 23-year old Dutchman, which should be enough to prise him from the Scottish champions, but is van Dijk the right move for us?

He is according to the former Gunner Giovanni van Bronckhorst who has said that his fellow countryman has all the attributes to become one of the best in the world in the next few years. He has the staure, at 6ft 4in, but he also has technical ability, a cool head and plenty of pace to go with his power. He also scores goals and is awesome in a one on one situation.

So would young Virgil be an FAB (Thunderbirds reference by the way) signing for Arsenal?

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77 thoughts on “Will Virgil transfer be F.A.B for Arsenal?

  1. fred cowardly

    He is playing in Scottish League, so he must be quality.

    Yes we would love him to play for us

  2. marky958

    Not bothered, I’ll always support the team but not Arsenal football club until Wenger is gone and Kroenke is bought out, after yesterdays agm the club is a bloody disgrace!!

    1. muffdiver

      my uncle went to the agm- told me people were openly laughing at ivans comments- thats disheartening

        1. muffdiver

          the ‘kojak’ is very sexy amongst ukrainan women apparently!!
          apparent its 4 women to every 1 man there!!
          that ratio means i might have a shot!!

  3. Brada b

    Is only now that old fart know we need a defender I don’t believe him until its done in January because he been lying to us fans, but im srry #aw time is up he needs to go some of u fans won’t argree wit me but I think his brains is malfunctioning even #if we win against hull city he still needs to go ill never pay £42mil for an cam & play him on the wing its like buying a gk & playing him cdm!! Coyg lets get this win & support the boyz #FACK AW! !!! Now thumb me down

  4. Thando

    Virgil likes to go forwad too much like david luiz, Why not go for laporte the kid is class and he would be a perfect partner for koz

      1. jermaineBryan

        Schar is very good and cheap with his contract running down.

        Laporte should be a summer signing he is a class act as good as varane

  5. lucia

    Pls does anyone know a good streaming cite to watch the U21 match. I can’t wait to see walcot and gnabry

  6. john0711

    It’s still amazes me that some arsenal fans still thumb down any comment saying wenger out, they must be happy with 4 th, wenger and Stan will leave, eventually I just hope it’s not if we finish put of the top 4

  7. mr lean

    If we need evidence of how much Wenger has declined as a world class manager it will be our team tomorrow and who plays in our back four.

    1. Andrew AFC

      Evening mate I hope you and your family are well. I also hope you watch a great match tomorrow.

      1. mr lean

        Thanks mate we are all good,I’m so up for tomorrow and will sing and cheer the team on but as for the board and our out of date manager they can f#ck off

        Hope all is well with you and your family

  8. Andrew AFC

    Wenger said he would replace the outgoing players. What happened, I know he was to busy commentating on the world cup and being a referee. Shocking for someone who is paid top money to do a top job.

      1. mr lean

        Very true mate anyway enough time wasted on le fraud my prediction for tomorrow a tough 3-1 win with Santi scoring first and then Danny and Alexis .

  9. SaveArsenal

    Well if he likes to go forward a bit, has the physical size and is good at one on one’s then he sounds like a ready made DM who can start attacks from deep.
    Athletico aren’t going to let Laporte go in January anyway so mute point.
    would you be feeling better if we had Virgil to call on right now? Thought so, OK then he would be a good option.

  10. IceBergKamp10

    After Spain played cazorla at RB. Wenger is thinking of playing him at RB for arsenal.
    After all playing ozil on wing has paid him dividends.LOL.

  11. Andrew AFC

    At least we can all have a laugh about how our great is going down hill. If a laugh was worth a million pounds we still wouldn’t win the EPL.

    1. IceBergKamp10

      Who’s having a laugh ? I go insane every time i watch my team, tearing my hair off.
      Pledge not to watch a game ever again after being comprehensively beaten by teams like chelsea or city,etc. Only to find myself waiting for the next game desperately the following day.

  12. mr lean

    Issac Hayden not playing for the u21 team tonight so hope to see him at CB tomorrow. He has a great future ahead.

  13. davidnz

    Some talk of Arsene Wenger ,
    and some of Herb Chapman
    Of Hector and Koscielny
    and such great names as these.
    But of all the world’s great heroes,
    there’s none that can compare.
    With a tow, row, row, row, row, row,
    to Abou Diaby 🙂

  14. jermaineBryan

    Don’t buy into the media hatred towards merts he is as good as if not better than kosc. We should go for hummels or laporte in the summer because they have the potential to be the worlds best hummels is allot more advanced in his development so would become the instant 1st choice.

    We should keep merts as he is a leader and one of the best in the prem in his position

    In January we should get a young cb likes schar who would be happy to compete at a top club. Van dijjk is to rash in the tackle and is very attacking he reminds me of a cross between TV 5 and kompany

  15. fred cowardly

    I wish they had live streamed the Arsenal AGM. Would have been interesting to watch

  16. supertuur

    Van Dijk would be a good holding midfielder. He is a beast at 1.93 and 92 kg. He has good long shot and scores goals. With him we get cover at CD and holding mid.

    Hummels is expensive. Maybe a summer transfer target.

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