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Wilshere aiming to be Arsenal legend like Adams

Jack Wilshere is just the kind of player that Arsenal needs. Not only is he one of the most talented players of his generation, but his attitude is fantastic and he is an inspiration to his team mates. The worry for Arsenal fans is that some oil rich billionaire will come along and poach him, but the England international has stated his intention of staying with Arsenal for a very long time.

“I’ve been at this club for 10 years, and to come through the academy at Hale End and break into the first team is a great story. It’s a dream.

“To have my family 20 minutes from the training ground and an hour from the stadium is perfect for me. Cesc wanted to go home. Home for me is Arsenal.

“I’ve played 39 games in the Premier league, which is nothing when you look at players like Tony Adams and how many appearances they made. That’s something I want to do.”

Jack reminds you of how football used to be, even his name sounds like a character from a black and white film, and it is great that he is a Gunner. There are a few cases of players loyal to clubs these days, like Stevie Gerrard at Liverpool, but they are few and far between.

Knowing that Wilshere will be at Arsenal for years to come allows Arsene Wenger to build a team around him without having to worry if he is going to do a van Persie. It would be nice if the board was to repay his loyalty by trying to help him win some medals. If you give Wilshere the chance, he will drive Arsenal on to success, and he is determined to do so.

“We know we can’t afford to drop points. We know we need to be in the top four. We know we need to win a trophy and get in the Champions League again.

“We do it every year and there’s no reason why we can’t do it again.”

Arsenal vs. Fulham will be on

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14 thoughts on “Wilshere aiming to be Arsenal legend like Adams

  1. sank

    Wilshere is our gerard, lampard, alonso, xavi, giggs, scholes combined.

    wish he retires at Arsenal.

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  2. That Gunner

    Our New Mr.Fantastic truly bleeds arsenal and has an ARSENAL HEART,I plan on seeing you for many years my friend with success and maybe a Ballon D’or,ONE DAY DOE JACK! ONE DAY!!!

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  3. youngold gunner

    gud to hear atleast one player is comited to arsenal but what do you know maybe the greedy board would just push him out in future.I HATE ARSENALS BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

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    An arsenal legend in making..
    Hope he doesnt lose the winning spirit playing under present wenger and board..

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  5. jhbgunner

    The guy is quickly becoming the heart of the team. Can’t ask for anything more from a player than to truly love the club he plays for. Imagine a team filled with guys like this… Better than barca or any other team for that matter

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  6. youngold gunner

    I have a nightmare that one day Arsenal would end up like liverpool and wilshere would end up our gerrard.And all this is because of the boards stpidit/ and a manager that cares more for the profits than success!maybe i just have to bear that arsenal arent a club able to contend for tittles till drastic changes take place.I like AW he created the best Arsenal side of all times but I believe its tie for hi to step

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  7. alby

    fantastic lad,a real champ and legend in the making.all that he needs is discipline.with it i bet the sky is the limit.i pray and wish him all the best.

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  8. Taylor

    make no mistake, wilshere wold not want to leave but if a bid of 40 mil plus came in u could bet your bottom dollar he would be out the door quicker than the flash on speed.

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  9. Gunner

    arsenal fans in our squad,

    jenkinson….per mertesaker….. vermaelen…..gibbs
    …………….. frimpong……………………..
    ……jack wilshere………. chemberlian…………
    ……………… gervinho……………………….
    ……….. afobe…………. ………..
    walcott = liverpool fan
    podolski= colonge fan
    other unkown
    out of arsenal are many players such as ashly young but these are traitors, no coz they play for other teams, but celebrates vs arsenal.
    zaha is also a gunner, hope we get him.

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  10. k

    I hope all our youth stays at Arsenal. Wilshere and Jenkinson are future England stars, Eisfield is pure class, Afobe I haven’t seen much of but have heard he is a great players. Walcott is only 23 and is finally starting to show his class. Many more players in our youth squad that could lead us to victory soon.
    But for now they are not ready so I would love to see some class signings to win us trophies to convince them to stay.

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  11. Martin

    He will be gone before he’s 24 just as his potential is realised…mark my words

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  12. Arsenal1Again

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Too many have said the same and then left.

    @Sank. … Lampard left West Ham. Try Jamie Carragher instead at the Kop.

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