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Wilshere and Eisfeld star for Arsenal reserves

I know it’s called the under-21s but Sagna played for Arsenal while Hibbert and Hitzlsperger played for Everton, so I am calling them reserves. The good news is that Wilshere, Sagna and Frimpong all completed the full 90 minutes and must be about ready for some first team action now.

The game was a lively affair which will help the players to regain some of their competitive edge, and the early kick off will allow them enough time to recover for the Champions League game against Schalke on Wednesday night, if Wenger wants to include them in the squad.

Arsenal were behind within five minutes through Vellios, but Wilshere and Eisfeld were determined to get back into it. Eisfeld stung the keeper’s palms a minute later and equalised in the 12th after Wilshere released Meade who set up the young German.

Wilshere was playing well and it was him who set up Eisfeld for the German to smash home a second after half an hour. Frimpong nearly made it three for Arsenal with a free kick but it was saved.

Arsenal shaded the second half but the closest they came to another goal was through Eisfeld again who was unlucky to hit the bar from 25 yards out. Wilshere picked up a late yellow card but I am sure he is pleased with his day’s work.

After Arsenal failed to mount a decent attack against Norwich, maybe Wenger will consider adding Wilshere and Eisfeld to his squad to face Schalke in two days. It’s not as if the Arsenal bench is groaning with talent at the minute.

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31 thoughts on “Wilshere and Eisfeld star for Arsenal reserves

  1. Tamkin

    I want Wenger to give Arshavin a chance sooner than later …. We all saw glimpses of him in the late sub he made in the Norwich match, he is starting to comeback to his best!

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  2. theOx @jamie9lashley

    Great to see the injured players coming back, wilshere and sagna are vital members of the squad. Let’s bounce back against schalke! I’d like to see eisfeld given a chance in the 1st team, like gnarby against norwich. Both class youngsters

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  3. Gooner

    Yeah Arshavin needs to be given more opportunities he is still a decent player especially when he is on point. Put it this way if there was any players that needed to be sold he would not be the first I’d put on that list right now.

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  4. Always a gooner

    wenger should promote eisfeld to first team …..ramsey should play for reserves for a while ….lets give gerv 1 more chance …or he shld also play fr resrves …what do u think guys

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  5. AA23=LEGEND!

    Yea arshavin is one of the few players we have that is good at creating chances. I actually think Cazorla needs a rest, whether that means resting him or bringing him on as a sub im not sure. Either way arshavin should start with podolski or Cazorla being rested. at the Emirates we wont lose to Schalke.

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  6. Laurentkboi

    Yes Eisfeld must be promoted I mean look the others did and this guy scored in the friendlies enough times.
    Chambo, wilsh, theo, coq, frim, Ramsey all got it so why not Tomas?

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  7. makho

    This eisfeld kid is gonna be our very own Lampard except ten times better ofcourse:p

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  8. Invincibles nice (1)

    I were amongst the first to believe in Jenkinson but the sooner Sagna returns the better, the young boy is a very capable deputy with his defensive play finding no fault but the youngfella will just not take any risks and when in a forward pos thinks only to play safe pass back to his own have so he can get back into pos, returns also needed urgently are Gibbs and especially Szczesney who is likely to make us alot of match winning saves not unlike last season, whereas Mannone and Fabianski wether or not fans like to admit will cost us points with there blundering lapses in concentration and lacking authority

    absolutely delighted we are about to see Wilshere back as i cant wait to see how he looks with the Spanish lads beside him, its a pitty that we had to go through a period with certain opponents resorting to playing for our players legs as they could not compete with ourselves at football, criminal is the word i would use and all the diving in the world cant compare, these same leg breakers are the ones who believe they are manish honest and fair by trying to stay on there feet then saying its foreign cheats while going on bolloking them, they have ruined Eduardos AFC career also destroyed Ramseys progress and now i hope beyond hope that Wilshere will not fall foul at the feet of leg playing c**ts

    also needed is a swift return for Walcott as we could have used him over the weekend to replace Gervinho or have even thrown him into the forward pos and see if Cazorla would have found him, also i would liked to have seen Cambells name on the bench as there were no strikers for replacing, i remember in the past Arsene would in a game like that throw five strikers up front, Cambell was an option and you never know he just might have carried his form/confidencs into the game making/taking the most of his chance?

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  9. Pedrogooner

    This may sound a bit odd but………rroooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 😉 just wanted to get that off of my chest!

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  10. Jamseyb

    Team vs schalke
    Mannone(if he plays bad drop him for Martinez)
    Jenk verm kos santos
    Coqlein arteta
    Santi giroud podolski

    Martinez, Djourou , Ramsey , yennaris, gervinho,eisfield(if he is supposed to be as good as gotze then bring him on) gnabry
    Need to get a striker in january, while big clubs r wanting Falcao Go for lewansoski or jovetic while the like of shitty and Chelsea bidding 40m+ the we can get a bargain, since Falcao is defo leaving athletico

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  11. Dan

    Get Wilshere, Sagna, Rosicky, Szseseny and Frimpong in.

    Get Ramsey and Gervinho out.

    Diaby is beginning to annoy me aswell, too injury prone – new RVP

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  12. Invincibles nice (1)

    @AA23 i agree with on Cacorla, i dont know why Arsene does not rest players by taking them off in the lasr 15 when a match is bound to be won, even when we are at home he will not, it could be that when we are slotting our numbers up he wants us to take as much confidence from the match as possible but i would prefer a 2 or 3-0 any day over a 6-1 ish and also the benefits of rest.

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  13. JADON

    Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla will do in the midfield and the OX on the right wing..Ramsey and Gervinho are two wasteful players..

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  14. juhislihis

    Our midfield is packet with talent but our problems are and for a while have been injury proness and consistency.

    On his best day, Gervinho can dribble past anyone but on his bad day, he can’t beat even offside trap. He plays great or he plays awful. This is something needs to be changed. Same goes with Ramsey. They are our most hot/cold players and you never know how they’re going to play.

    For comparison: Arteta and Cazorla are CONSISTENT, Cazorla’s had ONE bad game out of 8 league games, Arteta maybe not even one but Ramsey&Gervinho have had maybe 4 great, 4 awful games. 50% chance is not good enough.

    Diaby might be even put to that hot/cold category but in addition for that, he picks up injury (at least for a month) after couple games. We can have him but we can’t trust him to play.

    Eisfeld seems like a major prospect but too early to count on him. He could be loaned to earn some tought BPL experience.

    So all in all, our midfield situation is difficult. We have Arteta and Cazorla who we can always count on BUT when if they happen to have a bad game (I forgive), we must have a player who can come in playing either average or greatly.

    I really hope Jack comes back super and picks up the 3rd MF spot and starts playing CONSISTENLY as our team deserves.

    We have DEPTH but maybe not trustworthy depth.

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  15. Twig

    Wenger probably has some serious issues with Arshavin that fans don’t know of as such I doubt we’ll ever see him play in the CAM role together with other first team players. Otherwise, Cazorla and Arshavin can both play at the same time (with Cazorla on the left). Secondly, with the amount of goals Eisfeld is scoring I’m wondering… Isn’t it time?! How Gnabry is ahead of him in the first team is baffling to me.

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  16. Twig

    Sorry, meant to say, with Cazorla on the right. The left belongs to Poldy, right? 😉

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  17. mala

    Gervhino can never dribble pass any defender though he made numerous attempts, he’ll perpetually fall over, dispossessed of ball or dribble all the way out of line while i’ve been shouting desperately to him ” pass the ball ” , he will keep the ball to himself until it’s too late to pass it to a teamate.
    Ramsey is lazy and totally without creativity, only can make simple passes of the ball backwards or sideway, having no clues how to move forward or defend, either letting opponents slip pass him easily or committing silly tackles, his trademark is to shoot the ball into the spectator stand.
    But the biggest puzzle to me is : WHY Wenger never talk to them ? if he did, and they continue to play this, WHY is he still putting them on the pitch?
    To me the only answer is: Arsenal is short of depth.

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  18. Owens

    I think eisfield deserve d 1st team more..he’s bng triffic dis few times nd we are lacking wat he is likely to offer,shift ramsey to reserve..gervinho can come up as a sub at podolski’s position,i think he dos beta dia.

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  19. Frank

    Eisfeld is a goal scoring machine, isnt that what we need in the first team?

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  20. spendah

    id say in terms of dribbling, pace etc then id have gnabry but passing and shooting etc then eisfield pls

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  21. villa123

    i feel esfield and oscar will be great players! both play in same position and same style! both are future kaka’.. best scoring midfielders!!!

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  22. villa123

    gnarby plays on wing and esfield is CAM.. so no comparison! would love to see both play together some day!!!

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  23. anonymous

    Include Eisfeld in the 1st team,Ramsey should be loaned out to any EPL club,he needs to rethink his game–his misplaced passing started the Chelsea move for 2nd goal,and he is consistently struggling to hold on to the ball in critical areas,besides he hasn’t looked like creating anything for our front players.He is not a bad player,but this season is certainly not his,so rather than drafting him in the reserves,send him out on loan,even if to a championship team,if nobody wants him in EPL.Wilshere will be back,Eisfeld will be there to cover him.And Arshavin needs to start games,I am sick of Gervinho,although he has scored this season,he never looks like one in control of the ball–always driblling nedlessly,does not pass as often as he should.Wenger is stubborn I know he will still play Gervinho on Wednesday,no Arshavin,so don’t expect anything special,we might as well get a draw or a narrow victory but that won’t change our feelings,Nowich were thrashed by liverpool,chelsea and every other team,and we talk about being title contenders and loose to norwich,I would not mind loosing to everton considering their form this season as much as I would loosing to Reading,QPR,Norwich,Swansea.

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  24. Hafiz Rahman

    Coquelin, Eifeld, Gnabry, Wilshere, Olssson, Oxie,

    and Barca Graduate Toral….


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  25. Aussie Jack

    There`s a good chance I could become a fan of Eisfeld, I just get a gut feeling about the kid.

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  26. Johnno

    Brilliant. Wilshere is what we need in our midfield. Bit more cutting edge with Santi. Wilshere would be better than Ramsey.

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  27. Eadah

    What’s outstanding is that everyone always puts arteta on their team list, the guy is out standing and what I like about him is how level headed he is, with diaby and wilshere out I thought wenger would have allowed arteta perform his role of last season and put coq in DM ramsey is not good enough to start our matches (yet) and I don’t know when wenger will realise that. All the same, still an arsenal fan and will always root for the team, COYG

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