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Wilshere – I can’t win the World Cup on my own

The young Arsenal star Jack Wilshere has been continually over-hyped since his return to fitness this season, and has been hailed as the saviour of the England team and perhaps the catalyst that could finally win the World Cup for England for the first time in 48 years.

But the talented midfielder has tried to play down the expectations and says that Roy Hodgson’s side needs a whole team of stars to win a trophy and he simply can’t do it on his own. Wilshere said: “I don’t think one player can ever win a World Cup for a nation.

“I’ve got great players around me. We’ve got Steven Gerrard, still one of the best midfielders in the world, and Frank Lampard, and good young players as well.

“When you are playing well and you are in the national team, there are always going to be high expectations, but you have to deal with that.”

“It’s great having them alongside me. I used to come to Wembley to watch them play. To play with them is a dream come true.

“It’s testament to them that they keep doing it at their ages. Ten years at the top is something I want to do, so looking at them two is something I look up to.

“I think they will carry on. Stevie is probably the fittest guy in the team and Lamps when he came on got a great goal. He has been doing that for years, scoring important goals, and he keeps doing it.

“The skipper [Gerrard] is our leader and was great and talks to you the whole game. We’ve got a great blend of youth and experience now and hopefully that can help us going into the qualifiers.

“I think we’ve got a good blend in midfield now. Stevie is playing the holding role. He’s not really a holding midfielder but he did it brilliantly, and when he goes forward, me or Tom (Cleverley) can cover him.

“There’s Michael Carrick as well, and Leon Osman and players like that. We’ve got a good bunch of midfielders and hopefully that can bode well for England.

“I think the formation helped. I prefer to play in a three rather than a 4-4-2 – 4-3-3 suits my game and suits the other players better. If we get that side right, we can dominate a midfield and we showed that.

“We work hard on tactics. That’s what Roy does – he is great at that. He gets us working well defensively and going forward. If we can keep doing that and working on that, we can improve.”

Certainly a win over Brazil is not to be sniffed at, but for some reason England always seem to perform brilliantly during the Premiership season (like in the Qualifiers) but seem to freeze when it comes to the competition proper. Maybe it’s because the Premiership has such a long and tiring season compared to other countries and fatigue sets in.

Let’s hope that next year these problems can be sorted out?

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20 thoughts on “Wilshere – I can’t win the World Cup on my own

  1. Dave

    Ignasi Miquel has been training with the first team so he will probably play against Sunderland today 🙂

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  2. Andrew

    The future of english football is bright with Jack,Theo and the Ox. Maybe they can do the same thing that West Ham did in 1966. We have just beaten Brazil lets go one further and spoil their world cup and win it.

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  3. Gunners

    Forget winning it. Brazil 2014 aim should be semi finals. Here we go again hyping everything already

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  4. mohawk35

    Dave – Your prediction about Miquel is undoubtedly right. It only makes sense. Squillachi is virtually useless.

    From what I have seen of Miquel so far I would say he is not up to the challenge. But you never know what can emerge from these situations – I will be behind him.

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  5. Ali

    Wilshere say what ever you want, i will be on your side but dont leave arsenal, the day you leave arsenal watch out for me. not that you would but just saying. hahaha >:D

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  6. ripple

    @Gunners, Certainly the hype has been over the top.

    But the goal for the world cup should always be winning it. Especially for a nation ranked so highly and with so much talent emerging just at the right time.

    Even beyond Jack, the future of English football looks brighter than in a long time – lots of talent, lots of youthful energy, and just enough player experience when and where it is needed.

    (I say this and I am not British)

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  7. jeff

    SANTOS OFFICIALLY ON LOAN TO GREMIO……you have know idea how happy this makes m

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  8. Arsenal1Again

    Well said Jack. There will be help when the same proven failures like Walcott, Terry, Lampard, Cole, and Rooney stop being AUTOMATICALLY picked. Thes same players have won no trophies for England and need to make way for other players who’ll play their heart out with pride. Unbelievable seeing them still picked after 2010 world cup. The woefulness of that team with the single exception of Gerrard has made me want to spit every time our shirt is on them. As for Walcott who escapes the taint of 2010 has other reasons for being unchosen. OMG, random displays that are ok at most is not worthy of a cap. Bull dog spirit is only seen in Wilshere and Gerard. Walcott himself admitted himself he has done nothing to warrant a call up.

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  9. Greg

    Your right jack you cant do it on you! England has a huge amount of talented players who were awesome against the mighty brazil but is still a work in progress by mr hodgeson and on the improve and with jack leading from the front his dream could be a possibity!

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  10. Ry

    I was telling my man utd surporter friend that willy is the best thing in England now he sees it was also tell him RVP is the best striker in the world he told no but now he plays for man utd he is funny shit

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  11. Dave


    Yeah, he has very minimal experience but I would rather take this opportunity to ease one of our emerging stars into the first team than see Squillaci play. Hopefully playing in the first team will give him a bit of a gee up and he’ll have a good game (assuming he plays).

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  12. mohawk35

    @Dave, I have been very critical of Wenger for the weak CB situation.

    One other possibility is that Wenger may be grooming Diaby to play as an emergency CB. And if Diaby can actually play that position, I shall owe Mr. Wenger an apology.

    Diaby seems a little too fragile for CB though – would Wenger risk it?

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  13. Goonertron

    England press are known for putting alot of pressure on one player come world cup time, they do it every time. Last 2 world cups it has been Rooney before that it was Beckham, they really just need to focus on the team instead of putting amazing pressure on one player.

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  14. Dave


    I doubt Wenger will risk Diaby playing him at CB, but he does have the physical presence needed to play there, however, Diaby likes to attack a lot so we could be left very exposed if he did play there.

    I actually think Wenger could give Wilshere a rest today seeing as though he played the full 90 minutes against Brazil and play Diaby / Arteta as holding mids. Only time will tell I guess. Personally I think Jack should only play a max of 45 mins today if he plays at all.

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  15. That Gunner

    Not over-hyped,which other Young English man is on fire and plays the same roll as Jack? NONE! Cleverly is a passer,hes nowhere near Wilos class,I hope he gets a trophy cause he deserves it..

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  16. Twig

    Of course you can’t win the world cup on your own, Jackie boy. If you can’t win the Capital One cup for Arsenal on your own, how can you realistically win the world cup on your own?

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  17. Invincibles nice (1)

    Sure you can Jack, dont let anyone tell you any different. You can do a Maradona only youl be doing it without being doped up to the eyeballs.

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