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Wilshere is the key to Arsenal beating Swansea

Arsenal are involved in an intense period of games at the minute which began badly on Sunday with a demoralising defeat against Manchester City in the league. The Fa cup replay against Swansea at the Emirates tonight is possibly the most important game as it could keep us in the hunt to end the seven year trophy drought which is becoming like a monkey on our back.

Jack Wilshere could probably do with a rest after such a long time out of the game thrrough injury, but Wenger will not consider resting the 21-year old for a couple of reasons. The boss believes that he is not running out of steam just yeat and, more importantly, he is the player who can inspire the Gunners to victory more than any other.

“At the moment I don’t think he is overloaded because he has just come back recently, and you get the feeling that hre gets stronger.

“We have a good approach, taking the physical analysis and statistical analysis between what the player feels and what the medical department thinks and you have to come to a conclusion on that.

“At the moment all these three are positives so I don’t think, at the moment, I will rewst him immediately. But it will happen.

“He has a low centre of gravity. He uses it well and gets in front of people.”

Wenger has seen that Jack has got his `burst` back that allows him to beat players and makes him such a dangerous player. He must be allowed to use that to the full tonight, but without Arteta in the team he will need a player to sit back and protect the defence.

Ramsey had his best game for a while when he came on, but he is always looking to go forward. Wenger must play either Coquelin or Frimpong alongside Jack, to give him the freedom to do what he does best. Arsenal can score goals, we have got more than we did last season with van Persie in the side, but the defence is a weakness and they need help. Michu already has three in two games against us, so whoever plays with Wilshere tonight should be told to keep an eye on the Spaniard.

A good idea would be to not gift wrap any opportunities for him as we have in the last two games. If Arsenal can avoid any defensive blunders, then Jack can drive us on to a good win and into the next round of the cup.

Arsenal vs. Swansea will be on

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29 thoughts on “Wilshere is the key to Arsenal beating Swansea

  1. Noldo

    We cannot always let the club depend on 1 player…we need to spread the load among all the players….equality in wages should mean equality in contribution to the club…too many players are collecting wages every week and not contributing….SIGN PLAYERS!!!!!

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  2. PatLloyd

    Wilshere is key to us beating anyone, he’s the only player that week in week out looks ambitious and passionate, rather put more gooners in the team that put that passion into the game even if it means compromising on quality a bit – Frimpong, Jenkinson etc

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  3. ks-gunner

    wake up in the morning… towards the pc …put arsenal news on google…..wenger babbling about walcott appears no transfer news at all….me getting angry close the google bar start the day desepointed…..

    Wenger is tryieng to get one dead line signing in on the last minutes that i am sure of….his gamblings with the club are driving me nuts

    22 points diff Manure to us for saying out loud…..crazy

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  4. Henry

    Wilshere is definitely the present and the future of Arsenal FC. He can’t do it all by himself though, he needs some help. Still can’t quite believe we aren’t trying to sign M’Vila! He is exactly the type of player we need! Le Coq and Frimpong just aren’t ready yet and with Arteta out for 3-4 weeks we are very short!

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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    Wenger is overusing Wilshere,should be rested but we dont have any option,I would have loved to see how Eisfeld would play as playmaker.

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  6. misganew

    for sure we will smash Swansea tonight. it is not questionable Wilshere is the key player for the squad what we have
    but don’t forget pushing the board to buy quality players

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  7. lumia

    @ksgunner.. That’s the same routine I had..same routine same story about arsenal..

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  8. US4rsenal

    PEP said “Latin people will support you when you are playing and when you lose, they kill you. In England, I’m always surprised people always support everything and that is nice. That’s why I hope to have the challenge to train there.”

    That’s true only at Arsenal PEP! coz
    things are no different at Chel$ki and Man$hity.

    SUCCESSION PLAN for 2014/15 season
    *Arsen Wenger will step up to the board with Dein on his side( I don’t agree with some people who want Wenger to step down) to give the youth(PEP) a chance.

    *Usmanov will kick Stan out (coz he is a silent cancer to our club)
    *Pep will bring our golden boy (Fabregas) back with a captain role.

    am Just Dreaming!!

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  9. PatLloyd


    Rekon arsene will go into the board to, and if we went for guardiola i rekon he’d come to us over man city and chelski, as we have history and a playing style that suits him. However i think that Fabregas would only ever return if arsene was manager

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  10. Gunnerineverylife

    @Bob Saha?haha…another injury prone player…will fit in well with Diaby and Rosicky.

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  11. mr lean

    jack is not only our future but the present as well,hope wenger’s learn’t from his past with jack and does not overplay him and burn him out.however when has wenger ever learnt from his mistakes !!

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  12. Mike

    Wilshere should be Captain for Christs sake!! He’s the only player who actually gives a shit!!

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  13. Kjacko

    I want to see more Eisfeld – maybe he cant speak english? So cant communicate with the team on the field yet?

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  14. michael jensen

    it is the team that must win not only 1 player al the players must figt hard if you love arsenal you must figt hard show the fans you can do it.

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  15. US4rsenal


    I remember Cesc saying Pep was one of the reasons to finally decide on the timing to join Barca. So, i believe if PEP given the luxury of Leading Arsenal Cesc is a kind of player he is looking for.

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  16. LoCkAy

    I am just scared that Wilshere will get injured if he is used to many times.
    He is suffering a lot of physical abuses on the pitch because the opponents know he is, may be right now, our best player.

    Wenger cannot protect him because there is NO ONE ELSE !!!

    Another of Wenger miss management hick ups and incompetence… And it has already cost Wilshere one year of football.

    Like I said before, the players have a part of responsibility for the results, but Wenger is the problem and until he gets his act together or leaves, we will deal with the same issues.

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  17. PatLloyd


    If that is the case, and happened i’d be on the floor laughing, however i think we may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves. lets focus on beating Swansea tonight – Fabregas, as always will be watching

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  18. Santi Claus

    My starting 11 this evening:

    Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs
    Coquelin – Wilshire
    Chamberlain – Ramsey – Podolski

    Impact subs of Diaby, Cazorla and Walcott at the correct times and this will be an Arsenal victory, my prediction 3-1. COYG

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  19. JohnW

    I don’t think little Jack will start, in any case, I want him to rest until say the 70th minute.I would like to see Coquelin, Ramsey and The Ox in midfield, they will run for 70 minutes, then our regular three come in to win the game. Jenkinson, Per, TV5, Gibbs, Arshavin, Podolski and Giroud should complete the team. That we we will have Jack, Carzola, Diaby and Theo fresh for Chelsea.

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  20. Sebee28

    Arsene Wenger should buy sign good and mature players to help the likes of jack and others in the team so that they can bring back the glory of the club. The fans ‘re hungry for trophies and we hope that this great team will make us proud soon.
    Gunners for Life

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  21. ibrahim umar


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  22. Tristan

    Wilshere will get better and better, but the squad need to strengthen.

    Without RVP, we are still scoring many goals.
    Without Song, we are losing possession and many games.

    DM is vital to us!!!!!

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  23. Jeff

    If arsenal win today, wenger will say we have a great team and we don’t need to buy.

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