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Wilshere loves Arsenal’s new ‘Proper Footballers’ but where is the teamwork?

Jack Wilshere has been out of the Arsenal side for nearly one and a half years, and has returned to find a completely new set of team-mates that Wenger has brought in over the last two summers. Although Jack admits that we have lost a few exceptional players he also has been extremely impressed with the quality of the new arrivals as well.

He said: “It is strange because last time I played was with Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Alex Song and Robin van Persie,”

“Now there’s the likes of Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and Mikel Arteta.

“The boss has done excellently. He’s bought well. These players are proper footballers – they understand the game and they’ve been around.

“To play with someone like Santi Cazorla is so easy. He understands football, even little things like the pace of the pass he gives you, and his movement is outstanding.

“You look at someone like Lukas Podolski, he’s got over 100 caps for his country.

“They’re top players and it’s easy to come into a team where they understand football so well.”

It is certainly true that all these new players are talented and accomplished individuals and have been massive successes in the past, but perhaps Wilshere has inadvertently hit the nail on the head as to why Arsenal as a team are not performing so well right now? Arsenal are full of talented individuals but no longer play as a team?

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16 thoughts on “Wilshere loves Arsenal’s new ‘Proper Footballers’ but where is the teamwork?

  1. chunners

    The proper footballers need to show some passion for the Arsenal now! Beat the Spuds and go on a winning streak!

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  2. tiger

    just asking, does wenger has his own hairdryer treatment? I don’t want to blow another two goal lead. I still respect him and he only need good money from those damned board. 15 mil maximum for a player and no more than 100k wages.Pathetic! How can you be ambitious? But,Wenger made mistakes and poor decisions he must do something. Hairdyer treatment in French accent is not what you hear everyday!

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  3. Derick

    Yup… No passion eny more in the team…. Just a few players have it. Arsenal for life… Datz what should be writen on the chest of all the players in the Arsenal shirt.

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  4. Alex guru

    We need go thrash tottenham…! I wish we didnt because they are all unloyal (apart from cesc) but imagine if we still had those 4 players he mentioned as well as the new arivals. Arsenal would be AMAZING!

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  5. AYJ

    C’mon, the guy is obliged to tow the company line in public forums, when questioned about company/FC policies.. Every company has such policies employees have to abide by.. Am sure when thinking to himself, he would very much like to see players such as Fabregas, RvP, Nasri and Song still wearing the AFC shirt.. Wouldn’t read much into his comments.. Take them with a pinch of salt

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  6. AYJ

    @tiger totally agree, Wenger needs to get his hair dryer on.. This current crop of players aren’t kids kicking a ball around during their lunch break.. They are grown individuals getting paid a sizeable some of money, and they are involved in a serious business.. As such, a certain standard is required, such as the standard shown by the invincibles.. If they fall below it.. The hair dryers should absolutely be fired up.. If they can’t meet it on a consistent basis – cheerio son!!

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  7. theOx @jamie9lashley

    Its all good and well having top players, but if we can’t use them to our advantage, they’re as good as useless, arshavin for example. If our top players play, the team plays

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  8. Big Gun

    The attitude of our players is a reflection of our managers attitude. I really believe Arsene Wenger is not hard enough on our squad, and hasn’t been so for years. Why do other teams like United etc always have that killer instinct to fight until the whistle blows an if losing always turn it around in the dying minutes? I used to think they were using witchcraft or something cause seriously they are either the luckiest team on the planet, or Ferguson knows what a pep talk is and his players respect him and know what he requires from them.

    Just by looking at most of the players that have left Arsenal, they refer to Wenger in a far too kind and friendly manner, like their second dad. I don’t think this is right, I mean yes it’s a warm and fuzzy feeling but that doesn’t get them anywhere on the pitch and certainly does not win them any trophies. We need a no nonsense manager, who pushes them harder at training and treats them like professional athletes, not adopted children.

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  9. green gunner

    When everyone mentions Podolski they talk of the 100+ caps for Germany. At this stage of the season I’d prefer to talk about the guy who took the game by the scruff of the neck at Stamford bridge or old Trafford and ground us out a win. The guy who instills fear into every right back in the country.
    Podolski has not finished one PL game this year. It’s time to start making some new historyate and stop living off your name.
    Had to be said.

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  10. Sank

    I think wilshere is right

    we have schesney, walcott, rosicky, ox back may be even gibbs.
    diaby wil come next month.
    we have contracts settled for atleast 3 yrs for all players except sagna and walcott.
    squillacy, chamakh, arshavin are in their final year. denilson, park, bendtner wil go on loan. djohorou wil leave.

    we have got eisfeld, gnbary, ryo, campbell, toral, aneke, afobe, olsson, dench and many young guns coming.

    we just need a new left back and a creative player like cazorla may be tello, sanchez, goetze, eriksson, arda turan etc.

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  11. Kingbong10

    Would we be sitting in the same position in the league if AW had granted our wish and bought M’Vila ?? Think there would of been less chance of 3 goals going in against Fulham

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  12. morgan

    WHY cant you people in UK join the protest march in december 1 before the swansea GAME.Then BOYCOTT the game altogether that way wenger and the board will get the msg,but if you go to the game,plese chant things like,,hill wood must go….gazidis must GO..kraonke must GO..

    but these are just wishes,if we beat tottenhan and EVERTON,everyone will be praising Wenger

    we forget all evil the board has done and we are back to square 1,,i think we THE fans are to BLAME!!!!!

    i have an idea LETS CREATE a FACEBOOK PAGE,titled KRAONKE,GAZIDIS, that many fans even in abroad can join

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  13. ms.smith

    Oh lord, pls grant wenger with d wisdom 2 pick the best selection of players that ll not only compete but be able to beat spuurs this weekend and I pray our substitution ll be an advantage 2 arsenal than dat of spurz in Jesus name amen. ( When wishes and player transfers fail its good 2 pray as prayers almost never fail).

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    i think he did hit the nail on the head but you missed the point, the last time he played there were rvp song fab even nasri and clichy so its a hole new team as jack has to figger these new guys out aswell as arteta and last seasons buys, all of these lads (the hole team) will need a fullseason and then some to properly click and to play at there maximum best as they dont have eachothers intuition

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