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Wilshere not worried by scoring record at Arsenal

Jack Wilshere got his first goal of the season for Arsenal last weekend, and would like to score more, obviously, but it is not something that the youngster is overly concerned about. His game is mainly focused in the middle of the park, linking the play left and right and helping the defence as well as the attack.

Wilshere did used to score quite regularly in the youth system, but has never really got going, goal-wise, since being promoted to the first team. In his breakthrough season of 2010-2011, he played 49 games for the Gunners, and scored just twice. He did, however get nine assists and we all know that his impact on the team was fantastic. If Jack could chip in with more goals it would be great and it is something he will try to do by watching how some of the most prolific midfielders get into the right areas.

“I think the main thing is not to be obsessed by it. I don’t want to be finding myself as a striker in every game. My role in the team is to defend and attack. I have to do both sides.

“I have to get in the box, and on Wednesday night the ball fell for me nicely. How many times that happens in a year I couldn’t tell you.

“For example, against Tottenham, when I broke through I could have shot earlier, so I’m working on things like that. I’m watching afterwards and I’m analysing.

“You’ve got to watch the greatest, like Gerrard and Lampard, because their goalscoring records are up there with the best.”

Aston Villa vs. Arsenal will be on

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11 thoughts on “Wilshere not worried by scoring record at Arsenal

  1. optimisticgooner

    Always trying to improve himself even after being so good.. You gotta love Jacky Boy! <3

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  2. Peter

    Wilshere.. Wat u do is enough, just focus on wat u do and u will be one of d best in d world in ur position. Now let’s beat and get another clean sheet at Aston Villa. Still waiting for Girouds first hat-trick in an arsenal shirt, I don’t know if its just me bt I want it today 🙂 COYG.. 3points today

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  3. COYG

    I wanna see how wenger would set up the team when everyone is fit!!! How would he fit in wilshere, diaby, arteta, cazorla in our midfield???

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  4. Mudah

    You serving your duty well boy, scoring is not part of it, if you manage to score fine if not then you did nothing wrong! Up future El-capitan…JACK10 the legend in making!

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  5. vyash

    u will be a legand 🙂
    we trust in u

    and for january
    sell bendner and get this guy Andreas Cornelius
    he is NOT breadner
    buy fellaine for 20 m
    then sell all usless player to get shaw and holby

    less than 40 m

    this summer will have 70 m to get a world class attcker 🙂

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  6. theOx @jamie9lashley

    Always wants to improve, that’s the sign of a great player! Next he’ll be saying he wants to improve his headering!
    Future captain jack

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  7. LeProf knows more than you

    He will get better and better… A middle 3 of Jack, Santi and Mikel (with Diaby – when fit) looks good to me. Probably the best middle three in the league.

    Giroud to continue his goal scoring form today…

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  8. Rosdan

    Rather than monitored Gerrard and Lampard, i think its better if Jack monitored Pirlo, better for our team play

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