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Winterburn – Wenger is taking a chance on signing Henry

The Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn thinks that Arsene Wenger has taken a gamble by signing Thierry Henry, but thinks it will be excellent if he can impress the fans and reproduce his past goalscoring heroics, but he is als leaving himself open to criticism if it all goes wrong!

Winterburn said: “I hope everything works out as everyone is expecting.

“It’s terrific news for supporters of Arsenal. Thierry Henry is a winner. If he can make that rub off on players around him it can only be good for them.

“I hope everything fits into place.”

“If it works out well it will be a terrific move by Arsene Wenger, but on the flipside if it doesn’t work out well people will say ‘why didn’t he go out and get a world-class current striker?’

“Will he play in that central role and maybe Robin van Persie move out to the left? Van Persie is the top man at Arsenal at this time. There are a lot of questions to answer but Arsenal would be delighted to have him back for this short time.”

Personally I think it can only be a good move, even if Henry doesn’t play! If nothing else he can help inspire the current players to go on and emulate his feats in the Arsenal colours. And it will be good practise for when Henry returns as manager…..

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32 thoughts on “Winterburn – Wenger is taking a chance on signing Henry

  1. Kadiri Bigben

    I have my reservations about this move cos for me it’s like postponing dooms day. But overall who wouldn’t want to see the king back home? I bet there’s gonna be a massive turnout of fans to the stadium during his stay here cos everyone wanna see the king back in his red and white regalia once more…I hope too much is not expected from him cos that will be disaster knowing fully well he’s paid his dues and is only back on a rescue mission.

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  2. LmFaO


    Returning legend Henry to accept Arsenal offer… and he will wear No 12 shirt…

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  3. luke prince

    a true legend i dont care if he scored an own goal he won us cups and should only be at the very middle of arsenal fans hearts!! its a shame we have to look back at them days for glory when all AW has to do is spend some f**king money!

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  4. Aurijit

    Henry move will be morale booster for the club as a whole just like what Donovan move did to Everton…. take pressure away from other signings ….due to the hype… and score important goals …not prolific as history suggest (thou fingers are crossed)!!

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  5. LmFaO

    I think Wenger should play the classic 4-4-2 with Henry upfront and Persie in the ‘Bergkamp’ role…

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  6. Mtanzania

    I hope , t h, is still the best when comparing to the strikers we have but it will be better to sign in a new world class striker, what if he go back.

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  7. Bolly

    He’ll replace Gervinho on the left hand side up front. It will be almost like for like but TH will score more goals.

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  8. reddb10

    It is clear as day what the board are trying to pull.
    We are in dire need of signing in every position except for GK.
    They have to find a way to shut us up because they don’t want to spend in January because the prices for players are usually 15-20% higher.
    So what do they do? they bring in the king and everything is hunky dory because whatever TH does it will never be disappointing for the fans.
    I can’t stand seeing Gazidis and the yank as representatives of our great club.
    Two signings last January might have got us the title and automatic qualification for the CL but NO we are running a viable business bla bla bla.
    Stop taking our money and giving back nothing you greedy bastards.
    Leave TH alone and put you hands in your f####g pockets and spend for a change.
    And we don’t mean four panic buys on the last day of the transfer window.
    Bring in some world class players and do it quick.
    You have enough dead wood in the squad to sell and get a bit of money back.
    Oh I forgot they are so crap no team will bother buying them.

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  9. Jay

    Its a good thing,,, but also a bad one coz knowing AW I dont want him to justify that as being the new striker we needed if he was here till the end then yeah but TH is only gonna be here for 2months,, new signings is needed but a big welcome back to are legend,,,,,,, plus I feel its what AW does in this window that will play a big part on if RVP stays or goes,,,, so to the board give wenger the cash he needs for 3 players on top of just getting TH back on loan…

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  10. paulligar Akuom

    Signing henry on a short term is a welcome development.he wil surely inspire d team.but that shuld’nt take d manager’s eyes away from signing new important players.

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  11. Jay

    Park is also a weapon too no one is gonna know how ta mark him for a good time,,2012 is the year Park will rises I think there is a very very good reason why Aw has not played him yet his had time to learn are ways better him self and train with TH,,, Park is the man for his country team sorry to put it like this but arsenal is better than his country team so think how good his gonna be here.. Im starting to feel that having not played Park is smart move buy Aw his gonna be Fit right to the end season and has 5 months learning to play with us under his belt

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  12. Chairman Gallant

    Thiery Henry(Igwe-meaning king)is always welcome in Arsenal,either as a player or a coach.I hope his two months stay with us will positively transform our season.
    But,i hope AW will still add two more quality players this January on a permanent basis so that we can at least win a trophy this season.

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  13. mabus

    the rejoin of henry meant there will be no signing in january.. It also meant wenger still believe in chamakh n arshavin.. Its so unclear the direction of the club..? After two month and henry back to mls n rvp get injured who gonna save us?

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  14. SoyuzBot

    Perfect isn’t it Henry was wearing the number 12 jersey the whole of his career at France.

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  15. Hademe P

    We are yearning for an outstanding striker in the class of RVP.Henry is always welcomed to arsenal but what happens after february and if RVP is not able to continue for any reason?This is a gimmick,they don’t want to spend and they should stop using Henry to play it.Manchester clubs are far ahead of us and Totteham is fantastic this season, fourth position will be keenly contested bw Chelsea and Arsenal,so why this gamble.We are not interested in Europa,Arsene should know this for good.

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  16. thierry karekezi

    the king shall always help his home… we love u THIERRY HENRY.. WE welcome u.!!!! do wat u know best score goals for fun for your beloved arsenal!!!!

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  17. SUB

    (My first comment.) I think AW is doing right by not signing any new players on permanent basis coz we have lots of young starlets, some loaned out n some in current squad. What AW must do is loan some players for season long deal. Thnx.

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  18. BrownHoleGang

    Love Henry but this does not negate the fact we need another top quality striker, a solid mid, and defense. And to the bloke who asked about why we signed Park, it’s so we could sell shirts overseas.

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  19. rex

    henry is always welcom at arsenal and is pretty good to see henry back in red shirt. But mr wenger should pleas give us another option incase henry deal expire. Gunners 4 life!

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  20. kano

    AW, his thought is blurred by ego and he is insensitive to ARSENAL FC fans. He will be frustrated out of arsenal as a failure, mark my words.

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  21. reddb10

    Just a small reminder, we have Park and Theo who are both strikers.
    That is unless AW also plays Park as a winger or maybe even a defender.
    AW had better get his act together otherwise we are winning S##t again this season.
    Recent selections have baffled most of the fans (except the wenger brigade) I mean how crap does Chamakh need to play for AW not to play him?
    As for Arshavin either play him in the position he has played for all his career or sell him for Gods sake.

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    HENRI BACK IS A BIG BONUS IT DONT MEAN WE SHOULDNT INVEST INTO A top quality striker…he is here only here for cover,some people are woorried it can all go wrong with him cant understand how….

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  23. gunner forever

    I totally agree with you. F*ck Arsenal’s yankee Board! Henry is a legend and is more than welcomed but it is just our Board trying to shout the fans.

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  24. Ringy542

    if we signed Hazard – Gotze and Benzema and maybe Gourcuff oh and Shaqiri we would def be a strong force next season , but i know im only dreaming when names like thta get put in same sentance as arsenal cause it would take at least 100 mill to bring all these players in ,, maybe Henry can finally talk sense into Wenger during his 2 months back and explain that half the players in our team are not good enough for top team to be challenging the likes of city and utd now , he has to realise that thats just football now and thats the price you have to pay for sucess … unfortunatly !!!
    We love you Arsenal we do ,
    We love you Arsenal we do ,
    We love you Arsenal we do ,

    CMON ARSENAL !!!!!!!!!!

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  25. Ringy542

    Who knows?? We cant forget that Wenger is one of the craftiest men in the bussiness! If not thee craftiest!! this could all just be a cover to distract other managers while he makes a move for a quality striker incase the likes of Shitty and Chelski just come in and offer 50mil more and 300grand a week ! like they always do when we declare interest in players , unlikly i know but you never know with Wenger !

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  26. joncynic

    I gave up supporting Arsenal a long time ago. The biggest fools and mugs are the Arsenal fans every one of the idiots hahahahaha buying expensive season tickets and putting big bucks into the hands of greedy bankers and industrialists (fronted by that patrician pig one P Hill Wood) who are gobbling up the lot. Never mind the Fabregas and Nasri money what happened to the fees from Adebayor and K Toure Wenger didn’t spend it, so where has it gone. Thierry Henry is a snivelling, greedy toerag who ought to know better than to acquiesce to Wenger’s puppet dollar. If he had any class (which he doesn’t) he would tell the Board “no thanks I’ve had my day, go buy some players that the fans will appreciate” but no the mercenary dollar grabber is a willing part of the whole hypocrisy. There you go oh sheep like Arsenal fans go look forward to a lifetime of annual rising season ticket prices, to 4th to 8th place and the Board lining their pockets at your expense…..

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  27. Ringy542

    @ joncynic , oh ya and i suppose you support chelsea or man city now do ya ???? and then it will be someoe else when all der money runs out and drop down the table where as Arsenal will always be up there , you might say that we dont spend money and the board are money grabbers but even with all that we are they only team in england who are not in debt and owe no money , the stadium is already nearly paid off and once it is you will see just how much money we have and so will the rest of england , so F U you stupid little man !! your nothing but a child who supports who evers winning at that time

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