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Wilshere Injury could be good for Arsenal

Arsenal really missed the play and influence of their dynamic and skilful midfielder Jack Wilshere after he was injured during pre-season game in 2011 against the New York Red Bulls. The ankle fracture was supposed to keep him out for around four months, but further problems meant that he missed the whole season, and the start of this one.

Obviously, Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans do not want this to happen again, and the player, who turns 21 on New Years Day, thinks there is a lot less chance of that happening now because of the time off he was forced to endure. Wilshere played 49 games for the Gunners in his breakthrough season and some internationals as well. That may have contributed to his injury and have had adverse effects to his later career, but the year off gave his body plenty of chance to recover. He was also trained specifically to strengthen key parts of his body that will come under stress during matches.

“My body is stronger than it was before. I’ve done a lot of work with Declan Lynch and the other physios here over the past year. I’ve improved my core, improved my leg muscle strength, everything.

“Cesc used to say to me `take it easy, don’t play too many games. Obviously I didn’t want to have a year off, but when I’m 24 or 25 I won’t have played as many games as someone like Cesc, and that will help me.”

Another benefit that Arsenal will get is from how the lay off affected Jack mentally. He was desperate to play, and now appreciates even more that he must make the most of the time allotted to him for his career. He will be hungrier than ever, which can only be good for Arsenal.

“I was at Emirates for every single home match. It was hard at times because I really wanted to be out there. Not just for my own selfish reasons, but I wanted to help the team too because we had some difficult periods last season.”

Wilshere is almost back to full speed and Arsenal fans will really see the benefit of having him back at his best, provided he can stay injury free.

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38 thoughts on “Wilshere Injury could be good for Arsenal

  1. Vishrutgooner

    sources suggest turan has agreed personal terms with arsenal and will be joining us in a week or 2. IS THIS TRUE!!!!????

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    let jack be a shining example for all future gunners ,his commitment & attitude are all good for the club in these times ….

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  3. Will Lld

    Off topic but ive read some rumours that Flamini might be on his way back. I havent kept up with his career since he left Arsenal, what are peoples thoughts on him coming back?

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  4. gunner jack

    27. 12. 2012
    on Abou Diaby and Andre Santos…
    They should be coming back into training with the squad next week.

    great news, let me tell you

    our midlefield is great

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  5. Bitchplease

    Wenger should try Kocielny as a DM just like David Luiz who’s doing great in that position.. mid field consisting of Wilshere, Cazorla, and Kocielny!

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  6. landi

    trust me guys we wont buy a new dcm, dislike this but its the truth. Wenger belive in diaby and wait for coquelin,frimpong and aneke to grow….
    Players i belive will come is turan and a winger/(or) striker.
    If we buy a winger (zaha) we will move podolski or walcott to the cf, and if not we will keep walcott and podolski at the wings…

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    Some whispers of Arda Turan signing for us in January hope so as he is a very good player indeed.

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  8. leo

    jack wilshere future arsenal captian love his attitude

    Atlético Madrid midfielder Arda Turan has agreed a pre-contract with Arsenal, according to reports from Spain, Italy and Turkey the player has refused to comment on the rumours that he and Arsenal have agreed terms.

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  9. jb28

    I have not seen such a dedicated hard working Gunner since the days of Parlour. If he will continue to develop he will be our star alongside Oxlade-Chamberlain. Wenger – despite signing a bunch of useless players – still knows who to promote and who to sign, so I am eagerly waiting for more youngsters coming through the system.

    I mean we have loads of young players at the club and if just two or three of them come nearly as good as the aforementioned duo we really don’t need any expensive signings. Let’s be honest, this does not seem to be a season of great success so I believe the time to let talented youngsters have some playing time in the league is now.

    This of course doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look to get rid of those 6-7 players that don’t cut it.

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  10. artillery1




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  11. synsix

    Could anyone tell me from where this “Arsenal buyin Pato” shit came onto picture? but wherevr it popped up from, this is an injury prone guy guy wit no special talent or achievement and is not even a Milan Regular

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  12. leo

    @mr lean turan helped athletico madrid win europa league he even made an assist to falcao in final in which falcao scored a goal would be decent signing better than gervinho 4 sure

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  13. ArsenalsF

    Turan has something like 6 assists and 5 goals in 13 games for Athletico Madrid this season. Great stats, never seen him play but I’ve heard he puts quite a shift in.

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  14. ArsenalsF

    Plus Madrid need funds to keep Falcao until summer so they can qualify for the champo league. So it would be a classic Wenger move to nick him on the cheap.

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  15. Greg

    I’m truly glad your back from injury Jack the warrior!future arsenal captain and a true gunner to the bone!you always give 110% for us gunners on the field and we appreciate all your efforts Jack!

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  16. BPAix

    if turan rumor is real that means that we will buy striker only if walcott leaves.
    Turan is good player not world class though. At least he is better than ramsey, gervinho

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  17. GDL

    Turan is nasty n young i see him play a lot he n Falcao r pretty much d ones who do all d attacking for atletico

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  18. Terry Norman

    How can Wiltshire being out be good, sorry but absolute rubbish statement!

    On another subject, according to their last set of financials AFC had £150 million in cash sitting in their bank account. That was up from around £30 million the previous year. It does not include any new sponsorship money.
    What restricts Wenger from buying “top” players is the wages they command. Our wage structure keeps us in division 2 when it comes to signing players. Sorry but that’s a FACT and it’s a direct consequence of the “self sufficiency model”.

    Go back over the years and read Wenger’s statements at this time of the year, he says exactly the same every year, it really is sad and pathetic!
    I’d love mr Wenger to prove my cynicism wrong, but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

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  19. Jego

    @Terry Norman 100% agreed. I can’t be believe fans are failing to see the milking of the club. I bet Kroenke, Gazidis and the board got their own personal plans regarding those £150 millions… and if god forbid we finish 3-rd or 4-th this season – then come summer they’ll sell couple of our best players, sign mediocre ones, compete for the 4-th place again. “Self sufficiency” – is a code name for smoke and mirror technique to cover the real issue – milking the club.
    Are we ever going to see Arsenal on top again?

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  20. EASYwin

    This should be our team if we sign players.

    Zaha Walcott

    Turan Cazorla

    Gibbs Vermaelen Koscielny Sagna


    That’ll be a world class team playing 4-3-3

    Must sign


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  21. GP

    Wenger and the board have too many fans wrapped round their greedy little fingers.
    They qiucky rolled out some of our youngsters to anounce they had all signed long term deals. Fare enough but please do not be fooled into thinking we are going on a major shopping spree in January or any other time.
    We are now existing on false hope and broken promises.
    Bradford is forgotten by many but not be me.
    Read between the lines people… by signing these youngsters to long deals, they are just buying time.
    Prepare yourselves for the “it takes time” speach.
    Talk is cheap.

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  22. goonercrouchy

    Jack Wilshere was immense at Wigan and was the only Gooner to put in a shift at Bradford. Fellow Gooners we are so lucky to have him.

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