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World cup could help Arsenal in transfer market

It is widely reported that the Arsenal board are going to hand Arsene Wenger a significant amount of money to spend in the transfer market this summer. The amount usually suggested is around £70 million, but there has been talk that this amount will be reduced if the Gunners do not finish in the top four because of the loss of revenue from the Champions League.

Wenger said last week that he was concerned about the spending power of Chelsea, while a number of other clubs, such as Man City, Barcelona, PSG and Real Madrid are likely to be trying to land some big name players as well. There is real concern among Arsenal fans that we will struggle to attract players of the right calibre to push us forward and allow us to properly compete for the Premier League title and other honours.

Two stories in the newspapers today caught my eye and gave me reason to hope that the prospect of the world cup in Rio next summer could be a real help to Arsenal. The Mirror reports that David Villa wants to leave Barcelona in the summer because his lack of playing opportunities under Tito Vilanova is damaging his chances of playing for Spain. Likewise, according to the Mail, Joleon Lescott is thinking of calling time on his Man City career for the same reason.

Surely there are a number of players who are thinking about the glamour and prestige of an international tournament in Brazil and wanting to play as much as possible, especially if they have turned 30 like Villa and Lescott. For instance, if Iker Casillas cannot win back his regular starting place at Real Madrid, he will not play for Spain. Should Wenger keep this in mind when he is deciding on his transfer targets?

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32 thoughts on “World cup could help Arsenal in transfer market

  1. Christian Ethiopia

    I’m already counting the days till the World Cup…its the most beautiful celebration of sport ever…and the fact that its in Brazil makes it all the sexier. Can’t wait to get there
    Anyways, Jenkinson, Gibbs and Wilshere deserve to represent England in Brazil..and Walcott for that matter

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  2. leo

    lol adebayor tell levy he won’t be forced out is currently on 100/w keep up th good work

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  3. **** SET GUNNER ****

    For me the best options are:

    1) Julio Cesar (5 mil) = to replace Mannone and Fabiansky
    2) Fellaini (20 mil) = to replace Diaby
    3) Jovetic (22 mil) = to add depth
    4) Hummels (20 mil) = to add depth

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  4. Tobias

    if barva were to sell fabregas to say psg for 40m (just an example) who would you buy with our 20m share?
    i wiuld go all out for either hummels or strootman

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  5. ams

    8 season…and still not enough money to spend…
    usmanov innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….

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  6. ash

    yes i think this is a factor, and this is the sort of windows of opportunity that wenger is an expert at exploiting, i dont know what managers id prefer to have doing the negotiation with this kinda of card up his sleeve, we wont compete financially, even if we up our spending, the likes of you know who spend out of this world numbers of transfers and wages, they’ve ruined the game in many ways. next season is make or break and we cant afford not to spend cause other will spend. wenger said it himself about chelsea so hopefully he can turn that concern into ambitious signings we all crave!

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  7. Maltese Gooner

    bla bla bla bla “70 million pound warchest to spend during the summer” bla bla we’ve heard it all before. Quite frankly, I’m tired of all the bull****.

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  8. stenak

    Wenger wont buy dm as ramsay will continue
    Also szeszney n fabianski r doin decent so he wont buy gk aswell
    Striker is wht he will get n rb to replace sagna as he leaves dis season!!!
    We know wenger he wont buy untill it becomes inevitable
    I bet dis winter he will be wearing d same coat wid stuttering chain!!!!

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  9. lee dixon87

    IF arsenal cant get fabregas back.get cabaye.we lost the long ball creativity.and jovetic sign will make power in arsenal attack.i wish david villa in arsenal we have 4 striker.villa,jovetic,giroud and podolski.and use 4-4-2 formation
    Are you remember when henry partner with bergkamp?

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  10. Raphito

    this is a good thing but he should not buy players with rusty legs that will only waste our money, like the likes of squillaci and co. Make the wise choice, get the best…

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  11. Yeah

    U cant change over night and buy big .for a board that only sells its best players the only thing different this summer we wont sell because we have nobody worth big cash. change the owner board and manager who doesnt pay his best players but is among top earners

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  12. mozein

    lescott who?……..i believe arsena can buy can feiani,lewandoski among odaz is jus dat they tink they ar too expensive………for ao long wil dose board members realize that now u spend to achieve in it was applicable in d days of ljunberg n pires etc it is diff now.we really need to invest cos if u say if u do not attain top 4 d budget 70m will be reduced,to me dat is lack of ambition

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  13. LovedHighbury

    Wengers socialist wage structure doesn’t help. Nor does having silent stan, gazidis etc. There’s to much wrong with the club.

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  14. **** SET GUNNER ****

    Hernandez = 18 mil (revenge from ManU + he is a great player with PL experience)
    Fellaini = 18 mil (to replace Diaby)
    Cesar = 4 mil (to replace Mannone and Fabiansky)
    Piszchek = 15 mil (to replace Sagna)
    CB = 20 mil (we desperately need one)

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  15. US4rsenal

    The #1 Arsenal Signing should be keeping what we have within. That was the most desreptive thing in the past three seasons please never again. A Striker, A Golie and DM could be a perfect addition to boost our squad.

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  16. Henry Sesugh

    GK-Julio Ceasar….any good CB….move TV5 to d DM’s position…Jovetic n Villa or Benteke…Lewandowski,just a dream..

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  17. MVella

    Yeah Jovetic, is he really so great? I mean he scored 12 goals so far this season. Do we need someone who is a better-than-average striker? We have Giroud, Podolski, Santi, and Walcott who all score that many goals already. Adding Jovetic doesn’t mean he’ll add his 12 goals a season to that tally since he’ll be in competition with the above players. If we’re going to bring in a striker it has to be someone who will be able to score 20+ in a season and who won’t take a year to get acclimatized to the BPL.

    Of course that doesn’t mean that if we bring in someone who is an above-average striker Wenger won’t be able to transform them into something special, but it seems that lately Wenger’s magic touch is faltering.

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  18. georgegooner

    I would take Lescott, he was amazing when City won the league, he’s great in the air, would add size, and for his size he is quite quick.

    Ideally, for me I’d take :
    Cesar £5million
    Rami £10Million
    Alderwield £8Million ( If Vermaelen is sold )
    Debuchy £6million (If Newcastle go down and Sagna is sold, which is most likely)
    Lichtsteiner / Piszczek £12Million (If Sagna goes)
    Fellaini £18Million / Tiote £7Million (If Newcastle go down)
    Ben Arfa £12Million (If Newcastle go down)
    Lewandowski £20Million – This is a MUST
    Sanago £4million

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  19. Samuel

    GK – ADLER = 8m
    RB – CLYNE = 8m
    CB – DRAGOVIC = 12m
    DM – STROOTMAN = 15m
    ST – JOVETIC = 25m
    LW – ISCO = 25m

    OUT –
    diaby – 4m
    sagna – 13m
    santos – 4m
    squillaci – 4m
    djourou – 4m
    arshavin –
    mannone – 4m
    frimpong – 3m
    chamack – 4m

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  20. always a gonner

    …a striker , cb , dm and gk is enough



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  21. Will Lld

    @georgegooner why would you want to buh so many players from a club fighting relegation? Tiote is awful, Cabaye is not better than what we have, Ben Arfa maybe but from what i’ve seen recently is more interested in looking good himself than helpig the team We should be aiming at signings of significantly better quality than these.and not plundering clubs that have been relegated.

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  22. Charlie Nick

    Lewandowski to Arsenal?…..wake up guys!!
    Fellaini / Remy / Benteke / Luke Shaw / Wanyama are unfortunately the level that we can go for.

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  23. Cisse

    Arsenal team next season . Julio cesar .m Richards .c samba Tomas V 5 . Gibbs j wilshere ces fabrigas .fallaini .Walcott .carzola and benzema .what do you think about this ??????? More comments please

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