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Would Arsenal fans be happy if Marco Reus replaced Alexis in January?

With very little happening of note during this extremely boring interlull, the papers are reporting (inventing?) some interesting transfer rumours to keep us amused, and this one could be very interesting to Arsenal fans…

All the latest gossip seems to indicate that Alexis is still very keen to get away from the Emirates as soon as possible, although there has not been much concrete proof to go on with, but if we did decide to recoup some of our losses by selling the Chilean in January then Wenger will surely have to bring in another big name signing to appease the fans.

One possible arrival is the German superstar Marco Reus, who could be available at a reasonable price after being out injured since the German Cup Final back in May, but he is supposed to be back in action by the new year.

The German international recently admitted that he is desperate to get back on the pitch after his cruciate ligament injury laid him out for the long term. “To be alone, working your way back is the most demanding part.” the German international said. “I was really fed up after three weeks.

“It’s a brutal mental test because you always have to work on your own.

“As top players, we earn a lot of money, but sometimes we pay a hefty price with our health.

“I would give away all the money to be healthy again, to be able to do my job. To do what I love: to play football.”

So would he be a good acquisition if Alexis gets his way and leaves in January? Reus has a good assists rate and scoring record having bagged 89 goals from midfield (from 189 starts) in his 5 years at Dortmund and is very highly rated in Germany with 29 caps for his country, but would we be worried about him returning from injury?


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15 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans be happy if Marco Reus replaced Alexis in January?

  1. gotanidea

    Reus is often injured, Arsenal need more consistent, healthy and hardworking player like Sanchez. Rather than getting Reus, Arsenal had better get Draxler and Moura, to form a scary tridente with Lacazette.

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  2. John Legend

    Marco Reus?!?!
    His injury record is bad even before coming to the injury Club, we can’t afford to have him with us but always injured. A more rugged player with lots of technicality and power please!

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  3. LL_cool_gunner

    Guys we are going to Russia courtesy of iwobi, if your country qualified or on the verge of qualifying, congratulations are in order…

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  4. John Rambo

    Its true. Marco Reus is very injury prone. Not worth the price tag they’ll slap on him.

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  5. Godswill

    Am not thinking of anything this night.
    Arsenal fans in Nigeria are on top of the world now as Arsenal (Iwobi) have send Nigeria to Russia. We are the only one shouting louder at all joints.
    Am sorry about that. More so if you are a Zambian Arsenal fan. Am really sorry dear.
    I hope that he will bring that kind of display for the moment he was on pitch to Arsenal.
    That was a classic first touch goal. Why not for Arsenal Iwobi?

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    1. sniper

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      1. Eddy Hoyte

        Bro just keep quiet and let them celebrate their win. They qualified and deserve to be happy. For once be happy with your players. you’re the only person hear screaming Iwobi is bad Iwobi is bad.. Are you hating cuz you’re mad or are you mad cuz you’re just showing hate towards Iwobi?? Iwobi is good, and got massive potential, just STFU!! And give him the support he needs

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        1. Godswill

          Sorry lad. Am an Arsenal from a certain country called Nigeria. If an Arsenal player played brilliantly and netted a very fine goal then double joy to me. If your country have not qualify adopt one.

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    No Injury Prone there are better players out there.Julian Draxler for one.

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  7. gmv8

    Unfortunately, the papers are full of outgoings, with no corresponding incomings, which is even more boring. The only outgoing which would be exciting, and could stop the more damaging outgoings, begins with a K and ends with an e…..

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  8. kenyanfan

    Antoine Griezmann is the best bid.
    with the help of lucazzete who is his friend, its possible

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  9. Ian wrights bruva

    If Sanchez goes who ever comes in is going to find it very hard to fill his boots. You can’t really find true replacements for the likes of Henry, vieira or sanchez. You can find players who play in the same position but they are only replacement in that they play in the same postion.

    As an example, it was reported that Giroud was a replacement for rvp. Except they were two completely different players with different qualities and skill sets. So Giroud was a replacement striker who just replaced rvp

    It is a subtle difference but an important one when setting our expectation of a new signing.

    So if draxter or reus do come in they may play in the same role as Alexis but won’t replace him and we need to adjust our expectation and try not to compare the two (although it is natural to do so).

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