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Would Arsenal fans care if Ozil was sold to Barcelona?

Just about the whole summer has been taken up with the will-he-won’t-he saga concerning Alexis Sanchez and his Arsenal future, but although Mesut Ozil is in exactly the same position, most people have just assumed that he will stay and run down his contract this season.

But now that Barcelona have banked their massive transfer fee from selling Neymar Jnr to Paris St Germain, they can now afford to pay whatever they like for a suitable replacement, and there are rumours that Mesut Ozil could be the best option to provide the assists that Neymar normally supplies.

The Catalan giants first choice is Liverpool’s Phillippe Coutinho, but with Jurgen Klopp refusing to do business with the Spaniards, Barca are having to look further afield for big money targets, and with Ozil in the last year of his contract he is ripe for the picking. Today’s report is saying that the German playmaker is actually keen on the move and has instructed his agent to begin negotiations with Barcelona.

Whether that is true or not, it is worth noting that although Wenger has announced many times that Alexis Sanchez will definitely be staying at the Emirates this season, he has hardly said a word about Mesut Ozil’s contract situation.

To be honest, Ozil was again practically anonymous in Arsenal’s win over Leicester on Friday night, and yet again Arsenal fans are left lamenting why Wenger persists with the German when their are much hungrier players in the squad.

How many of us would be upset if Ozil really did move to Barcelona?


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53 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans care if Ozil was sold to Barcelona?

  1. ThirdManJW

    No! Not sure what he did against Leicester for someone demanding such high wages. Good handball though!

    1. dr kass

      I say sell him he may be good but not good enough for arsenal he is preventing others from making progress and not allowing wenger to bring in new players i say thank you for your services time to move on that goes to sanchez as well money is more important than football dr kass

  2. lord wafflebury

    How many of us would be upset if ozil moved to barca ?
    Not me !
    An expensive luxury and nowhere near the talent that he had at rm….maybe surround him with better than average players and you may see a difference…but as wenger seems to be done with incoming transfers this term i only forsee more of the same from ozil. Certainly not worth the rumoured new contract salary imho. Sell !

  3. big g

    Absolutely not, send him on his way now. The Premier league is a very tough league to play in and players need to defend which Ozil cannot do.

      1. big g

        My opinion has nothing to do with this season, but every season since he arrived.
        I’m not saying he isn’t a great play maker as we all know he could pin point a pass to a gnats arse but he needs to defend full stop.

  4. gotanidea

    Not at all, the move would be very good for both Arsenal and Ozil. Ozil could revive his career there and Arsenal could get a midfield general or a powerful playmaker like Jean Seri or Sergi Roberto.

    1. waal2waal

      we keep on spewing names of this or that player – without any guarantee the players want to play for arsenal. why cant we regard the ones with proven qualities that ARE here.

      1. Anko

        I think we have not bought lots of good quality players in a long time until Ozil and Sanchez came along, we then added them to many home grown players and some not so expensive ones. Ozil has done well enough for us considering what we have. The hope of every player is to play with the very best because it brings out the best in them. But if a player has to carry the creativity of the team on his back he will become a point of defensive focus for the opponent. Please stop slamming the player. He is one of the best in the German team that has lots of quality players.

        1. Anko

          On a lighter note, the man just got married and maybe he is spending lots of energy on his new wife. ??‍?‍?‍? you know, trying to bring the children along!

  5. Adam Criniti


    Matic will be the most valuable EPL signing this summer

    A crying shame our brilliant $8M a year leader refuses to embrace the necessity of a midfield destroyer in the starting 11.

    El Neny and Coquelin clearly are the answers.


    And FU Wenger

    1. ZA_Gunner

      Look your points were valid until you showed disrespect.

      I still do not understand why Chelsea sold Matic, especially to a rival and strengthening them, Man United go a steal of a deal for the price they payed to get Matic and judging from the game today he makes a huge difference to their game play. West Ham were completely dominated in the middle and just could not break down that area. United basically bossed that midfield and denied the middle as a supply route means for their forward players.

  6. Anthony w

    you really think Barcelona would pay for ozil? They wouldn’t even pay his wages if they got him for free. Not other team in the top six would he start for.

    1. ZA_Gunner

      No need for anyone to get worked up about this, Ozil is staying whether you like it or not.

      I don’t believe Barcelona need Ozil and I think Ozil’s agent is doing the rumours to get him a bumper deal on his contract, like all Madrid players do.

  7. Rafael Riato

    We need a dynamic playmaker.

    Jean Michel Seri, for example.

    Let Ozil retun to Spain.


  8. Mick Pike

    Ozil has been on the arsenal gravy train too long,let him off at the next station,His body language tells the same old story,there’s no passion in his whole body,seems like everything is too much effort,apart from picking up his monthly cheque.

  9. ruelando

    Hahahaahah, do you know of any team that actually wants Ozil. this Barcelona story is crap, probably one of his stupid PR personnel. The question should be “Do you think Ozil deserves a pay raise?” and of course my answer would be “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.

    But the answer to your question is “NOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE”

  10. waal2waal

    Ozil is ex-real madrid, its nothing but speculation and guesswork by media trying to unrest arsenal fans alot of who have shown to be fickle. wenger would do well to bring in another attacker so as to occupy ozil with providing our lacaz and another with assists. ozil is likely to agree a new deal a tad higher than the £225K reported – to ozil haters get off his back – continue this sh*t and nobody with talent will want to play here, bad news travels fast and hating on ozil is bad as it gets.

    1. ZA_Gunner

      I have to agree although I’m no fan of his, I still will support the team. The potential problems for us if we were to sell Ozil is something one should think about. Firstly his contract is expiring so at what price can we recuperate from him, not much I think, and if Sanchez goes too then it’s a massive loss on investment in two expensive players. Secondly we need to look at replacements if we were to sell him and at this late in stage of the transfer window, who can we get that is world class and in which the opposition team is willing to sell, considering the other team also need to reinforce? Finally Ozil still has a role to play in this team and even if we bring in another CM, it is not a bad idea to keep him in terms of depth. The only thing that matters and is concern for me is if he stays, I hope his wage demands would not cause strain on our wage capacity and to disrupt future signings. I really don’t think he deserves a massive bumper pay for the stuff he is producing.

      1. waal2waal

        he’s picking up monies and must be aware of ‘duds’ in the squad who are overpaid and don’t come under the microscope and attention of fans that he is subject to. if ozil does not merit his arsenal wage how much less the ‘others’ who in comparison to him are fac winners only. it is the likes of ozil that know what it takes to be a winner while others are content with sidney cup. I agree with you’re reasons @ZA_Gunner and i think selling him and sanchez is suicidal.

    2. LL_cool_gunner

      Tell them, ozil came to arsenal when all our super stars wanted out, he came and we have been winning trophies, even though it’s fa cups, he’s luxury yes, but we need that luxury, on his day, he will single handendly destroy teams..

  11. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    I heard Ozil comes to training in a white Benz but leaves in a black Benz.

    How is that even possible?

  12. john

    He wasn’t at his best last season and barely contributed against Leicester city on Friday and he not signed a new contract either, it be hard nut to crack if we sell Him, as Alexis Sanchez also want to leave, but who can come in to replace him
    Thomas Lemar a option but Monaco are not playing ball or mahrez
    We await to see what happens

  13. AndersS

    Sure, Ôzil didn’t create much against Leicester. But it seems you missed the fact, that Leicester put so much effort in to closing him down, that it gave extra room for other players, and also he is one of few players, who can handle being pressed quickly like Leicester did. So he played a very important part by being the player, the other could pass it to under pressure.
    But his body language is infuriating to look at.

    1. gotanidea

      He cannot handle heavy pressures in that match, which led to the handball. He got robbed many times, because his lack of skills when possessing the ball.

  14. Turbo

    Don’t find this rumor plausible. Like several of our players, his wages are inflated making him somewhat unpalatable to other teams unless he were willing to be paid less, which is unlikely.

  15. COYG_CA

    Seri has a buyout clause at around 36mil, right? What is the old man waiting for? Get Sanchez off to PSG, Ozil to, where? Who wants him? Haven’t heard squat except maybe his agent trying to boost his bumper! Come on.

    The old guy really muffed it up. Sanchez still a circus; a boatload of deadwood; only 2 players in . . . if the 2 subs didn’t come in and save his a$$, most would be asking for his head! I really find it difficult to comprehend ho messed up things are with the club! Is there ANY strategic planning at all anymore at Arsenal? Geez . . .

      1. COYG_CA

        Jay, your highest level of understanding regarding football and management must be xbox. I mean, I may not be a member of MENSA, but I played/coached football at a decent level and I own my own business, so I believe I have some sense of the scenario. You, you need to make a few more trades on your xbox game and have another sheit ale and call in sick in the morning, mate.

  16. Jay

    What, you mean the player with the single highest amount of chances created, for the past 5 years, in any top football division? You’d have to be genuinely ignorant moron, that didn’t understand football, to not care if Ozil was part of our team. Which is why I am not at all surprised by some of these comments on here. I swear the average age on this website must be about 13/14.

    1. gotanidea

      He can create chances, but not the chances that are usually created by Messi and Iniesta. He also lacks of skills when possessing the ball, which made him got robbed many times.

  17. Milton John

    Any offer more than £50 for Ozil is absolutely worth taking. Also offload surplus players like Gibbs Debuchy Jenkinson Campell Perez. Will be more than happy if Wenger can add Theo in to this list and capture another £30 to 35 million. Spend on Seri, Lemar and Goretzka.

  18. Creamy

    Is everyone blind or what. Did you not see that ozil done sweet fa against Leicester. You have got a man contributing nothing and holding our club Arsenal to ransom for a million pound a month. Don’t sell him put him to the guilatin instead.

  19. ozil10

    In fact I’ll be happy if he leaves Arsenal this summer & we replace him with someone like Asensio(if possible).
    Alexis IMO can play as a No10 in 4-2-3-1 with Lemar on the left (if we buy him). In the current formation we don’t need a pure No 10.
    Apart from making assists( which have also dried up), ozil offers almost nothing. He is not getting any younger & doesn’t look like he’s gonna improve any further. It would be ideal to sell him now.
    PS – my title is just a misnomer.

  20. iffybright

    Barcelona can never bid for Ozil because is a liability……He doesn’t have the strength and enduring spirit needed to press the opponent…..Barcelona is a team that likes to retrieve the ball from the opponents under 10seconds..Always running……Ozil is the reason why iwobi won’t get to play this season…..we all know Iwobi is far more effective than him on the field of play, but Wenger will never bench Ozil………

    1. dutchy

      Iwobi needs more time to play all season. We don’t need any more players who are getting injured because they play to much top level games at a young age.

  21. Henry

    Our 1st 11 with everyone fit and ready to play is surely..

    Mustafi kos kolasinac
    Bellerin xhaka Rambo ox
    Ozil Sanchez

    What is the 2 main things we lack throughout the team?
    Height and power

    All our players are of the same mould.. no real height.. no real power.. most are lightweight and passionless

    I feel if ozil and Sanchez stay let’s just hope they don’t sulk their way to January and sign for another club then not give a s#@t for the rest of the season..

    I still believe we need a defensive enforcer to play with xhaka.. but xhaka needs to shape up on his passing.. too many stray passes from him on Friday night

    Gonna b a tough season as fans we are quick to moan but not quick enough to forget and get behind which ever 11 plays..

    For me Wenger has to win the title this year and I don’t think he will change his ways and spend the money.. is it me or do we as a club.. are afraid to spend the money? Or hasn’t Wenger got the balls in case he flops lol!! Just asking


  22. john

    Yes Ozil would make a good addition to the barca side, why not give Theo Walcott a chance in ozil position or iwobi, maybe give reiss nelson a chance ok he young but he did ok in the emirates cup, no player is bigger than the club and he likes Sanchez who hasn’t signed a contract yet

  23. Mehmoud

    Ok sell Ozill,then what happen next,money will be in the bank for 2years or 3. WENGER will not use the money straight away to buy another quality player.he kept bargaining for so long to buy a player that other club put down the asking price and take the player away under his big noise.Walcott is very very happy to sit on the bench and collect his 140.000 every week. He will NEVER improve to the level of Kane.
    I think there is hot atmosphere between Wagner and gazides.The later recognised that’s fans are vey important,they are the one that pay the does not come from wengers pocket.He is a greedy manager.
    He should have told the club that he is taking a pay cut because his achievement as a manager is poor compare to others.

  24. Vishaad

    If any of you fellow Arsenal fans are watching Barcelona vs Real Madrid right now you would realise why I say Isco would be the perfect replacement for Ozil . If we can prise Isco from Real Madrid with a swap for Ozil plus 30/40 million we would get a world class playmaker who has the skill and a massive pair of ….. to take on any opposition unlike our Ozil who is a shrinking violet . Even Rakitic would be an upgrade on Ozil .
    Barcelona are flush with cash after the Neymar deal , offer them Sanchez and Ozil. It would keep Sanchez out of our premier league rivals clutches and we could then offer the spot to Oxelaide Chamberlain to convince him to stay. Instead of seeking options elsewhere let’s promote our homegrown players , perhaps we have the new Dele Alli within our midst with the likes of Reis Nelson or Jeff Rene Adler etc .

  25. Jack

    Sanchez and ozil are really good but they are here for money there heart don’t belong to arsenal. If they want to go let them go and with cash in money we can buy better quality players to replace them

  26. dutchy

    He created time for the pass to Bellerin with the first goal, Leicester expected the ball to go to Ozil. The 1-1 isn’t totally his fault, defenders all over the place. He was chasing 2v1 from a corner, no backup. Second goal he was leading the team forward and gave an important pass to Lacazette. 3rd goal he took the corner, before Ramsey scored. He has unique qualities and people here say he looks tired ? Please be happy over the class we do have.

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