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Would Arsenal fans prefer Ozil’s assists or Ronaldo’s goals?

The Arsenal and Germany star Mesut Ozil is undoubtedly the king of assists, but has only scored 15 goals in his three years at the Emirates. His ex-Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo has made it his life’s mission to score as many goals as possible and has reached over 50 in each of his last 5 seasons at the Spanish giants, but Ozil still thinks they are both perfectionists and comparable players.

Ozil said: “Cristiano Ronaldo is obviously very ambitious, but so am I,”

“I am a perfectionist on the pitch as well. I want to be successful with everything I do.

“During the time I played alongside Ronaldo (at Real Madrid), I saw that he always wanted to win everything, even on the training pitch. He is never satisfied and always wants more. He always wants more titles and there are not a lot of players with that attitude.

“Personally, I am not as hungry for goals like Ronaldo. But that’s only normal. He is an attacker. For me, scoring goals and providing assists is the same. They both win you matches.”

Hmmm that is debatable. Goals win you matches! I remember Ozil breaking a record last season of creating something like 18 goalscoring chances in one match (I think it was Southampton and the game finished 0-0) but it certainly did NOT win us the match!

There is little point in having the best assister in the world if his striking team-mates do not finish the chances off. And when Ozil does get goalscoring opportunities, he seems to prefer to pass then take it himself. This is a big problem for him and Arsenal. His goal shy trait is also detrimental to his country as well. I read today thathe has only scored ONE of his last five penalties for club and country.

So it’s obvious who I would prefer in the Arsenal team. What about you?


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29 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans prefer Ozil’s assists or Ronaldo’s goals?

  1. Robin Vanpayslip

    He said providing an assist and scoring a goal are the same. Not sure why you are confused about that. An assist means the ball is in the back of the net. You seem to have confused that with creating chances – which is not what Ozil was speaking about.

    Ozil’s assist record speaks for itself. He is directly attributable to a hell of a lot of goals.

  2. Trevor

    How many of Ronaldo’s goals would have been capable without the assists. I’m betting more than half of them. maybe even more than two thirds. Strikers need play-makers, and play-makers need strikers. Their games revolve around one another. I don’t really think you can ask which one would you prefer if you could only choose one – goals v assists. You would have to let us know how many solo goals there were. But it’s gonna have to be the goals, because without goals there are no assists. So the answer will be the goals, but it wont be enough goals to win us honours.

    1. RedLondon

      But without assists there are no goals lol. It’s like asking a plant what’s more important between sunlight and water

      1. Krish

        Nope.. i get what you are trying to say but Trevor is right with the thought that without assists there ARE goals, so if one had to choose for eternity it has to be goals like he rightly mentioned and like he said it doesnt really make sense cause assists are very important and i like assists more than goals 😀 but goals do exist without assists

        1. mohawk

          Not really. For almost all goals there is buildup play of some kind.

          If a DM makes one great pass out of the back to the striker who scores you still have an assist.

          Most true solo goals only happen when…..

          1. The striker steals the ball directly from an opposing defender (and in that case the opposing defender should get the assist.)

          2. The GK kicks a long ball that bounces directly into the opposing goal. I saw Tim Howard do it with a strong wind. (In this case it is an error by the opposing GK)

          These are all quite rare of course.

      2. Trevor

        I was meant to say, I’m betting more than half or two thirds wouldn’t have been capable. But thankfully, I think people realised what I meant.

    2. mohawk

      Exactly: Most scoring needs not only assists but creative buildup play (As you stated). You cannot have goals without the buildup play.

      Translation for this question: Would you like to have Ronaldo and 10 other very average players or would you rather have 10 very good players?

      Ronaldo’s price tag would require Arsenal selling some very good players. There is this thing called reality.


      Is Arsenal suddenly in an actual position of acquiring Ronaldo in trade for Ozil (and some other good players no doubt)???? NO! So the question is beyond hypothetical.

      If the 2016 Euro has shown anything it has shown that individual players do not make a team. Belgium was the most expensive team in the tournament and they are gone. But Wales are close to reaching the final.

      A team needs both individual talent and a squad willing to play together as a unit.

  3. davidnz

    If Arsenal had Suarez and Higuain
    Ozil would have 40 assists a year.
    With Giroud Ox Chamakh Girvinho
    Walcott Wellbeck Bendtner and Sanogo
    it’s like pushing water up hill with a rake.

    1. RedLondon

      The same could be said for the opposite, without Ozil we would’ve finished top 4. His assists were carrying the team during Sanchez injury and he was 2 from breaking the PL record.

  4. Robertthegooner

    I think Ozil is awesome and worth every penny Arsenal spent on him

    Giroud and Theo did not help him break henrys assist records unfortunatly. Hopefully next season

    However even without a top striker OZil still led the League wit assists

    In terms of Scoring, he is improving. He scored in the last game for Germany

    We need a top striker to get the most out of ozil
    A precise finisher

  5. SoOpa AeoN

    BreaKing: Pep omits wenger’s name from his Top managerial List !

    Hahahahahaha….tells us so much

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    Ronaldo all day long!… Another one of Wenger’s nearly signed players.

    And in the way that Wenger is continuing, he will be remembered more for the world class player’s he nearly signed, rather than his achievements at the club. ?

  7. davidnz

    We probably need 70 goals.
    this season to win the EPL.
    Giroud 15 Sanchez 12 Walcott 10
    Ox 7 Ramsey 6 Iwobi 5 Campbell 5
    Ozil 5 Cazorla 5 = 70 goals.
    That is not counting Wellbeck Wilshere
    Xhaka Adelaide Elneny Asano Sanogo
    or the back four.
    “If” the Arsenal squad stays fit and in form
    we don’t need any more signings.

  8. El Blaze

    Can someone please tell me how this article is relevant to Arsenal and to our present challenges? The old man is living in a bubble and signing up talents for the “future” from Japan and we are here comparing Ozil and Ronaldo? Come on! ASANO! ASANO! OMG! WENGER! Am still pissed! But am not shocked, it’s vintage Wenger!

  9. SoOpa AeoN

    First of, this is a very very odd and wrong comparison

    they don’t even play the same position

    one is a false-striker/winger , the other a pure midfielder

    one plays for a worldclass team, the other for a worldclass wannabee team

    besides that, what’s my business with Ronaldo’s goals……is he banging em in for Arsenal?

  10. Trevor

    Just watched a Coquelin v Xhaka comparison. Delighted with Xhaka, love how more often than not, when playing it forward, he fires the ball forward. We looked slow and lethargic when playing the ball forward last season. Even Ozil can play the ball slowly at times, but he switches it up, and is rarely in danger of letting it be cut out. This is one of Xhaka’s biggest strengths if you ask me. No loose play, well not as much as some. I love that he is strong and can do a bit of everything, so long as he becomes a dominant midfielder, this is what counts most. Really looking forward to seeing himself and Coquelin when playing utd and others. Utd always mentioned how we are a bit of a soft touch, all you need to do is show desire and aggression (code for late challenges and over physical play) is what they’d say. So really looking forward to seeing Xhaka and Coquelin get stuck into them.

    1. jamaicanarsenal

      Reading these comments i don’t no who is more delusional Wenger are the arsenal fan ozil is not world have to look at all aspects off is game. we don’t realized it but we are program not thinking for our self.some one said something an we all run with it. what is a assists. ozil those not work that much so some one have to give him the ball

  11. jamaicanarsenal

    Reading these comments i don’t no who is more delusional Wenger are the arsenal fan ozil is not world have to look at all aspects off is game. we don’t realized it but we are program not thinking for our self.some one said something an we all run with it. what is a assists. ozil those not work that much so some one have to give him the ball

  12. ruelando

    Ozil plays the number 10 role which must not only contribute assists, but also goals and that is where i have a serious problem with Ozil, a number 10 must be a serious goal threat and ozil is not, creating goals or chances for team mates is great but what would be greater is to get the goal average total in the teens

    1. RSH

      he’s a pure playmaker. His finishing is average, doesn’t mean he’s not world class .The guy can’t stop creating chances. Only problem is we have players who cannot finish what he creates. Ozil’s scoring record at Real Madrid also isn’t crazy impressive, but find one Real Madrid fan who doesn’t think he’s top class, and would probably take him back right now. Arsenal’s last problem is Ozil right now. Our poor finishing is a HUGE concern.

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