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Would Arsenal fans swap places with Man City?

Arsene Wenger held a press conference yesterday before Arsenal face Olympiakos in the final match in the group stages of the Champions league. Wenger could be quite upbeat because the Gunners have already qualified for the next round, although it looks like it will only be in second place if Schalke avoid a shock result against Montpellier.

Wenger inevitably ended up talking about the previous match against Swansea in the Premier league rathner than tonights fixture, and the Frenchman was on good form. One thing he said made me do a double take, however. He must be joking, I thought, or does he really believe that.

“I wouldn’t swap places with Manchester City. We have 23 games to come back on them in the league, but in the Champions league you’re in or out.”

So, Gooners, do we agree? Has Wenger finally lost the plot, or does he believe that Arsenal have a real chance of winning the Premier league title despite being 15 points behind Manchester United? I, personally, would rather be just three points off the lead, still unbeaten and with a home game against the leaders coming up, but that’s just silly old me.

Maybe Wenger thinks that Arsenal could do a Chelsea and win the competition while being awful in the domestic league. I suppose it is possible, but does anyone other than Gervinho think we have a chance? Even if we get some players in January, they could be cup-tied in Europe.

I know that Wenger loves the Champions league, and I will eat my words if we win it, gladly, but he should realise that saying such things just makes him look daft.

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46 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans swap places with Man City?

  1. Bob Dylan

    Well im sure man city would swap places with us ecause they want to win the champions league now having already won the domestic

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  2. LoCkAy

    Swap for what??
    The 2 trophies they have won lately ? YES I WOULD .

    Their situation in the CL?
    We all know it is a question of time before they start performing in the CL, so YES I WOULD.

    Wenger is not talking clearly and he should get his mind on working how to get us out of this mess. He should stop giving his opinion about other teams or other problems except Arsenal ones.

    Now it is time to earn his ridiculous pay check and prove his worth to the game.
    We are not in 2004 anymore and the game has evolved extensively when we have stagnate…

    Wenger, get in your office and start doing what you are being graciously pay for.
    Get us out of the 10th place… IT IS EMBARRASSING.

    Even Tottenham look good, IT IS ANNOYING.

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  3. peter

    I wouldn’t because majority of champ league matches are on free view channels so I can atleast watch them

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  4. Mohamed

    I think at least man city have a project to work on and will improve with time with us there are not really any signs of anything and I don’t think buying players will make that much of a difference unless you buy messi or ronaldo I mean look at our midfield wilshere arteta and cazorla teams would envy us but they haven’t really shown us much of you look at the history last year we were poor and if Ben foster was in goal the last game of the season west brim would have won and tottenham would be playing the champions league and what do we do we buy 3 class players that don’t know each other and sold 2 class players that do we should be learning from our mistakes not repeating them

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  5. RWRW

    @ LoCkAy

    Agree with you 100%

    We talk about city and chelsea’s situation more then then do.

    let just concentrate on our own troubles shall we wenger

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  6. leo

    Arsenal also proposed that Walcott’s new deal to be subject to renewal after 2yrs. That will take him beyond 100K after 2014
    New contract talks with Walcott expected to be concluded sooner than later. He won’t get his proposed 100K but, closer

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  7. artillery1

    Ummmm, Dont Worry Guys!

    there is always DARK before SUNSHINE 🙂

    Come on, Wenger cant lost his Plot in 4 or 5 games 😛

    He Has Been Here for 17years, Just showing Stubbornity by playing Out Of Position players, He vl b fine Nw too 😛

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  8. artillery1

    Boys GERVINHO say some thng On 😛

    We must do Our Part, plz say him to stay on Bench n Ask boss to play him on his Proper position, If Wenger Brings on Gervinho in 89 minute as Sub, i vl b very Much Happy 😛

    Plz Bro Gerviho, Dont try to b Henry Or Perise, u have Shown Wht U r :/

    Haa, Again GIROUD in LONDON 🙁

    Accidently If Gerv Score some Mum daddy goals After missing 100 chacnes, Wenger Vl play again as ST him as Striker! 🙁
    Poor Giroud, Not given 1 single Chance n Wenger Benchs Him 🙁

    Thumb Up For Giroud n Ox For Lwf or St!

    Thumb Down For GErvinho as ST or Lwf!

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  9. TKC

    I’ll always be a Gunner, but it’s hard to watch a team, like City, who were practically unheard of outside the UK a couple years ago, win trophies. I wish Wenger and the board would just spend some money and buy some top class players. Like honestly, how do they not see that winning titles brings more revenue than selling players and is more long lasting?

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  10. DrPepper

    If your answer is anything other than no, you’re not a real Arsenal fan – you are scum

    I don’t care how quickly this is thumbed down, if you would swap any part of the club with Man city – it will be you that is the problem with the club.

    The people that will swap places with Man city, I’m guessing here, will not have been Arsenal fans longer than 10 years – just FIFA fans.

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  11. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo where did you read it?if its true then its a good news,Walcott’s expression after losing to Swansea was similar to Rvp’s when we lost to Man Utd at home last season,I am quite worried whether he would renew even if we offer him 100k

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  12. LoCkAy

    Wenger, you should start playing players in their right position.
    Gervinho is not a striker !!!!

    Stop being creative and be more pragmatic… You don’t have what it takes to start shuffling the team around in desperation !!
    Arteta is not a defensive mid !!
    You should get a specific defensive mid in the transfer market instead of trying to drink water out of an empty bottle…!!!


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  13. Nick

    So.. we have 23 games left to catch them. That’s assuming we win 100% of our games and they drop a bunch of points. Neither are likely to happen. Still though, I wouldn’t want to be ManCiteh. A bunch of nouveau riche Mancs with an inferiority complex.

    Would I like our board to show ambition and drive by opening up the coffers and allowing the purchase of some true class players (without being ridiculous spenders like Chelsea & Citeh).

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  14. Gunner

    Arsenal don’t have a sugar daddy. People need to start realising this. If we spend money that we dont have then we are gambling with our clubs future in the same way that Liverpool did.

    Fortunately we will have some more to spend thanks to the new deals which I believe we will see this January.

    If the money just hasn’t been there what do you idiots really expect?

    If you earn 30k a year and your wife demands a ferrari, is she not being somewhat unreasonable?

    F*** Man City and f*** Chelsea they are scum who rely on oil rich sugar daddies to buy them results that they could NEVER achieve otherwise.

    I’d rather not support football than see my Arsenal resort to that kind of crap.

    Soon what those sugar daddy clubs have been doing will be made illegal by UEFA, doesn’t that tell you who the real enemy is here?

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  15. pembrokian

    Man I’m soo fed up with this — some people keep on talking about we can’t compete with the oil money etc as an excuse, but WHO THE F**K is asking arsenal to spend to its bankruptcy??

    The fact is we pay the 4th highest wage bill in the whole league, for what you pay is DAMN RIGHT that we should be in the TOP 4 every year with some consistency, it’s hardly a bloody miracle!

    We can’t compete with Chelsea, Man city for players, sure I’ll take that on any day, but with the amount of money that we DO pay and HAVE paid on the market, you can’t even do better than Spurs, West Brom, or West Ham?? F***K OFF! When you put things into a bit of perspective, wenger should totally be held accountable for this! Charge the highest gate money in the world of football to see what? Bunch of 2nd tier players bouncing the ball between each other in our own half??

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  16. Bills

    Id rather still be in with an oppertunity to win the EPL, and still be in the champions league than be 2nd now and not in the champions league

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  17. arsenig

    Wel.., as 4 me, i wil gladly swap al our players wit al there players…..lols..

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  18. DrPepper


    Name in the last 16 years of wengers accountability when we have finished below Spurs, West brom or west ham?

    The season is 15 games young and we have played UTD, City, Liverpool, Stoke and West ham away.

    We have finished in the top 4 with consistency, so what are you complaining about? if we pay 4th highest wages and finish 4th, by your logic we will be successful.

    How about last year when we finished third, is that punching above our weight?

    My friend I suggest it is you who puts things into perspective.

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  19. Gigi

    at least he has “CULOTTE” to be arrogant, i for one like it, psiquis factor is important

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  20. pembrokian

    my dear pepper, read my post again. We pay the top 4 wages then we should be in the top 4 with consistency, that’s just expected, do you expect anything less?? It’s hardly a miracle as I said! Nobody is asking arsenal to spend like there’s no tomorrow!!

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  21. rocky

    His argument is pointless if we qualify second because we’re more than likely going to land RM, Barca, Dortmund, PSG or Bayern in the next round. So we’ll have 2 more games of pain and excuses, followed by another fortnight of “tired players”, and mid table obscurity.

    Man City on the other hand will be fighting all the way in the BPL. I don’t know if its the management or the players not responding, but something needs to change quick.

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  22. DrPepper


    But by stating that wage structure is linked to success, is to state that the consistent top we have achieved has been at a basic level par for the course.

    Thinking on those lines would also indicate that the 3rd place finish last year constitutes a success – would I be wrong in making that assumption from your comment?

    In fact Our wage bill was 5th highest last season, so I could take the point further – if you base our 124m bill behind chelsea, City, UTD, Liverpool, finishing 3rd last season is doubly successful…

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  23. kevin cook

    mr wenger stop living on past glories, they were good days but u have now lost them, for being to arrogant and sell ing our best players every year, for bringing in mediocre replacements. for thinking champions league is the holy grail. for believing the arsenal supporters would carry on letting u get away with what ur doing to our club,for blaming fatigue that the players are tired. are chamberlain and wilshire also walcoot tired old men , / NO they are fit active sportmen in thier prime, so plzz , no more bringing up how many times we have qualified for the CL. because we have never won it. and thinking the CL, is going to console the supporters every season , its only good qualifying for CL. for the boards selfishness and thier pockets. and u could qualify evry year for the next 1000 years , it is not what the supporters want, it does not bring what we want Most, that is silver ware something real, with red and white arsenal ribbons around it something to show off,, ok arsenal may not be as prolific as liverpool were , and man utd are now, at winning trophies but were use to winning and/ or at least challenging for the premeir title the fa and league cup, so if u believe in ur heart CL is good enough then give all arsenal supporters a early christmas present and leave now, go to some french team who believe qualifying every year for the CL is good enough. i do not think decemebr is going to eb 1 for us to remember u for, if u stay defeat at olympiakos tonight and more dropped point against WBA, saturday, well then the red and white army should come out in force against u, no more disillusions ur squad is good enough. norwich and swansea have proved its not , MERrY CHRISTMAS I HOPE ? ALL GOONER FANS,

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  24. jamaican goonerr

    We have alrready swapped places with city we use to be battling for the title an city were mid table now its vice versa ,it would be a miracle if we made the last 8 of the champions league playing the wway wwere are presently let alone win the darn thing!!!

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  25. Eosas

    Excuses and technical talks is not going to help us as a club. I have been a staunch supporter of Wenger over the years. While I still believe the board is our main problem, I am beginning to think a change in manager might not be a terrible idea. We see it every time in the league that managers whose hands are tied walks away but Wenger stays.
    We will be in fairyland if we think we are going to magically compete as things stand. Over the years we have sold our best players making money and telling the whole world to follow suite, “financial model my ass”. Our 2 best players of last season were sold in last window. When was the last time Man utd, Man city, chelsea sold their best player except they were getting old. Where would we be today if we had added Giroud, Corzola and Poldoski and kept Van Persie and Alex song. Then we would say we were strengthening the squad but what we did was sell our 2 best players, third one in Walcott now on the exit door to balance the 3 we brought in.
    Its a sham. We must not be surprised at all. The continuous and systematic exodus of top players from Emirate is only just starting to hurt and unless a big part of that profit made from players sales is reinvested we are waiting for worse. God we cant even beat Sunderland, Stoke, Norwish or Swansea anymore. Thats what you call mid table team

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  26. COYG12

    Uh yes obviously I would. They simply have a better team. They’re out of the UCL because they were in arguably the most challenging group (Madrid is top 3 and Borussia is now firmly a top 5 team in the world) in the whole competition. Arsenal had an awful draw and struggled past garbage like Montpellier (whose top scorer is now on OUR team). Had we drawn $hitty’s group, we too would have lost, so it’s not as though we’re doing so great just because we eeked through in the Champs League. This squad needs big changes, else we shall only finish in the 5th-7th area on the league tables this year.

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  27. COYG12

    Having said that, I wouldn’t switch our club’s rich history to support a bunch of glory-hunting mercenaries. If we spend in January, and I still believe we shall start making moves, Arsenal will rise again in world football.

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  28. Terry Norman

    Regardless of swapping, that’s a hypothetical question that I can’t be bothered even answering.

    More concerning to me is that Wenger, and guys on here, actually think we have any chance of winning the CL. They along with Wenger should get their heads out the clouds and get into the real world. These days, and I hate to say it, we’re only there to make the numbers up and that’s been the case for a number of years.

    If Swansea can pass us of the park, what do you think the likes of Madrid or Barca are going to do to us?
    But as another example of Wenger totally losing the plot his comments after Saturday were

    “they had a lot of possession, without really doing anything with it”

    He obviously still had his head up the boards arse for those 90 mins, cos what I saw was a team in white score 2 goals, make numerous chances, good ones at that, against a totally inept team in red!

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  29. Uche

    Its funny how the bosses at arsenal are quick to tell you that we cannot compete with mancity’s money. Well, we just got humiliated by Swansea and we cannot beat Norwich, Sunderland, stoke, Aston Villa, Everton and Fulham. We should be worrying about not being able to compete with Swansea.

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  30. gunnerzgooner

    Wenger is delusioning by time. Domesticly we are horrible but still keep him. In Europe he is thinking to be a KING. Someone got to slap on Wenger face.

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    The way things are going I’d swap places with Norwich, Swansea and even Acrington stanley

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  32. That Gunner

    Who remembers the season when Eduardos foot got broken? How many points were we clear at the top? Wasn’t it 19-21? The top sides will drop points and that is what Wenger is saying,Man U might be 15 ahead,but if we concentrate on OUR games,then I believe Wenger is right,every time our team falls behind,we give them stick,MORALE cant get better with FANS BEHAVING like 8 year old,I am also angry,but ANGER NEVER SOLVES ANYTHING,WE SHOULD BE A 12 MAN THROUGH THICK OR THIN AND THEN GO OFF ON THE TEAM PRIOR TO HOW THEY PERFORMED FOR THE SEASON..for some reason I think this is OUR turning point,Our 3 MAIN MID got a break at last,well DESERVED,AFC FANS am talking about THE REAL GUNNERS WHO FEEL SAD WHEN WE LOSE,THE ONES WHO FEEL HAPPINESS AND JOY WHEN WE WIN,PLEASE CONTINUE TO HOLD THE FAITH,WE WILL COME OUT UNSTUCK AND FINISH IN THE TOP 4 YET AGAIN!!!! WE HAVE TOO MUCH QUALITY!!! GUNNERS ME SAY TIL CASKET SHUT!!

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  33. That Gunner

    I am 22 been a fan since I first seen our MAGICAL #10 “The Iceman” score a fantastic goal,which I kept following him and to me,he SINGLE handily killed off Argentina and the worlds best CB being in AYALA,That nutmeg and finish was excellent,I been a GUNNER since 97/98 season,the only GUNNER in my house..There ISN’T ANOTHER CLUB I CRY FOR WHEN WE LOSE,WHEN WE LOSE I DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD,WHEN WE WIN,I FEEL LIKE I WON THE LOTTERY,I GLOAT LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW..NEVER EVER EVER!!!!! COMPARE THIS RED AND WHITE WITH SHITTY,CHECK THEIR RECORDS IN TROPHY HISTORY,WHY WOULD I EVER TRADE ANY PART OF ARSENAL FOR A TEAM WHO AINT GOT HEART…SOME DAY I WILL LEAVE JAMAICA AND WATCH EM..

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  34. kevin cook

    oh dear quote yesterday defeat at olympiakos last night i was right, dropped points against WBA, SATURDAY WE WILL SEE.?

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