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Would Arsenal fans swap Walcott (or the Ox) for Petr Cech

It’s an open secret that Arsenal is in the market for a goal keeper. It’s again an open secret that Petr Cech is looking for more game time and aiming for a move away fromn Chelsea. It’s another open secret that Cech wants to stay in London. Add one and one and you will get the answer.

So…Cech to Arsenal? Definitely possible; in fact, it would have already been done had it not been for Jose Mourinho. The self-proclaimed ‘Chosen one’ believes that Arsenal is a strong competitor and hence strengthening them is at his own peril. Letting Cech join Arsene Wenger is something Mourinho never wants to do.

Amidst all this, it is still rumored that Cech wants to move to Arsenal. Reluctant he may be but Mourinho would be pulled into a deal if Wenger throws in a player in exchange. He’s interested in Theo Walcott or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

So, who will it be or rather who should it be?
Let’s look at the similarities. Both Walcott and Ox are speedy wingers. They are expected to torment the defenders with their agility. Both are young Englishmen with great things expected of them. Least of all, both of them are injury prone.

Now, for the dissimilarities; the ones that may determine whom Mourinho actually wish to get in the deal. Walcott is quick going forward but is not really known to track back and defend. Ox is no Cesc Fabregas in defending the lines but he certainly is better than Theo. Typically the player Mourinho likes and adores!

Theo is a contract rebel at Arsenal. Be it money or need for more game time….Walcott is yet to commit his future to Arsenal. Ox isn’t entirely in a different plane, which means if Mourinho pursues a little further he may get his wish.

Theo and Ox compete in a strong group of mid fielders and it is not difficult to see why they are not regulars. Aaron Ramsey, Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Darren Welbeck….the list goes on and on! It is difficult for these two to jump into the starting XI.

This is exactly the reason why Theo and Ox are looking to move away from the club. But, there is no guarantee that they would get what they want at Chelsea. Mourinho is more than well stocked in this department and the two Gunners would never be walking into the first team. Theo and Ox will do better to look at what happened to Salah and Cuadrado.

What’s best for both of them is to stay at Arsenal and fight for places. After all, it is not too difficult to please the old gaffer. More so because if you have to choose one of them to trade for Cech, it would be very difficult to pick one!

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22 thoughts on “Would Arsenal fans swap Walcott (or the Ox) for Petr Cech

    1. sevenitti

      I honestly just clicked in to this article to drop a similar comment. Would Real Madrid swap Bale for De Gea? lol

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  1. RSH

    Mourinho was just talking nonsense as USUAL. Arsenal would not sell someone they didn’t want to for Cech. Espescially Ox, who honestly has more potential than overrated Sterling. There are other GK’s in the world besides Cech. Anyways, deal seems to be going smoothly and only cash involved. Let’s pray this transfer goes through 🙂

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    1. rpk

      Ox has to play complete season without much injury..he will be better than Walcott. I see Ox to follow Alexis foot steps.. He is still young he will improve

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    2. GoonerLad

      Conspiracy theory : What if Fabregas joined Chelsea so we could get Cech ?

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  2. fonzy

    Why would theo and ox want to leave? This upcoming season is walcott best chance to establish himself as our center forward and oxlade is our starting winger when fit. Arsenal r on the up and I believe our players realize that. How about we keep them both and get cech? Arsenal r really in a different position compared to prior seasons. We don’t have to get rid of anyone n I dnt think our top players want to leave. And if there is no other way to get cech than this swap deal, I rather keep our English men and try for another keeper.

    Yeah and how the heck do I write an article on here? I want to stir things up and make up more transfer rumors.

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    1. rpk

      🙂 Why do you make up more transfer rumours. Isn’t these enough? We are connected to every players.

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    2. admin Post author

      Any Arsenal fan can send me an article. See CONTACT US at top of page….

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  3. rpk

    If we are going to any young attacking player, we should buy Bakkali.

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  4. SoOpa AeoN

    would i swap walcott or ox for cech? *face as red as a Tomato*

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  5. rpk

    Antonio Rudiger comment on Arsenal “I have been following Arsenal since the days of Henry and Bergkamp, I have always dreamed of the Premier League. I watch videos of Arsenal all the time on YouTube and I often wear the current Alexis Sanchez shirt.
    My heart beats for Arsenal.’

    N Wenger wont gonna buy him!!

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    1. YingYang69

      I think his name is cool. I like the Rudiger part it sounds similar to the famous Arms/Rifle manufacturer – Ruger.

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  6. funkyrith

    They are English, and Home Grown, so price wise Cheh vs Ox/Theo does not sound realistic.

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  7. Arsenal007

    I definitely don’t like your statement
    ‘This is exactly the reason why Theo and Ox are looking to move away from the club.’
    There’s no proof what so ever that they want to leave. So, stop the speculation. I’m not really sure you’re an Arsenal fan…Maybe Totts or Chels.

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  8. Uzi Ozil

    Mourinho should take some chill pill…We won’t swap Walcott or Ox for Cech.. Cech has hinted indirectly that he wants Arsenal since we are a top club in London and dude wants playing time. I hope the deal goes through but if Mourinho wants to tap Ox or Walcott’, then Noooo Wayyyy! He can keep Cech. Mourinho is a spoiler. He had Ashley Cole, He wanted to leave Arsenal by all means at that time. Now, Cech wants out by all means. Leave Him alone..let’s see how the deal goes.

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  9. whitehelios

    Podolski, sanogo, and campbell for eden hazard and we will be in negotiation

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  10. arsenal369

    Rosicky has welcomed Cech to arsenal on his Instagram, with a picture of them both!

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  11. Hafiz Rahman

    Yes we should…we need Cech and should go all out for it…

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