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Would Arsenal really let Bellerin go to Barcelona?

There are some worrying Arsenal transfer rumours about Hector Bellerin being sought after by Barcelona, but these reports have been around ever since the young Spaniard came into the Gunners first team, so why should we believe them now?

The right-back has already shown his intent to stay at Arsenal for life when he signed a 6 year contract, and although some could say that this could be just a ploy to get a bigger transfer fee, I am of the opinion that Bellerin really does love playing for us. He said just last month: “I signed my contract for a reason. I signed it because I wanted to be here. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

‘Arsenal is the club that gave me the chance to be a professional and since the first time I met with the boss he’s always said if I progressed the right way I could be an Arsenal player for a long time.

‘I’ve been here nearly six years and I love London. I’m still discovering the city.’

That sounds pretty definitive doesn’t it? The reason that these rumours are resurfacing, though, is because a European removal van was parked outside his house. Although it certainly wasn’t to remove any of Hector’s belongings, it is believed that they were collecting the rest of the goods belonging to his parents, who have returned to Spain to rejoin Hector’s sister who moved back earlier this year.

The fact that they have moved to a place just 40 miles north of Barcelona is another worry, especially as this will be the first time that Bellerin has been without the support of his family in London.

Will that be a factor in the negotiations with Barcelona? And would Wenger even let him go……


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15 thoughts on “Would Arsenal really let Bellerin go to Barcelona?

  1. Nebsy

    He won’t go just yet. His price has to rise a bit more and then they’ll release him. I reckon in two to three years he’ll go to Barca.

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  2. Arsenal FC

    Yep your right Wenger has made Bellerin do a Fabregas(signing contract extension to squeeze out as much money as poss).

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      1. Taxi4Wenger

        Bellerin will be sold and we got back Callmum Chambers.

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      2. Arsenal FC

        Sorry but it’s Arsenal FC for me,always have and always will.

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  3. WengerOut Bot


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  4. Incarnate

    I really think we shouldn’t stand in his way if he wanted to leave, Maitland Niles and Oxlade Chamberlain are perfectly primed to replace him, Joel Campbell even.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Campbell could be off to Turkey lol

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  5. Arsenal FC


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    1. Incarnate

      Jihadi Killer wearing an Arsenal shirt….well, the Devil wears Prada, what the actual F?

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  6. Joseph

    Apparently, fans here are too much of fabricating rumors or prone to trusting media gymicks. I never for once heard Berlin himself preferring leaving Arsenal; I heard once he was commending Barca for eying him; said, “it’s a proof that his skills are improving” . Berlin’s desire I to pay tribute to Wenger for trusting him so much with first team introduction an chances to proof himself. His contract is long enough to show his love for our club; but then, I wonder where do scaptics get rumors from. In a short time you can scatter Arsenal and burry it like nobody’s business; learn to get behind your team I thick or thin, speak right words about your team I you don’t want to grow older soon or inherit heart attack.

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  7. Precious Et Al

    The very same Bellerin who came close to winning the golden boy award cannot just turn bad suddenly. Granted, he has gone through a bad patch, but the boy deserves at least another season before he starts being judged so harshly.

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