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Would Europa League trophy be enough without Arsenal title success?

Even if Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board had done what they said and spent huge wedges of cash on a number of big name players this summer, the challenge for the Premier League title would still have been daunting one, as even if the boss had emptied our cash reserves he would still not have been able to match the spending power of Premier League rivals Man City, Chelsea and Manchester United.

All those teams and squads look strong and we also have a better looking Everton and Liverpool to contend with so I really believe that this season will be the toughest race for the title ever and I am struggling to muster up much confidence or optimism about the Gunners winning it.

I don’t think another FA cup triumph would cut the mustard with many Arsenal fans either, although it would be nice to lift it again of course, but perhaps the Europa League is another matter. Arsenal have lost the two European finals we have got to and that is certainly a gap in the Gunners trophy room that all Gooners would love to see filled, even if it is not with the truly elite Champions League trophy.

Would the Europa League trophy be enough to make ythis season a success if we cannot win the league?


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25 thoughts on “Would Europa League trophy be enough without Arsenal title success?

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    Yes. I would love to win Europa League
    That means we win a trophy we haven’t won before and get back into Champions League.

  2. ozil10

    We won’t win the Europa League(even if we take it seriously). It’s not as easy as it looks. There are teams better than us out there. Some of the teams that enter the Europa after exiting the CL are also very tricky to play against .

    1. Quantic Dream

      But what do you mean? There is no Bayern in Europa league to tear us a new one. We can compete in Europa…that’s where the level of our team is at. I mean Welbeck, Walcott, Giroud…how did we get here honestly.

  3. Nothing changed

    No for me it would not be enough. We need to be able to offer CL football to attract and keep good players. The longer we are out of the CL the more clear it will become that we are not a big club. The Europa league is not a major trophy in my book.

    Would the Europa League be better than nothing or the FA cup? Yes? But not better than CL qualification for me.

      1. Nothing changed

        True Joseph and that’s a fair point but that assumes we win the Europa league and I just don’t Wenger pull that off and think it is a high-risk strategy.

        Witha squad as injury prone as ours I believe we have to prioritize one over the other and I believe as long as we have a shot at the top 4 we should prioritize the PL. Once it is clear we have no reasonable chance at a top 4 we should shift our priority to the Europa League. But that is my preference others might think it is easier to win the Europa league than the PL.

  4. John0711

    As if we will win it after what’s going on at the club, and you fans who thumb down anything negative towards Wenger your supporting the dismantling of our great club

  5. Finding Dory

    Yes. For me it would. It’s very difficult to win the PL. Every year 5-8 teams in the PL have a decent chance to compete for the top spot. The competition is intense. Sometimes even the best team doesn’t wind up winning the PL. That said, to win 1 or more trophies in a season would definitely be a success. Especially if it gets you back to the CL.

  6. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    given that we have had no European success and the fact that winning it take us straight to the CL along with the joy of winning something that is not an FA cup ..manh, i will be very elated if we could win.

  7. Remember Resource?

    Title success is a question ?? ahahahaha Why is that even part of any discussion, there is absolutely no way we can win the title. I know you’ll say anything is possible and leicster won but in all honesty leicster had a strong manager with strong tactics and game plans. Their players also had some fight and personality. They would stand up and they showed passion. Im guessing that came in some extent from ranieri. Not to mention an in form vardy, mahrez and they had kante. They also had leaders on the pitch in the form of vardy and kasper. They had strong team. Arsenal have none of that. Manager is clueless, players have no idea what they’re doing, no passion because quite honestly they are craving some sort of guidance and they really have no one to lead them so why would they even try. Constant chaos. Its a mess and funny part is the title is still part of the question hahahaha we could go all out for the europa our only chance of a trophy in my eyes.. id take a 7th place and a europa win.

  8. Big G

    Yes i’d take winning the Europa this season to gain CL qualification even if Wenger wouldn’t, it would help us attract the right players and allow us to move forwards if the club will only spend the money – which i doubt and the manager can get them playing together with the right tactics. Also we need the finances that will come from winning the Europa but we should still try our best in the PL.

    1. Remember Resource?

      If we get someone like mcgregor to coach arsenal’s mentality then we would probably see our team rise to the top.. That man has passion and confidence. He stands up and truly believes he can conquer any fight. He’s a fighter. If you’ve seen him coach in uff you’d understand. In his words arsenal would be a bunch of “dweebs”

  9. Danish Gooner

    United got a very easy ride from th quarter finals and on but it looks as if we could be in for a very difficult ride with teams like Milan,Bilbao,Lyon,Everton and teams coming from the cl group could be Dortmund or Spurs and other so it will be a tall order to win it even though it is way easier then the CL,it is about time we asserted ourselfes in Europe.

  10. sniper

    Mustafi agrees personal terms with inter ,,sky Italia,, we have become a selling club in name of clearing Deadwoods the greedy board want to get money from players sales and reduce wagebill yeah we have to pay the price of lack champions league money to the board.

    1. Nothing changed

      And I would not be surprised if this rumor is true that we didn’t make any money on the sale despite Wenger talking up crazy player inflation this season. We are pathetic.

    2. Midkemma

      What if this sale along with the sale of the Ox allows for VVD to get done in the last moments?
      That is a reported £70 mil combined and the reported fee for VVD is between £60-£70 million…

      Reports from France say Monaco are open to the sale of Lemar again, wanting £60 million for him.

      We know if AFC bid the £60 mil now then Monaco will just raise the price again and play us off against UTD, Jose would welcome a chance to get one over Wenger and add quality to his team at the same time.
      Last min bid where Monaco do not have the time to create a bidding war starts to look favorable from a business perspective.

      VVD could be possible from the sales as I said earlier.
      Lemar could be done for around the £60 mil mark as the lowball figures for AFC war chest is £60 million remaining (including the current sales).

      Meh, most likely not but stranger things have happened. ^.^

  11. sniper

    If we are not get a great defender to replace mustafi the Wenger should get the wrath of the fans , selling defenders yet we play three at the back and have many competitions ,start the protests today,all the best looserfool if this is the case .Give me an assignment to assassinate Wenger

  12. Joe

    Wenger shoul field stronger team in the europer league, let him be realistic. We are here because of his mistakes and the board, the truth is we cant compete with top 4 teams in pl. They have strengthen while wenger was waiting for the market to colapse. The only way this season to the cl is through winning europa league.

  13. Atid

    Just like to.point out we haven’t lost the two finals European finals we have been in. We have only lost the two that wenger has been in.

    I have already given up any hope of winning the league this season and so too as wenger. For me it is clearly obvious nothing has changed, he looks like a beaten man, he sounds like one, I bet he even smells like one.

    IMO kroenke is planning to sell up soon, I believe wenger is under orders to balance the books without embarrassing himself, by balancing I mean having more cash in the bank than overall debt. That way when it comes to selling the bidders will have to pay more. It is s risky strategy performed by many companies as lack of investment can be costly, but if it’s done swiftly enough and the bidders are plentiful it can work.

    So for that reason I will take the Europa league without a shadow of doubt cos we are definitely not winning the big one. Manchester 1-2 Chelsea Liverpool 3-4. The only crumb of comfort to cling to is spuds finishing higher than us and us winning the Europa League

    1. Midkemma

      I dream of a new owner, I do believe a new owner will look at the CEO and decide to get someone with a proven track record in that job, not some City supporter from the states who appears to have been told that his job is to boost share prices.

      We all know Silent Stan doesn’t love AFC, we are another team in his portfolio and something he can use to get large loans against to expand his portfolio.

      Gazidis however seems to go under the radar a lot, even the article on this site which tried to highlight it got dismissed and people prefered to blame Wenger.

      If we look at when Gazidis was hired and by who then we get a better image of what happened, he was hired by the old board after 2 billionaires acquired shares in AFC and after Chelsea was sold for nice profit.
      The old board had designs to maximize their payday, even selling BS about the pact not to sell which was broken once enough was offered, they hired Gazidis and made him CEO in Nov 08.
      (Do wish to also highlight that at the time it was reported on AFC website as AFC looking for a DoF)

      Gazidis has done his job very well IMO, he was hired to increase share prices and he did, the old board had their payday so job done for them. Since it has been Silent Stan and he is happy with his wealth increasing, boss pleased, job done.

      Wenger may have wanted real change at AFC, happy to let players go and making it clear he will not offer them enough game time for them to stay and he had/has targets. I read yesterday that Wenger doesn’t want any other players and only his targets, target or nothing. This is different to Perez panic buy…

      The same old part is how AFC are missing main targets, we got Lacazette (1st transfer) then missed others.
      Same as last year, got Xhaka (1st transfer) but missed out on others till panic buy at the end.

      Window isn’t shut yet and I will admit Gazidis has gotten a bit better, Xhaka was fast last year and this year he went back in for Lacazette better. He still needs to improve or GTFO.

      Pep at City has Txiki as a DoF, someone to work in between the board and manager, Txiki came from Barca and he done his job there, experience at the very top.
      AFC has Wenger talking directly to the CEO.

      A DoF reducing the influence a CEO has more than a manager, more transfer dealings and at AFC that is the CEO, it would be Gazidis power that it takes. Gazidis does what a DoF does and IMO it is too much for a single person in such a large industry, it would be wise to split the sporting and football sides more and have a intermediary acting between them who knows both sides but to a lesser extent.

      Instead fans call for Wenger to be sacked and I wonder in amazement at that thinking, who do they think will hire the next manager? Wenger was hired by the CEO at the time, that was David Dein. Do they trust Gazidis to get a great football manager or a great bank account manager? o.O

  14. Midkemma

    My top 5 hopes;
    1. Everything we’re in (Dreams I know)
    2. EPL + FA Cup (THE double, I still rate the FA Cup)
    3. EPL + EL
    4. EL + FA Cup
    5. EL + Top4 (better than UTD)

    That would be a good season for me, anything less should be avoided however I will be ok with FA Cup and a top 4 finish as it will get us back in UCL and that could be a win considering the attraction it has and we could be losing Ozil and Alexis so will need quality in.

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