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Would fans be happy with Koeman at Arsenal?

Ronald Koeman has been urged to take over from Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger this summer by former footballer and sports pundit Matt Le Tissier.

Arsene Wenger is yet to decide whether he will give up his role as Gunners boss when his contract runs out at the end of the season, so there is much speculation at the moment surrounding who could possible take over from the Frenchman.

Massimiliano Allegri is a name that keeps popping up, despite his keenness to play down such reports, and Ronald Koeman’s name has been tipped for the step up.

The Dutch boss has been impressing in the Premier League over the past few season, firstly with Southampton from 2014 before joining Everton last summer.

The 53 year-old would fit into Arsenal’s philosophy of promoting youth players through the ranks which would be a huge plus in his appointment, although he is not known for his big named signings, which may worry the fans.

Le Tissier claims he would be able to build a team with stronger characters, with Wenger said to be ‘suffering fools’ in his current crop.

Matt said; ‘A change of manager is the key. I agreed with the Arsenal boys, Charlie and Merse, in taking Ronald Koeman. I think he wouldn’t suffer fools quite a gladly as Wenger and would surround himself with stronger characters.

‘I think they’re also short of a top-quality centre and central-midfielder. Coquelin and Xhaka aren’t doing it for me and they need somebody in there with more substance and character.

‘As a club and with their players they should be going for the title, certainly closer than they have been for a number of years, but something clearly isn’t right.’

Would Koeman be able to fix the errors of Wenger? Is the Dutchman a top candidate for the job?

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12 thoughts on “Would fans be happy with Koeman at Arsenal?

  1. tweety

    it would not be a bad idea. he showed his credentials with the saints, now with the toffees. but my concern is if he gets the needed money from the board. ġooner – for ever

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    1. Tas

      Koeman is the last best option left for us, his EPL veteran, knows every team and conditions, his strong and knows his shi7 it’s time for him at a big club

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  2. Break-on-through

    Allot will say yes for the change in management alone. He could be very good for Arsenal but that is by no means certain. He hasn’t really done anything great, he kept Sou ticking over without really excelling. You look at Leic and you see that an impact could have been made by Koeman. CL football would have been the aim, a high ambition, but with good players and some relatively decent money spent a top manager could pull it off. I think Wenger could have pulled it off (no pun), maybe a few times. I believe some people are overestimating what Koeman has achieved. Arsenal is a huge club, the very best is who we should aim for, like how the other top clubs went about it, and they ignored Koeman. He’s promising, I wouldn’t go much further.

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  3. Arsenal_Girl

    At this point I would be happy with McClaren, Mick Macarthy or Alardyce
    Just kidding

    My top 5 are:
    1. Allegri
    2. Simione
    3. Ancelotti
    4. Benitez
    5. Koeman

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    1. muda

      Ancelloti has no reason to leave bayern,
      benitez is a bad choice;
      Allegri or simeone are the best possible.
      If not one of them or tuchel then anyone but wenger.

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    1. Tas

      It’s not easy to manage Barcelona or Real Madrid you have to understand it’s not just club competition it’s more about SPAIN verses Catalan, Real Madrid v Barcelona, it’s mad out there they are fanatics and managers have double pressure, Barcelona will prefer a Catalonian before an outsider but real is a bit diferent

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  4. goonerboy

    Is it now certain Wenger is leaving????? Cos that itself is equivalent to the UCL trophy..

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  5. SoOpa AeoN

    the rate at which things are going
    One would with open arms embrace Koeman as the new manager
    Wenger has gone so stale that every other manager is a Luxury

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  6. marty53

    If we don’t go for Simeone then yes I think Koeman would be a good choice. He seems to go about his job in a quiet unassuming way, just what the Arsenal board like….

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  7. Simon_MrMac

    I think he’d be perfect-

    Any new manager would be scary, even a great manager might need couple of seasons-

    Look at Pep – not been a roaring success has it.

    But Koeman has strong character, which we need

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  8. Jansen

    Koeman would be an improvement and a low-risk gamble because of his PL knowledge. It seems people (the board?) are afraid of Simeoni but he would be my first choice. Allegri could be a Conte or a Cappelo (at Chelsea), I would prefer Wenger over Benitez, but in a way, Koeman would ba a safe bet to stabilize the ship especially if we fail to qualify for the CL.

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