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Would Wilshere really quit Arsenal in January?

Jack Wilshere is claimed to be thinking about a possible move from Arsenal in January, but his recent comments contradict such claims.

The midfielder is being touted as the player who could make a big difference for England next summer, leading to much talk surrounding his season.

You would imagine that Wilshere could only be selected for Russia should he manage to prove his fitness, while earning a regular playing role at club level, and Gareth Southgate lamented that thinking with his comments this week.

The England boss said: “We’re in a position where there’s no way we would dismiss any creative player. But people have to be playing and have to be playing at a good level.”

These comments have no doubt fed the speculative fire, but the player’s recent comments claim he is happy to be back playing for Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger appears keen to have him playing this term.

He said recently: “Jack Wilshere struggled historically with repeated injuries and no one could question his talent, nobody would question his exceptional ability to beat people with the ball.

“But in this job you need to have health. The requests and demands of the competition, physically, are so high and you can only be at your best if you can play at least 10 games on the trot. That’s what’s at stake for Jack Wilshere.

“He needs to keep his health and be capable of competing. If he can play from now until December at the top level, he will be back. If he has other set-backs then it will be more difficult.

“It’s a vital season because he’s nearing the end of his contract, it’s a World Cup year and he has been an Arsenal player since he was a kid, so all that’s at stake for him and for us as well because you’d love a player like him of that quality to come back.

“In fact he had a very good game in BATE Borisov, especially a brilliant first half where he was back to his best, so he’s not far away now. Let’s hope in the next two or three weeks he can play regularly in the first team.”

Would Wilshere really push to move away when he has a role to play at Arsenal and the manager wants him available? Would Russia mean he has to push for more action?

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9 thoughts on “Would Wilshere really quit Arsenal in January?

  1. Joelreuz

    I still don’t know y players dat av d passion to play for Arsenal as a club are finding it difficult to be established in our starting XI of been sold ie Szcesny. Now we av a foundering reserve keeper with lack of confidence. nbeats me hollow.

    1. Break-on-through

      Yeah, agreed dude, for the life of me I can’t see why Ospina’s rated so highly by our lot. He’s got quick reflexes, too quick for what’s going on upstairs. A keeper needs to be reassuring, calm when calm is needed, everything with Ospina is a bit helter skelter. Incoming crosses, do I need to say more?

  2. BuddReloaded

    I said the other day (in regard to Alexis, that’s true) that karma is a real bi tch. By the way, I don’t believe this rumor one bit. Jack Wilshere, may I remember you, asked to be loaned at Bournemouth for the same reason : gameplay for England. I said back then that this will prove to be a costly mistake for him because it is almost impossible not to get game time at Arsenal with so many games in a season and not to mention injuries and lack of fitness, tired periods and so on. I was hoping to be proven wrong but even if he was at least fit for the most part of the season, Bournemouth was faring much much better without him.
    On the other hand, after Santi Cazorla got injured, Jack Wilshere would have been a straight replacement, maybe not aside Coquelin but definitely aside Xhaka. He is much more disciplined than Ramsey and who knows! This partnership could have worked. Who knows. Maybe there is where we lost the place in the top 4.
    These being said, leaving for game time in January in order to be selected for the World Cup is the most stupid idea. He can have easily at least 20 games in EL, FA Cup and League Cup and the occasional cameo in EPL. Is good that he’s hungry for game time, now let that fire stoke a bit more so that he comes on the pitch the player we all love. The real Jack Wilshere, the true one.
    In other news, Chambers signed a two years extension. Just when I thought Wenger is wasting him. That is, I guess, positive news.

  3. ThirdManJW

    Jack went with England to the Euros after barely playing at club level, and it’ll be the same for the WC, because England are so bad, especially in central midfield. As long as he’s even half fit, he’ll go, even if he hardly plays for us this season. Then again, his place could be under threat because of England’s, and Liverpool’s new top draw CM…the Ox! Hahaha! Brilliant piece of business from Arsenal…for once!

    1. GunnerJack

      . . . and of course that ‘brilliant piece of business’ was violently OPPOSED by Wenger! Perhaps this goes to prove that Wenger has no idea of the ability of players and hasn’t for a long time. His ‘Ramsey For Captain’ quote very nicely demonstrates how he confuses abject mediocrity with real skill. Being able to run up and down the pitch a lot is NOT AN INDICATOR IF SKILL! I firmly believe Ramsey would not even make the bench at any top 4 team.

      1. Break-on-through

        Sometimes you have to not take everything so literal. Managers have a responsibility to stroke the egos of his players, you should expect nice words to be said of every team player by his manager. Where Wenger differs is maybe at the opposite end of spectrum, when dishing out harsh words or unkind lessons, some managers will go there as a way of building character or venting frustration, but Wenger is unlikely to do that openly out in public that’s if at all.

        I’m not saying it’s the case here though, because none of us would be surprised if Ramsey did get the nod one of these days. At the moment Theo is getting a look in, that’s a worse choice than Ramsey if you ask me. Theo has no heart, he’s not authoritative, he’s on the wing high up the pitch, and he’s a mouse. Ramsey at least has a vantage point, he has energy and heart to burn, he’ll plug away. But seeing as he can barely orchestrate his own positioning to full effect, I wouldn’t be too hopeful about himself organizing a team.

      2. BuddReloaded

        You actually push your own agenda here. First of all, without Wenger this deal would not have taking place at all. Secondly, Wenger was actually relieved when he sold Oxlade-Chamberlain simply because he didn’t actually had to invent YET ANOTHER POSITION where Oxlade-Chamberlain might have been good. Remember first three games with teams so unbalanced because he tried to appease him and Sanchez?
        If anything, Wenger just shown him that he wants him to stay. But that fell of deaf ears so good riddance. Amazing piece of business even if he will turn out to be the next Lalana. Good riddance.

    1. BuddReloaded

      Now, now, now. What’s wrong with you? Have you heard Wilshere saying anything? Or his agent? This is just some speculation from someone having too much free time in the international break. Papers need to live and journos have mouths to feed at home. I thought you are grown up enough to realize just that.

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