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Wow – Check out this Arsenal superkid’s skills – Reiss Nelson

After seeing this Twitter post of this superb bit of skill from the Arsenal youngster Reiss Nelson in today’s open training session, I just had to share this with you. Fantastic!

And I also received this video from FFDTV Online of Nelson’s cameo performance against Chelsea in China. He certainly looks like a very hot prospect….

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9 thoughts on “Wow – Check out this Arsenal superkid’s skills – Reiss Nelson

  1. ThirdManJW

    Really like the look of him from what I’ve seen. Hopefully get to see him a fair bit in the Europa, and cup games.

  2. Galen

    I don’t want tp hype him so much. A friend of mine told me to watch our Nelson and Sancho of Watford who later joined city. I am sure Nelson would make it big time at Arsenal. But we should not give him morethan 15 games this season. His body is not ready for it. Just look at Wilshere.

    I am happy to see Jeff train with the first team. Jeff is still my biggest hope from the academy. His height power and and technique makes hm the perfect midfielder. Am glad he has recovered from his injury.

    1. Cheadle

      Le Jeff should take his chance this season but he needs to be INJURY FREE. Arsenal have got to manage these kids skillfully and help them succeed. This guy was on the rise before injury and his return should mark his breakout season. we will be playing in four club competitions plus international games all involving extensive travel for most of our first team players, we will therefore need a healthy match ready squad all the way through.

      Reiss Nelson already looking like something at 17 as an attacking midfielder, getting past players in the final third, approaching the box with pace, skipping challenges, running at defenders etc all these supported by a cool head, steady improvement/game opportunities and a HEALTHY BODY are the hallmarks of superstar attackers. If he consistently develops for three straight seasons with steady game time he should unstoppable.

      Although it is not an easy transition from youth player to first team because top level football is really hard and that is why clubs pay insanely for proven players but in a world of out-of-control transfer prices Le Jeff, Joe Willock, Reiss Nelson and other emerging players could form backups/understudy/replacements for our superstars who will leave at some point.

  3. Joshua Bryant

    Sorry but do we really have a whole article about a goal scored in training? We are so fickle. When he gets into the first team and doesnt make an immediate impact everyone will be calling him deadwood and wanting him out. I dont mean to sound negative but we really need to stop putting so much pressure in our youngsters.

  4. jakseth

    a nice skill in an open training against relaxed arsenal defending. does not mean anything.

    1. desire to excel

      If you have played the game at any half serious level, you would immediately realize that it takes immense ability to do what he did even if it was just training. Apart from ability, the composure on the ball is awesome for a 17 year kid

  5. big g

    Excellent skill for a youngster and he can use both feet, something most of our first team can’t do. Sign him for life already.

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