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Wow! FA let Arsenal´s Gabriel off red card

I must admit to being very surprised to hear that Arsenal have had the appeal against the sending off of Gabriel upheld by the FA. We never get any help from the footballing powers that be, so they must realise what a terrible job Mike Dean did for us at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

The Brazil international defender was looking at being banned for the next three domestic games and so this is great news for the Gunners, with a heavy fixture list for us to cope with. However, the news of this decision reported by Sky Sports, is tempered by the fact that Gabriel still has to answer a charge of improper conduct about how he reacted after being sent off.

The FA statement on the matter said, “Arsenal’s claim of wrongful dismissal in relation to Gabriel has been upheld following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing.

“The player’s three-match suspension has, therefore, been withdrawn with immediate effect.

“Gabriel was dismissed for violent conduct during the game against Chelsea on Saturday [19 September 2015].

“The player is currently subject to a separate FA charge of improper conduct in relation to Saturday’s game and has until 6pm on Thursday [24 September 2015] to reply.”

It is still pretty galling to think that Mike Dean ruined this game for us and gave Chelsea a huge helping hand to get back on track in the league, but you would also hope that they are not going to get much from the officials for a while and Jose Mourinho will be having a right old hissy fit when he hears that Gabriel has been let off, especially if they go on to ban Costa for his violent conduct charge.

And our centre back will still probably get a ban for his reaction and of course that would not have happened had the ref done his job properly in the first place, but if he does get a ban it might be for just one game.

Great news!

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63 thoughts on “Wow! FA let Arsenal´s Gabriel off red card

  1. Robertthegooner

    Yeah Yeah Yeah

    Now that’s what I’m talkin about

    Excellent decision

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    1. optimisticgooner

      If Gabriel can learn some English he would make one hell of a captain for the long term!!

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      1. Trick

        If we have more two players like Gabriel i bet none will bully us. Most of our players behave like women who can’t fight. I love your style GABY……


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  2. chinaka1

    BREAKING NEWS: Diego coasta defend himself against FA Charge, “am only protecting koscielny eyes from the sun”

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  3. HA559

    Meanwhile Stingyman takes another £3m out of the club. Thats where your season ticket and regular ticket money goes, to Kroenke and co.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      I hope you don’t think that Kroenke put money into AFC just because. He dd so to receive a return on it. Hence the 3m…

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    2. RWRW

      I hope your including Wenger’s £8.5m salary then yer?

      Stop blaming everyone but Wenger you fool.

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      1. NY_Gunner

        People at top level, get top pay. You must be on minimum wage. Stop hatin…

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        1. RWRW

          Your missing the point you dumb troll

          FYI: Minimum wage? Far from it pal. However, even I was on minimum wage does that make a difference to how you view people or indeed the argument?

          Your a sad individual

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      2. HA559

        He gets his return as shareholder. I think this is an extra amount he took out or got ‘paid’ as additional advice, unless I’m mistaken.

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    3. Ezat

      Why not? He already have iron grip on the club and with the help from Wenger he turned Arsenal FC to Arsenal Football Corp or Inc. Kroenke and his gang are bad news for Arsenal and football. So, shout load Wenger Out.

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      1. NY_Gunner

        With the help of Wenger? Get real. Wenger did not sell majority shares to Kroenke…

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  4. chinaka1

    That’s a half-justice because we lost the game. Will the match be replayed? The answer is NO. I want the FA to call the match a Draw atleast.
    Costa must be waiting for a 10 match now!

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  5. pubgooner

    No, we should not be happy. Mou should be also charged for declaring C###t the Man of the Match. It all trickles down from the top. The management should also be punished for this to stop. All costa’s antics are being performed with Mou’s blessings!!

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  6. Tyno

    Wow! Not really surprised, or are you? I guess Gabriel will become timid now, especially as to how he’s so different to the rest of his team mates – no fight.

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  7. Fatboy Gooney

    Thats great news, too good to be true!
    But could it backfire on us by Gabriel receiving a bigger ban,
    For not leaving the pitch when shown the red?

    This action means that the FA are admitting to Mr Dean’s incompetence to referee a game without being bias,
    Therefore Mr Dean should also face a ban.

    Some fan’s are now asking for the game with Chelsea to be replayed because of the wrongly sending off of Gabriel,
    Which obviously had a big effect on the result.

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    1. Johannesburgunner

      No Fatboy, perhaps a fine or one game ban. Dean should be put into an Arsenal cannon, head popping out since it is now being revealed that he wound the Arsenal fans up before the game.
      He apparently chose to go the Arsenal fan side to warm up and he argued with them.

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      1. Fatboy Gooney

        If that is true and if there is video proof to back that up,
        Then Mike Dean could and should be banned for life.

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        1. Johannesburgunner

          That’s the story going around in the latest UNTOLD ARSENAL articles. Check some of the comments from readers who were at the game.

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  8. Johannesburgunner

    So this is an admission that the decision to send off Gab and the red card waved by that useless sod Dean was wrong. That wrong put us at a disadvantage, so the game should be replayed, which the FA won’t allow.
    Happy for Gab though, and his faith in God whom he relied on in his tweet. Let’s move on Arsenal fans, but not forget the injustice of Mike Dean, the wrong is right attitude of media, the hypocrysy of pundits, arrogance of Mourinho and his band of vicious thugs including Fabregas. These guys are all complicit in breaking the Arsenal spirit for their own motives.

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  9. Twig

    Gabriel only raised his leg – I don’t even think he touched Costa. But I think he’ll get a game ban for the second charge. Gabriel should be available for our game on Saturday!

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      He is available with immediate effect 😆
      Just incase you still haven’t twigged 😜….
      That means he could play against the spuds on Wednesday night! 👍😂

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  10. AsburtonGrove

    Finally some good news but what about Mike Dean, should be his head on the chopping block! #wengerout

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    1. Johannesburgunner

      Can someone please photoshop the heads of Dean, Costa, Fabregas and Mourinho popping out of the famous Arsenal cannon, with Gabriel looking like Clint Eastwood and titled the Good Gab), bad (fabregas and Mou)and Ugly ( Costa and Mike Dean). I have no idea how to do this and would like it to go viral. We can throw in some pundits with the caption’ you next’.

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  11. davidrusa

    This is great news for all true Arsenal fans! At least justice has been done albeit retrospectively. However I feel that in such cases the wronged team should be compensated by having the game replayed. This would indeed be justice. Banning Mike Dean would also be a step in the right direction. Of even greater value for Arsenal is the shame to which some fickle pundits have been put into. To all those who expressed glee at Arsenal’s mistreatment shame on you! In the same vein some objective people like Chelsea’s player Zouma deserve a big pat on the back. It is such decisions that will cause people to regain faith in the FA. It is a shame to football and the spirit of sports in general for impunity like that exhibited by Mike Dean and Diego Costa to go unchallenged. What will the likes of Harry Redknapp and Gary Neville say now? It is good to speak first but remember he laughs best who laughs last. Gabriel may be banned or fined for improper conduct but at least the FA has identified the real culprit and let Gabriel off the hook. This is a consolation for Arsenal which was robbed of a game. Chelsea may have got 3 points but it did not win the game. It just got a bye from referee Mike Dean. The good news is that long term Chelsea may feel the effects of their robbery!

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  12. mark

    The fact they have overturned the red card and subsequent ban means that Mike Dean is effectively being put on the naughty step, and NOT before time.

    There are some great refs, and my opinion is always that a good ref is not even noticed in a game, as they control everything properly and hand out appropriate words or cards where necessary.

    You can always tell a bad ref by the game getting out of hand and the players getting wound up precisely because the ref isn’t doing his job properly.

    Good decision by the powers that be. 🙂

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    1. Trudeau

      There is no naughty step for Dean and his linesmen (who are getting off pretty lightly in this whole sorry affair). They are reffing this weekend. Pathetic.

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  13. Lethal Prince 9


    Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been given a three match ban for violent conduct by the Football Association, following the club’s 2-0 win over Arsenal on Saturday.

    Its a standard three match ban. Atleast something good done by FA.

    So if FA are doing some good job, why not continue the good run by banning Mike Dean also?

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  14. Onochie

    Its a great news,but the real questions are,will Mike Dean and Diego Costa get banned also? That’s what Arsenal legal officials should be pushing in,in defence of Gabriel’s second charge. How can they charge him again,yet the main Culprits goes unnoticed?

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  15. kam

    Manchester City line up for Carling Cup ( mickey mouse cup according to this site):Caballero; Sagna, Otamendi, Demichelis, Kolarov; Toure, Fernando; Navas, De Bruyne, Sterling; Aguero. That is their first tram and they are playing Sunderland (they are struggling at the moment) and their next PL game is away to Tottneham.I think some teams wants to win it all.

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  16. FFFanatic

    If they ban him for “inproper conduct” it makes an even greater mockery of things. As it is incompetency of match officials (which has been admitted by the current decisions) has cost Arsenal points and given them to Chelsea. To inflict further punishment because a player was angered by the referee’s blatant failings would be tantamount to downright robbery of Arsenal.

    Furthermore – Inproper conduct would suggest Gabriel did something extremely wrong. As he was removed without throwing a punch, spitting, using obscene gestures or taking a position of refusing to leave the field of play without being forced, there is 0 grounds for the charge. “Inproper conduct” includes surrounding the referee, foul and abusive language, blatant acts of cheating and attempts to “con” the referee. These are all things there is video evidence of that can be attributed to Chelsea players, but NOT Arsenal players. I quite like the Arsenal video team – I think they’ll win their case, even though justice won’t be done either way.

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  17. fullmetalalc

    Watching Bayern Munich play. Must say its some atmosphere. I haven’t seen that kind of atmosphere ever at the Emirates. And man I miss a player of caliber of Lewandowski. RVP, Henry I miss those guys.

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  18. mohawk

    The base problem still exists.

    Mourinho and Mike Dean are poison to the EPL. Costa is just Mourinho’s love child doing his bidding. Dean and Mourinho must be banned forever.

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  19. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    The FA have not finished this job until they either ban the controversial referee Mike Dean from refereeing any game that involved Arsenal FC. Or ban him entirely from refereeing any Premier League game as a punishment for his rigging the result of the Premier League game between Chelsea and Arsenal last Saturday in favour of Chelsea. And serve as a deterrent to any would be a football result rigging referee. To still be fair to De Abreu, the FA should please impose a moderate fine on him as a 1st offender, instead of to ban him. By the way, what about that petition we were requested sign to appeal to the appropriate authority to stop controversial referee Mike Dean from refereeing any football match that involved AFC? I signed the petition through the Arsenal Untold website. What is the outcome? That petition shouldn’t be jettison but pursued to a logical conclusion.

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  20. ruelando

    The decision of the FA is of no benefit to Arsenal, the ban will not give back arsenal points lost, to tell the truth i would have felt happier if it was the referee who got the ban with his poor officiating. That handed the game to Chelsea.

    That is already through the gate, so although we are still feeling aggrieved let us move on to the next match

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  21. gentlenurse

    is ok,let us be composed nd hope let it nt to be so pertinacious to our footballing arena,although we lost the three points,bt gabriel’s sent off is nt as influential for loosing 3pnts as cazorla’s,had it been we remain 10men on the pitch we cld hv equalize,let us pray we could punish chelski nxt time.

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