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Yaya Sanogo confirms he is leaving Arsenal

The young Yaya Sanogo arrived at Arsenal four years ago with a reputation of being the next Didier Drogba, but he quickly fell out of contention with injuries and fitness problems, and in the end only scored one competitive goal for Arsenal in his whole Arsenal career.

But now it is over and he confirmed it by saying: “I’m free. The adventure ends.” But he then explained that he hadn’t played much because of his ongoing injury problems. After we won our title of under-20 world champion in Turkey (in 2013), I was quickly launched into the bath by Arsene Wenger.” Sanogo said in L’Equipe (translated by the

“I play, including a qualifying match for the Champions League, against Fenerbahçe. And then I hurt myself.

“Yes (my back), a herniated disc. I did not have an operation. But from that moment on, my body often let me go.

“The wounds have cut off my momentum. There are times when I was well. I remember the summer of 2014 when, during the Emirates Cup, I put a quadruple against Benfica (5-1).

“And then there were bad choices, and I may not always do what is necessary to impose on me.”

This past season, he was yet again injured and missed the first half of the season. “My left calf is healed. It kept me away from the fields for almost seven months. I resumed in January, with a physical trainer.

“I was able to play again with the Arsenal reserves.”

Well it was inevitable that Arsenal were going to let his contract run out, and that will free up a wage for someone that will actually play (I hope!)


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49 thoughts on “Yaya Sanogo confirms he is leaving Arsenal

  1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

    (sarcasm machine explodes)

  2. Arsenal FC

    “Sanogoal had reputation of being next Didier Dogba””,BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      1. Cheadle

        When you analyse the numbers Walcott is a decent striker with a good head on his shoulders. A team like Arsenal needs the people like him to be in the squad as an option. Barca experienced the lethal Walcott when he pulled a goal back on the way to a 2-2 draw at the emirates in Q/F CL 2009. Although we did get KO’d at Camp Nou a week later thanks to Messi’s hat trick and lone goal or should it be two braces?? …four goals!!

  3. Krish

    Hypothetically: Do you guys prefer lacazette for 60 mio or mbappe for 100?
    even though lacazette is the proven one, i prefer mbappe he is probably the next big thing

    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f###

      Defo mbappe fpr 100
      Not even close
      Age difference
      Mbappe is more well.rounded
      Better build.for this league

      Lacazette for 60 is a waste of money in my eyes

      1. John0711

        Totally agree MuFF, Mbape is the real deal. It make me laugh some fans moan that wenger wont pay out then when its suggessted he bid 87m for mbappe they say silly money FFS if he comes i will take back everything ive said about wenger. I dont think he will though

      2. Taxi4Wenger

        Goodness, mbappe is great, but how come we are so easily manipulated by arsenal PR spins, if the news madrid had bid higher for him but got rejected.

        Wake up, the pr spin crap is just repeated gimmick to fool the ST holder to renew.

        1. Midkemma

          How come you are so pessimistic?
          I encourage everyone not to buy a ST till we have matched their ambition in the transfer market, this doesn’t mean we can’t get him though for less than what Real had offered.

          I do not know the details of the bids but I can think for myself.

          If RM offered Monaco £105 million as reported but only £30 million was upfront and the other £75 million depending on titles and goals scored…
          Arsenal offer say £75 million upfront and £20 million on addons like title and or goals scored…

          Not hard to see Monaco turn down RM and accept Arsenal for the greater sum upfront.

          “Monaco have already knocked out an offer of £105m but the Sunday Express understands that The Gunners offered a bigger upfront payment for Mbappe.”

          I will admit it could be just a rumor.
          It could be true.

          I do not know and will wait to see.

    2. Cheadle

      Great question easy answer.
      Mbappe is easily ahead. Lacazette got quality and aggression no doubt and he would improve Arsenal. But with Mbappe the kid is the current dream signing.

  4. GoonerKev84

    I was half expecting Wenger to say Alexis has gone but lets not forget we have Yaya Sanogo he’s got exceptional talent and can also play the number 10 role after Ozil has been shipped out, he’s like 2 new signings lol

  5. Goonerboy

    You said it all…”He is PROBABLY the next big thing…
    His future is still uncertain..I prefer Laca..

    1. Krish

      yeah but i just dont think laca will succeed here.. its just an opinion so i am all open for it but mbappe seems more capable

  6. ramterta

    such a shame we have to sell our most promising youngsters.gnabry last season sanogo this season and wilshere seems to me he will follow the same path.
    These sales might be regrettable.Like chelsea selling players who eventually became good

  7. GunnerJack

    If this guy is available he would be a better fit for Arsenal right now than either Mbappe or Lacazette:
    Daily Mail – “Aubameyang had been hoping to move to Real Madrid but those hopes have receded and Arsenal now believe that they may have a chance to sign him for around £60m.”

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      He’s apparently joining PSG for £60 million, I can’t see how Arsenal will hijack that deal and Going by his previous comments in the past, I very much doubt he would want to come to Arsenal.

      We’re apparently trying to sign Turan from Barcelona for £20 million, yes it’s that player who took the Micky out of us, last year.?

        1. Midkemma

          I would prefer us to resign Gnabry than Turan, come on Arsenal… Gnabry has our DNA! 😛

  8. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Sa-nooooo (don’t) goooooo ???? wait.. I will carry your postman sack for you, to the airport.

  9. john

    He a waste of time and .money and injury prone and sooner we sell him the better he doesn’t fit into Wenger plans

  10. John Ibrahim

    150m will do the trick to sign Mbappe

    with the big 5 Utd, City, Chelsea, Liverfool and Spud

    the big 2 from Spain, Real and Barca

    we need to spend close to 150m if we were to have any chance of landing Mbappe

    1. Midkemma

      RM only offered a reported £105 million so why would any club need to beat that by £45 million?
      If RM are not offering that much upfront then we could get away with a smaller bid but just pay more upfront, less risk for Monaco then.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      Maybe you should take a leaf out of Wenger’s book! ??

  11. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Fair play to Sanogo:

    Yaya Sanogo: “I have no regrets.”
    Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Arsenal’s French striker Yaya Sanogo confirmed that he will be leaving the club when his contract expires at the end the month.

    We have lost sight of you. How are you doing?

    Not bad. My left calf is healed. It kept me off the pitch for nearly 7 months. I came back in January, with a fitness trainer. I was able to play again for the Arsenal reserves.

    How many matches?

    Three games with four goals. It is not a lot, but it was a real source of relief for me. It was very hard when I was injured. You feel so mentally alone. There is virtually nobody at your side. And there is this frustration about not knowing what the source of my pain was.

    Admittedly, you started quite well…

    Yes, quite. After our U20 World Cup title in Turkey, I was quickly thrown into the ring by Arsène Wenger. I play, notably in the Champions’ League qualifier against Fenerbahce. And then, I injure myself.

    During these three years, you have been loaned to Crystal Palace (January – May 2015), Ajax (July 2015 – January 2016) and Charlton (February – May 2016). Three loans and three difficult periods.

    The injuries stunted my progress, there were moments where I was good. I remember the summer of 2014 when, during the Emirates Cup, I scored a quadruple against Benfica. And then there were some bad decisions, and I maybe did not always do what was necessary to impose myself.

    Which decisions are you talking about?

    I think about Ajax. At the same time I had serious contacts with Ligue 1 clubs.

    With Lille and Hervé Renard notably?

    Yes, but it did not happen. I do not really want to go into this period. But yet again, I do not regret my choice.

    Are you annoyed at Arsène Wenger who rarely played you?

    Absolutely not. He is not responsible for my injuries. He is a great manager. He taught me a lot.

    What are you dreaming of next?

    A complete season, without injury issues (he is in contact with Genoa). I dream of playing football.

  12. Dexter

    Well, goodbye to sanogo. We wont miss him. The only good quality I saw in sanogo was his good positioning. He was always at the right place at the right time but he lacked the qualities to pose any threats to opposing defenders

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      He lacked the quality of staying injury-free! ?? if he would have put in a whole season when he first arrived, Wenger would have given him the usual token 5 year contract extension, because his good like that.?

  13. Adam Criniti

    Thx for the Emitates Cup memory Gaya, it will surely endure the test of time. Lol

    Anybody be upset with this transfer window?


    Aubeyang ($70M)
    Oneyrku ($8M)
    Lemar ($30M)
    Seri ($35M)
    Gaya ($20M)
    Kolansic (free)


    Sanchez?(wants greener pastures, $55M)
    Walcott ($15M)
    Gibbs ($13M)
    Schez ($15M)
    Perez ($13M)
    Ospina ($5M)
    Sanaogo (free)
    Debuchy ($3M)
    Jenkinson ($3M)
    El Neny ($5M)

    The selling of Sanchez(altgough painful) and the rest of the bench warmers above( Ospina and Perez deserve better) would almost cover the fees of Batman, Seri and Gaya. Adding Lemar, Oneyrku and Kolansic for under $50M would completely overhaul the first team and instantly make Arsenal EPL and CL contenders.

    1. Midkemma

      I do believe that Alexis wants Arsenal to show ambition, if we do then he will sign a 2 year contract, I do believe that.

      Aguero is only on £220k a week along with Yaya Toure at City, they are City highest wage earners but City show ambition to win titles so wages only have to be enough… They do not have to try and pay players ambitions off…

      If we show real intent and get things done early, make a big signing to make Alexis rethink… but the big signing can’t be a bigger player than Alexis 😉 Alexis was happy leaving Barca because he wanted to get out of Messi shadow. 18 year old promise will not be casting a shadow over Alexis, even if that 18 year old can perform well already.

      Oh and City have indicated that £50 million is more than they can afford on a player now, at least that is the rumors going round on why they could be pulling out on Bellerin.
      Bayern can not compete with us for wages, it would be a big drop in wages…

      Lots of clubs want Alexis but not many are actually capable of getting him unless they get Alexis to push for it.

    2. PboroGooner

      Sell Sanchez (£50m) to Bayern in return for Muller (£40m) and Costa (£30m), Arsenal to pay difference of £20-30m. Both players lacked playing time last season and its a known fact Muller has shown interest in the Prem League previously!

  14. ruelando

    Really unfortunate for sanogo, another young talent not realizing is potential , because of injuries and bad selection of loan spells, but if he stays fit probably have enough time to accomplish some stardom in the french league.

    Good luck to you, sanogo

  15. John

    Good luck…..Sonogo…….good luck……you are still young…….just get motivated and hungrier……

  16. Latimer Muwanguzi

    Bye bye Sanogo. You came on a free transfer, so you don’t owe us much. Arsene brought you fully aware that you had never played five games without sustaining an injury. That’s not your problem. It is Wenger’s.

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