’10/10′ – Wilshere fully backs Arsenal’s pursuit of 27 year-old forward

Jack Wilshere has given Arsenal’s possible signing of Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling a ’10/10′ rating.

The England international has been linked with a move to north London for years now, with the player claimed to have a strong working relationship with Mikel Arteta from their time together at the Etihad previously.

With Sterling’s place in the team in question at present, with Jack Grealish having become first-choice on the left-wing, and with both Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez having signed to vie for the CF role for the upcoming campaign, it remains to be seen where he fits into Pep Guardiola’s plans.

While he is being linked with a number of clubs, we are believed to be a potential destination, and Jack Wilshere would be very happy to see him come into the side.

“Raheem would be unbelievable as well,” Wilshere told TalkSport listeners (via HITC). “I know he’s a London boy so it would be nice for him to come home and join the biggest team in London. Again, someone who has been in the Premier League for years.

He continued: “He knows the league. Under Mikel’s guidance I think he would be another very good signing. I’ll give him a 10/10.”

I can’t disagree, I think Raheem has the right mix of experience, ability and mentality to improve our squad this summer, but I have my doubts over whether we could come to an agreement with either Man City or the player.

Sterling is simply too good a player not to be playing in the Champions League or challenging for top honours, and our hopes could well come down to where he will be guaranteed to play first-team football ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.

Do you believe we have a chance of persuading Sterling to come to the Emirates this summer?


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  1. Never going to happen as he wants champions league football and a team challenging for the league, neither what we can offer this year

  2. I can’t remember Stirling being “linked with a move to north London for years”. Stirling was such an integral part of the Man City set up nobody was suggesting Stirling was going any where for years. Now at 27 City are trying to move Stirling on but he is older than the sought after Arsenal profile player, would cost 50m+ and demand 250k p/w. The danger is he is angling for a retirement project. Another Aubameyang/Ozil in the making. Besides we are(apparently) looking for a dedicated number 9. Stirling is really another one for the 95 players we are not interested in let alone putting a bid in for file 🙂

  3. I’ve always felt he was a bit flaky. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but when I saw some of him playing for England in the past he seemed to disappear in games/teams where his team mates weren’t dominating.

    I remember snapshots of things like… in a game where England were not playing well, he gets a pass through to him on the wing, no-one ahead of him, he’s onside, he has to move a bit to collect it… but he doesn’t move enough and can’t control it, the ball bobbles lamely into touch. Danger over.

    It’s hard to put a finger on it exactly… maybe it’s that he doesn’t feel like someone who can become part of the dominating force, but someone who can benefit from it, if other people make it happen?

    1. All he does whinge twine and pull that stupid baby face. Can’t stand him. He frustrates me. Scores goals but I don’t him highly like a lot of people do

  4. The other thing about players whose game is a lot to do with speed, is don’t buy them as they get older. They slow down.

    Michael Owen is a good example – he was good when he could trot along the defence’s back line and accelerate onto a ball through them. He’d outpace defenders by a mile giving himself a lot of time 1 on 1 with the keeper to score.

    Once he slowed down, he was an average-minus striker to be frank. Sterling at this age… likely 5 year contract… pass.

  5. I do not, NOT FOR A MOMENT, accept the false premise about us being keen on Sterling, as being true! It plainly is UNTRUE!

    That does not mean I do not recognise that Sterling is real TOP quality and that MA will also think so. But so is Mbappe, De Bruyne, etc etc, and they will ALSO NOT BE COMING.

    Any article about incoming transfers that fails to be even remotely possible, is hardly worth reading. Or writing!

    1. But you still took the time to reply
      Fans like transfer rumours that is a big part of the summer leading up to the new season .

      1. Neither of your two sentences are wrong. But both are irrelevant to my post.

        As ever Dan, you make your own ASSUMPTIONS about the meaning of what I write but take no notice at all of PRECISELY what I write.
        It would be helpful in any future debate we might have if you address the EXACT point and no other, of what I write.

        I have said this to you on more than one occasion previously and of necessity too.

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