£10 Million star wants Arsenal to let him leave for nothing

Arsenal apparently want £10 Million for their captain Laurent Koscielny, who has 12 months left on his contract but he is asking the club to allow him to leave for free.

According to reports coming out of France, the 33-year-old wants Arsenal to terminate his contract so that he can join up with with French Ligue 1 side Bordeaux.

Bordeaux and Arsenal have been in discussions about a deal for Koscielny but have been unable to come to an agreement.

Koscielny has been a great servant for Arsenal but the chances of them allowing him to leave for nothing are zero, not with the restricted budget in place.

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Arsenal will sell Koscielny and probably for a fair bit less than the reported £10 Million but Bordeaux will have to offer up something to make the deal happen.

Time is against Koscielny, he is not getting any younger and will want to be playing as his career comes to an end, and so sitting out the final year of his contract, while an option, is not desirable.

To some extent, he has earned a free transfer but unfortunately for him, the circumstances mean that Arsenal has to play hardball. There is no time for sentimentality when funds are needed to bring in new players.

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It is likely that a deal will be done but money will have to be forthcoming, that is the bottom line.

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  1. Jdawg says:

    Errm we’ve just signed Martinelli!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Thanks for the info Jdawg451

      Always enjoy your MGTOW and The Wall videos on YouTube

    2. Skills1000 says:

      Yes. Now we need to sign Zaha, Nabil Fekir, Koulibaly and Thomas Partey. Not too much to ask for.

    3. Nifty says:

      we still have some money to sign 7 more players? COYG

    4. Tissiam says:

      Meanwhile Spurs have just signed Ndombele from Lyon for 60M,a beast of a player,he can play anywhere in midfield,he should have been a target for,he ticks all the boxes and still 22 years old, decent wages, a 6 years contract a bargain,gutted

  2. gotanidea says:

    If an old player with an expiring contract is unhappy and wants to leave, his club had better sell him for a low price. Keeping an old player is useless if he sulks and plays half-heartedly

    10 M is too much for a 33 years old CB with one year left on his contract. We bought Elneny and Ramsey when they were very young at around 5 M

    At today’s market, Koscielny should cost around 5 M, considering his contract and his injury record. We need a captain, but we cannot always rely on an injury-prone old player

  3. Will says:

    I think £10m for Kos is a very fair price. Granted he’s knocking on a bit but proved last season he still has a bit about him and in the less competitive French league could probably still do a job for a couple of seasons.

  4. Sean says:

    If he wants to leave then drop the price to £6m, he has been a great servant and we only paid £10 for him all them years ago and hes 33 with injury history. Sell Elneny for £8m or so then it kind of evens itself out as we only paid £5m for him, he is an Egypt international consistently so he is worth something. Both off the wage bill also as we try to sort this mess out behind the scenes at the club after all the mismanagement that has went on, our players are not worth much compared to others.

    On paper and reality we are a Europa League club with average players as that is where we are at unfortunately bar 5 or 6 decent players in Leno, Bellerin, Holdong,Torreria, Laca & Auba. Plus side is our Academy/Young players like Guendouzi, Nelson, Willok, AMN, SmithR, Mavraponas, Tutu, Nketiah, Baka, Beilik and others could be the coal squeezed into a diamond for the club if given a chance.

    If we do buy Teirnay (22) and Zaha (26) wouldn’t be the worse scenario but we couldn’t afford any more signings as that will cost close to £70m for both if it’s even possible we can agree In the 1st place in a fee which i highly doubt it.

    Shows how bad we have come to when Spurs have just built a billion pound stadium and have went & bought a player for £60m plus the following 2months after its opening. We had to sell the likes of Nasri, Fab etc… fair play to them but we are miles behind them in fairness and that’s down to way this club is ran.

    It’s a shame but true, they are not a bigger club than us by any means but in terms of how a club is run them & liverpool showing how its properly done without money being pumped in.

    The river the were sold down to years ago but still waiting, funny thing is we may for the 1st time in a decade be in the minus come the end of the tax year as we have not brought in enough money to have the likes of Mhki, ozil, mustafi and Xhaka on large contracts that have not or wont get us out of this mess on the pitch.

    Arsenal need to get serious and quick or we will end up falling further behind bt maybe not the worst scenario if it makes the Yank sell the club to someone who cares to Arsenal FC

    1. goonermay68 says:

      When was the last Time spuds bought anyone? They will get the money paid out on eriksen going. Levy is no mug.

  5. AY75 says:

    I think he was looking pissed in one of his kit launch photos 😀 😀

  6. Durand says:

    Tough call, you want to reward a good player and loyal servant to the club. If no payout and frees up wages, then yes if it costs club nothing.

    Why keep him against his will, doesn’t benefit player or club. Never get £10 million for him maybe £5 million.

    Even if they got £5 million not like they would add it to Tierney bid to get it done.

    Sometimes I wonder if club even wants some players. Could we really lose out on Tierney for sake of few million?

    Maddness to think we’ll push on from last season while we continue to diddle in market. Just offer £25 million for Tierney like they ask, not little increments, it’s not a haggle barn or a farmers market.

  7. Grandad says:

    Well said Sean.Koscielney has been a good servant, but he is well past his best, and given his recent injury problems surely £10m is over the top.When I see the silly and possibly counterproductive offers suggested for a top quality full back like Tierney and the unjustifiable fee being sought for Kocielney I seriously worry about the calibre of people running our Club.

  8. Sue says:

    Welcome to the Arsenal, Martinelli ?

  9. Tommogun58 says:

    This should be interesting,considering what our new powers to be have said about not letting players leave on free transfers anymore.
    I think we should let him leave but why not get 10M if that’s what he is worth, he has been a loyal player but he still has a year left on his contract, if he wants to go on a free then wait till next season.

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