10 things we learnt from Patrick Vieira’s podcast on Arsenal and the upcoming Euros

10 Things We Learnt from Vieira’s Podcast by Dan Smith


Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp have already confirmed that their roles in Daniel Ek’s bid to buy Arsenal is very much genuine. Well this week Patrick Vieira became the final member of the trifecta to speak publicly about the takeover bid.

Our former captain will be part of ITV’s punditry team for Euro 2020 so as part of the broadcasters build up he took part in their Podcast.

Here are 10 things we learnt ….


10- Daniel Ek will not Go Away

All three of our legends have now said the same thing regarding the Founder of Spotify. Whatever he said to the Invincibles, he has clearly won them over and convinced them that his passion for the Gunners is real.

The trio have acknowledged that there is nothing anyone can do if the Kroenke Family don’t want to sell, yet with assertion in his voice, Vieira says the Swede ‘isn’t going anywhere.’

If there’s three men Mr. Ek would want to win over to garner the trust of gooners it would be three of the greatest to ever wear the red and white shirt.


9- Arsenal Are At A Critical point

Vieira clearly doesn’t want the Kroenke Family to sell purely for his own business interests, he’s genuinely hurt by what his ex-club has become.

Even if it were not to Mr. Ek, Viera feels our owner selling up is in the best interest for a side he gave 9 years of his life too.

Echoing Henry’s and Bergkamp’s reference to Arsenal losing their DNA, the Frenchmen, ‘doesn’t recognize’ us anymore.

It’s funny, the likes of myself can be accused of having an agenda. I don’t think you can say the same about ex professionals who clearly know how to win.

None of them are talking about points totals since Xmas.

They notice the club have serious problems.

Only when you admit there is an issue can you find a solution.



8- Needs A Bridge

Vieira stresses that Stan Kroenke needs to do more than just spend money to win over gooners (although that would help). The former midfielder feels the owner needs to connect more frequently with the fanbase and even the players.

From his own experience, the 44 year-old reflects that David Dein ensured there were staff you would constantly see around training and the stadium who asked how you were.


7 – A Good Life Lesson

I have been trying to say for years about how some gooners deserve what has happened given how they treated Arsene Wenger. When I say it, I’m a fan boy with an agenda.

So maybe those will listen to a man with zero reason to have a motive. When asked ‘do some deserve what’s happened?‘, Vieira’ s opinion is ‘it’s a great life lesson.’

Not just from supporters but from the club itself, Vieira felt his ex-boss deserved better.


6- Football is in Danger Of Losing It’s Heart

When discussing his rivalry with Roy Keane, his favorite opponent, Vieira fears that modern day players lack the heart and toughness to have the intensity that Man United vs Arsenal clashes used to have.

With more emphasis on technique, VAR breaking down every last detail, etc., Vieira fears the days where a youngster walks into a dressing room of with the likes of Tony Adams, Lee Dixon, Martin Keown, etc, are over.


5- All Doors Are Open

Linked with the Bournemouth job earlier in the year and currently the vacancy at Crystal Palace, nothing was ruled out. In fact Vieira confirms his ambition is to one day manage in England.

Would that impact his part in Daniel Ek’s consortium to buy Arsenal?


4- Foden

Vieira was aware of Phil Foden from his days as Man City’s under 23 boss.

Even then he explains how protective City were of the youngster, not wanting to exploit him too much too soon.

With his club and country now benefiting from protecting the then teenager, maybe it’s a suggestion not to overplay the likes of Saka and Smith Rowe?


3- England’s chances

Vieira predicts the Three Lions will reach the semi-Finals of Euro 2020.

What stood out to him when viewing Southgate’s squad is the lack of caps and the average age among the 33. He feels we lack the experience to get over the line.

He recalls when playing in London the buzz around the country before a major tournament. He feels the pressure in the UK can grow to such a height it makes it hard for England’s players.


2- Contenders?

He refuses to write off Germany due to their tournament experience.

He was impressed by Italy during the qualification period.

And he thinks Spain are in transition and ‘you never know’ about Holland.


1- Winners?

It is not surprisingly he’s picked his own country, France, to win Euro 2020.

To be fair they are the World Champions who have just recalled Benzema after 6 years away.

Their squad depth is so huge that Laporte has taken Spanish citizenship because Deschamps wasn’t starting him.

The current French squad are trying to match what Vieira’s class did in 1998-2000, the World Champions become European Champions.


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Dan Smith

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  1. There’s nothing to learn from his comments. However, Pochettino is going back to Spurs and Allegri is returning to Juventus

    Spurs and Juventus have learned from their mistakes by rehiring their ex-managers, so I hope Arsenal will stick with Arteta and give him a good amount of budget. Emery has proven that the players’ attitude were the problems, especially after Ozil publicly insulted him on a social medium

    1. Though he has nothing to prove he has won the competition a lot of times and for me, final games and even semifinal are won by players willingness, motivation and mentality generally

        1. GAI, Villarreal players “seemed more willing” to do a lot of things than ours in Baku, that’s why they won for Emery.

    2. Only thing Emery proved is he’s better at a club who are underdogs compared to a bigger club
      The mentality you need to win a Final with Vill compared to Arsenal is huge .
      One you have nothing to lose , the other is pressure
      Can’t be a coincidence that his CL record is poor and is two biggest nights he choked were at the two biggest clubs he coached

      1. Dan, Emery was manager at “little club” PSG and won 8 out of 9 domestic trophies available during his tenure, second only to Blanc with 11. His win percentage is higher than Blanc, Ancellotti, Tuchel and Ponchettino at PSG.
        By the way the loss to Barcelona 6-1 in the Champions League by PSG second leg after being up 4-0, involved some of the dodgiest refereeing ever seen on the planet, including penalties given to PSG (diving by Suarez) and denied PSG.
        By the way has any manager recently taken PSG further in in the CL?
        Your argument doesn’t say much for the “mentality” at Arsenal.

        1. you failed to mention his previous record in the CL
          His record in the CL with PSG was why they didn’t offer him a contract extension
          when you lose 6-1 you can’t blame that on the official
          and to top off you lack of knowledge , has any manager taken PSG further in the CL recently ?
          Yes they have lol

          1. Dan, read the match reports of what transpired; penalties awarded to diving Suarez, a clear penalty denied De Maria. The refereeing was farcical and it was called out at the time. The fix was in.

    3. @GotAnIdea Have really got any idea at all? If I would take any logic from the examples you sited it’d be to sack Arteta quickly and bring back Arsene.

    4. Gotanidea, there you go again. I was expecting that definitely like your ideal Arteta you dont want to and think don’t have to learn from neither others nor your own mistakes. If you read the statement by viera there are things which a wise man will stop and think about but then hey wisdom and Areta supporter is like two different things .

  2. I just want to talk about protecting young guns. Till date our fans are divided on the topic, some schools of thought says Arteta has an agenda against young guns because of Martinelli and Saliba.
    Personally I feel Saliba case is much more like MA trying to protect him from the delude fans who have place all pressure on the teenager due to his price tag, and he himself is letting some elements push him against the gaffer, now that Luiz is gone we all have opportunities to see how he is going to fulfil his potential

    1. Ther can be no serious doubt that MA has made a great number of mistakes in selection and in who he has failed to select. Style too has been poor!

      That being said my own view is that while he is here, as supporters, we should support him I want him gone in favour of a better manager but as a realist I know we can not attract a world class name under Kroenkes ownership.

      I do not believe in keeping bashing my head against a brick wall but in accepting lifes realities , while at the same time seeking to change them.

      But realists know things take far longer to change fundamentally than hasty, self entitled fans are prepared to admit, even to themselves. That is my position, in a nutshell.

  3. Two things stand out different from the Bergkamp, Henry and Viera era; the mental toughness and physicality of the players. There was a time when Arsenal was feared home and away. Teams were beaten before they stepped onto the playing surface, because if you came to play football, you got played off the park. If you came to kick players, Arsenal could get down and get dirty too.

    1. Thats the fact, the Arsenal we loved where mental giants who scare the hell out of their opponents, like you said if you come to play ball they play you off the park and if you come to kick they can get really dirty. But Wenger began to assemble a team of nice guys and we lost that edge.

      1. These days players are very nice not only Arsenal players

        go look at players at other club

        everyones soft and protected

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