10 Things We Learnt In Mesut Ozil’s Twitter Q and A

10 Things We Learnt In Ozil’s Q and A Dan Smith

You can never accuse Mesut Ozil of not having a good team protecting his brand. On Twitter he arranged a Q and A, showing he was kind enough to interact with his followers but smartly being able to pick the questions he answered (or didn’t).

So it meant what was teased by some as the midfielder revealing all and even possibly announcing a move away, turned out to be the equivalent of telling the world what his favourite colour was.

To be fair that’s the German’s prerogative, he’s not entitled to tell anyone anything unless he really wants to.

Plus his legal team have no doubt told him to wait until he leaves until he reveals how Arsenal have been treating him.

Still I had already committed my next article to a takeaway of the players Twitter Q and A.
Reminder that I give my opinions to any news regarding the Gunners. I never asked Ozil to arrange this Q and A. So anyone who writes ‘Not Another Ozil article’ don’t expect a response. (The fact you clicked on the title and read it means you care).

Here are 10 Things We Learnt In Ozil’s Twitter Q and A

10- Sucking Up To Fans

To be fair, when asked what he would do if Spurs were the only club he could join he couldn’t win no matter the answer. He replied, ‘Retire’. Many viewed that as him ‘sucking up’, but what was he meant to say if asked?

9-Ramos Best Defender on World!

When asked the question, Ozil said Ramos has been the ‘best defender my generation’.

The Real skipper divides opinion due to some antics but Ozil sees his behaviour as someone who will do anything to win. It should be stressed that they are former teammates.

8- Ronaldo Better Then Messi!
The question that everyone involved in football in the last two decades is always asked. Ozil goes for Ronaldo. Some of his followers are likely to be Real Madrid fans who he played for so again, looking after your brand

7- ‘Things Have Changed’

Common sense suggests that with a few months till his contract expires Ozil won’t risk breaching his contract by saying anything his employers might find as misconduct. So for his followers to provoke anything juicy they had ask a question in a clever way.

Whoever asked ‘did he enjoy playing for Arsenal’ may have been hoping for a more controversial reply. The midfielder instead said he will never regret joining us and up to March things were ‘fun’ until after lockdown, when ‘things changed.’

6- Loves Mr Wenger
No matter his situation, Arsene Wenger has always maintained he’s a fan of Ozil and clearly the respect goes two ways. Throughout the Q and A Ozil not just praised Mr Wenger professionally but also the kind of person he is.

It’s fair to say if Mr Wenger was still in charge, Ozil would be in the squad. Saying that, if Mr Wenger was still in charge, we wouldn’t have finished in our worst league position in 25 years or be 11th in January!

5-A Fan of Smith Rowe
Zero mind games regarding Smith Rowe, with Ozil saying he’s always been a fan of the youngster despite him essentially becoming Ozil’s replacement. Ozil feels it shows there is still room for number 10’s in the sport with some pundits suggesting with more emphasis on a high press, number 10 will become a dying breed.

4- Doesn’t Regret Playing For Germany
Having won the 2014 World Cup Ozil should be a national hero, yet after Germany’s failures in Russia he got in a war of words with fans and media which still affects his reputation in his own country.

In the past Ozil claims that he felt treated like an immigrant whenever his nation lost, and this became a political row between all parties. He hinted that all sides may have kissed and made up with him claiming he doesn’t ‘regret’ choosing to represent them over Turkey and has since received a letter of the president of the DFB.

3- A Fenerbahçe Fan

While Ozil didn’t confirm Fenerbahçe would be his next club he gave an insight into how most kids with a Turkish/German mixed heritage dream of playing for Fenerbahçe, as much as young South Americans have aspirations to wear the colours of Real Madrid. If that wasn’t already music to Yellow Canaries Fans ears, he went on to refer to Kadikoy as his favourite area in Istanbul. If he’s not joining them then he’s a tease.

2- Loan ‘is not an option right now’

Given he’s close friends with Kolasinac (surely the only reason he put the left back in his best Arsenal 11), Ozil ruled out being able to join his buddy on loan at Schalke. There’s various ways you can interpret his answer. Could the team bottom of the Bundesliga afford his wage demands? Would he be welcome in Germany after recent comments? Is he determined see out his contract. Or has a deal been arranged elsewhere?

1- Next Move?

While he didn’t confirm anything official, Ozil stressed he like to ‘one day’ play in Turkey and America, the two countries he’s happened to be linked with. In other words he’s going to Fenerbahçe but keeping the U.S. on alert for a move in a couple of years…

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  1. I think he could become Turkey president one day. Politicians can always brag and rely on their past achievements to get the support, unlike footballers who have to keep learning, training and putting in extra effort in the field

  2. So all the Q & A actually tells us is what his highly paid PR team believe you want to hear and will best serve the Özil brand.

    1. He’s great at marketing and flipping public opinion in his favor. Can’t deny that, haha. His M10 brand or whatever will fly off the shelves. Wont get a buy from me tho.

  3. No matter what u think or say about him publicly, inside ur subconscious mind u still believe he’s world class. You can’t lie 2 yourself, remember that !

  4. He is a clever lad., He conducts himself with decorum even when things are not going okay. He is a true proffessional and was very conservative to answer only non controversial questions and tease his fans here and there. I was eagerly waiting for him to go on a rant and tear up his employers for mistreating him the way they have.. but he did the exact opposite which is very clever of him. As an Ozil fan i still have hope for some last moments of majic as he winds up his contract with us.., the major points worth noting in the Q and A were that football will never do away with number 10’s as they are the artists of soccer. It is clear they are the only answer to open up teams that retreat to defensive shells and low blocks in addition to that 90mins are not about defending and counter attacking instead its about enjoying attractive visionary passing, majic moments and skillful football. Thats the Arsenal way of playing football.

  5. All this Q and A shows me is what I have llLong known already ; that OZIL likes to tease fans andkeep us on tenterhooks.
    I have wanted him out for the last 4 – 5 years and whatever happens, even it it is inJune , the days til he leaves are almost at an end. IF, WHICH I DO NOT WANT, he remains til June , then so be it.

    I content myself with KNOWING this man has already appeared in(note: I say “appeared in”, not played in, as they are different things) his last ever Arsenal game.


  6. Nick those are some Pretty Amusing statements from the “pundit”. Like how if one was watching Afc games in 2015/16 season could you have wanted MO out.., at the peak of his Majic??.., Some fans though 🤦 are just severely uninformed or deliberately ignorant to say the least.

  7. I mist confess his responses to his interview is class and makes me have nothing but respect for him now. I’ve never been a fan of his but I mist confess, he has endeared himself to me.

  8. I’m neither German nor Turkish, but I’ve always believed there was a certain amount of rascism involved in the anti Ozil brigade at Arsenal. This was evident even five years ago, when after an Easel defeat he would usually be singled out as the culprit. His main crime then was that he wasn’t Roy Keane and didn’t run back, slide in, win the ball, take it back up and then provide a killer pass. Basically he was expected to do the work of Coquiln, Ramsey and Xhaka or whoever was being paid to win the ball. The fact that for a few seasons he had one of the highest assist rates never seemed to count, nor did his ability to link up with equally like minded players who could read a game. It was always Ozils fault. Once Wegner left he was a gonner. Overpaid, overly confident he was never going to fit in with humourless Spanish contingent. I’m sure an Ancelotti, Conte or Ranieri would have known what to with him and utilise his strengths, this is what they are good at but our managers post Wegner failed miserably. Meanwhile with no Ozil anywhere near team Arsenal played some of its worst football in thirty years, lost four home games on the trot and for s certain group of fans it’s still Ozil’s fault.

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