10 years ago today – Video of Jack Wilshere and Arsenal destroying Barcelona

It was an unforgettable night for Arsenal fans as the Gunners as the mighty unbeatable Barcelona came to the Emirates in the European Cup.

David Villa gave the visitors the lead after 26 minutes, but Arsenal never gave up with Jack Wilshere showing his grit and determination at his very best. With fifteen minutes to go, we were still a goal down, but then the Real Van Persie gave us the equaliser, and with the clock ticking down our substitute Andrey Arshavin gave us a well-deserved winner.

Here was our team on that famous night…

53 Szczesny
06 Koscielny
20 Djourou
22 Clichy
27 Eboue
04 Fabregas
08 Nasriyellow card
14 Walcott (Bendtner 77)
17 A Song (Arshavin 68)
19 Wilshere
10 Van Persie

01 Almunia, 18 Squillaci, 28 Gibbs, 07 Rosicky, 15 Denilson, 23 Arshavin, 52 Bendtner

Let’s start of here with the normal highlights…

And here is video of Jack Wilshere’s performance that night….

So, that was ten years ago today.

Shall we forget about our current troubles and let’s reminisce about where we were on that famous night shall we?

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  1. jon fox says:

    I was in the stadium and, like all other fans, thought it a great perf. But ultimately it never led to a CL title, as I for one never thought it would, at the time.

    Just a one off flash in the pan and probably JACKOS BEST GAME IN OUR SHIRT. But just another false dawn though.

    1. Lowfields says:

      I was at that game and thought Arsenal were lucky to win. That Barca team was one of the best ever. I remember Arsenal ringing the box and Valdes still played short and they didn’t lose the ball. Messi was never offside either.

  2. guy says:

    Caught a glimpse of Arshavin there – one of my all time favourite Arsenal players. Vastly underrated. Ahh the memories!

  3. Sean says:

    What a crap defensive line up.
    Fabregas, Arshavin, Nasri & Van Persie was a great attacking line up.

    Fabregas still one of my favourite Arsenal players, was a shame he went to Chelsea but that’s on Arsenal as he wanted to come back. (Yes I know he forced/paid a move HOME to Barca)

  4. Joe. S says:

    A team that could have achieved much more if allowed to grow and prosper. Ramsey was probably in plaster at what would have been a very busy treatment room. So much potential lost through injury. I wonder if Xhaka would have made this team? Just shows how much Wegner “lost his eye” for talent spotting in later years. Yes, it was weak defensively,but did Arsenal concede they many goals? and whatever happened to Eboue?, He was simply awesome in the run up to our only ever Champions League final.

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