“100 per cent” Edu reveals what is driving Arsenal’s youth policy

Arsenal director, Edu, has revealed that the club is focused on signing young players because they want individuals that will be at the club for around 5 years or more.

Mikel Arteta has been tasked with rebuilding the group since he became its manager in 2019.

The Spaniard has done a great job so far, and he will get the right players to keep improving the team.

Arsenal has kept Eddie Nketiah after he almost ran down his deal at the Emirates.

They have also added Fabio Vieira to their squad, and the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Aaron Hickey could move to the Emirates in this window as well.

It is in line with their plan and Edu tells Arsenal Media: “100 per cent (we’re investing in youth). That has to be Arsenal.

“We have to go into the market for exciting players with the right age, right attitude and right mentality. 

“We want to see a club like Arsenal with a young squad, an exciting squad with a big, big future because as I said last summer, the idea is to have a young squad. 

“We want to give them the opportunity to play together for two, three, four, five or six seasons.

“We still have a lot to do but we are really excited to start the season with the players we target and the players we want to sign.”

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Rebuilds are best when it is long-lasting, and it makes sense that we are targeting players that will give us the best years of their careers.

If we continue on this route, we could build a team that will challenge for the Premier League title in the not-so-distant future.

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  1. He’s Still banging that drum I see
    Atleast he’s not on his jet ski and getting his son to take pictures of him sat in a chair pretending he’s on the blower doing his transfer dealings .

  2. Haha,keep wallowing in self-inflicted misery while we do our ting and shut you thickheads in the end,LOL. Big ups,EDU.

    1. Thickheads !!
      Haha ,I believe their might be a pot kettle black somewhere in your post there buddy .
      Thickheads LMFAO

      1. DK, as you can plainly see, only my posts where summarily edited (LOL)

        TRVL… Do you read what you write? One in five of your posts actually talk about football, the rest are digs at either me or other readers.
        These will ALWAYS be deleted.
        Get the 50th hint yet?

      1. It’s been almost a year that this project has been virtually described as a youth project and a process towards beign a great team in 2-3 years time still they seem not to know what’s going on.all they do is moan like underfed infants.

  3. 100% investing in youth…the big question here is whether we will be able to keep them, especially if we continue to struggle. Saka, for example, is now having doubts about re-signing for the future because of interest from more ambitious clubs.

    1. A point I made this morning about going after players where we are already stacked in that position,some fans just like the fact we sign players with actually looking at what needs upgrading ,yes Fk I’m talking about you and your fifa fantasy’s

      1. It’s interesting that you are concluding before the window is closed, and without knowing their intentions.

  4. It’s no fifa fantasy,it’s called squad depht,i.e no mr A no problem,no mr B no biggie…That’s exactly what we are up to if you don’t understand what’s going on……And you know what dan,our current players are being given a boost ahead of fifa 23 release plus our potential signings are also a huge upgrade so i don’t need to sign any other club’s player which makes it surreal to play using arsenal as my team to beat anyone i come against,oh i can’t wait for it’s release……

    1. Dunno what fifa 23 is, I thought world Cup is this year?

      When is AFCON? Only ducking around ADPAT.

      1. Fifa 23 is a video game soon to be released this summer by electronic arts(EA)sports,an official partner of the english premier league,la liga and serie a.i wish arsenal also join the likes of city to partner with them so i can download their game on our official app but that’s gonna be impossible as we are contracted to their rival konami e-football.

    2. One of your posts in the last 2 weeks .

      “I signed Jesus in my fifa team and played him with saka and Martinelli ,the chemistry was unreal ,Arteta sign him up now!!”

      And you have the nerve to call fans infants .
      Sorry But I can not take your posts seriously.
      No offence to him Pat but bloody hell this child is as annoying as I’ve seen on this website ever .

      1. At least i don’t cry as you guys do…..i tell you gaming is fun,you should try it sometimes.Good for ur mental health.

        1. Oh I game buddy more than you that’s for sure But I don’t believe it’s real life that’s the difference .

  5. Admittedly there is still cause for concern in spite of Edu’s comments. Still not a single mention of goals, standards to measure performance, and how they measure success or failure.

    Heard ambitious talk when we moved to Emirates, how did that work out?

    Heard ambitious talk from Arteta assuring everyone a CL title in 3 years. Here we are still not in Champions League.

    Now it is “process” and “project” and “ambition” for the future.

    Sounds exactly like the Emirates move promise, CL guarantee, and process talk.

    Smokescreen speeches, excuse shortcomings in the present by YET AGAIN talking about an ambitious future.

    Again using youth to avoid concrete goals to measure success and failure, or accountability at all. How much longer can they play that tune?

    Another year at least. Interesting year this one, top 4 and real progress, anything less and will there finally be some accountability or just rehash the same excuses?

    1. In a way I aggree, we lack some clear goals and time frames in the plan to be communicated.
      But I don’t see much of that from any other clubs either, except for Man C, who may have declared they want to win the CL.
      On the other hand, we have seen some decisive actio from the owner in sacking Wenger, Emery and others in the organization, when the didn’t deliver, what the owner expected them to.

  6. The club is as much a business as a community feature these days, as are all PL outfits.

    On that basis, I wouldn’t be surprised if a big part of the business model is making money from developing players, either through teh academy or through buying young talents, developing and selling them on.

    That said, we’re not seeing a lot of profit from sales! But the clear-out is still happening, so time will tell.

    This is what Ajax have been doing for some time now. The big difference is that they are not in the EPL, so they are virtually guaranteed CL football, showcasing their players and selling on CL-experienced products. However, if Arsenal can do that and maintain Euro football, even EL, they can compete well in that market.

    Not what supporters want to hear of course, but that’s the difference between sport (as it used to be) and the sports business, as it is now.

    1. I don’t see it quite that way. Yes, player development and future profits from sales makes sense. It is the way, we can generate funds to make investments in the team to compete with the 2-3 clubs with “unlimited” funds.
      It will take time, but as there is no Santa Claus to come in as owner, it seems like a good idea to me.

  7. Yes, there is a clear plan, and the good thing is, there seem to be absolutely unity in the ranks from top to bottom.
    The owner is backing the plan with huge investments.
    As someone has rightly mentioned, there is no guarantee, we will succeeed with the plan. But nor would there be any guarantees with any other plan.
    So, take it or leave it. This has been the plan for at least a year now, and it is not about to change in this window.

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