Why Aubameyang settled at Arsenal so quickly

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has credited his childhood and his driving attitude for his quick start in the Premier League, and is striving to achieve more with Arsenal.

The Gabon international has hit the ground running since joining the Gunners in a club-record transfer, scoring five times in his opening six matches.

The striker has credited his early lifestyle for his ability to settle quickly, stating that he is used to moving around thanks to his father also playing as a professional footballer during his childhoosd.

“I’ve travelled throughout my life because my father was a footballer,” Aubameyang said.

“I’ve experienced many different cultures and languages, so that was a very good experience for me, to be able to move around quite frequently.”

The 29 year-old goes onto credit his own driving personality for his career, and tells the youngsters hoping to make it in the future that they need to believe in themselves more than anything else.

He added: “The advice I’d give my youngster self is to always believe in what you’re doing. You need to give yourself the chance to succeed.

“That doesn’t come from anyone else, you need to give yourself a chance and to fight for your objectives.

“I’ve fought hard – it’s never been easy for me. I always kept on believing too and this is where it’s taken me today.”

Would his childhood have made the move easier? Has Mkhitaryan not played a part in helping him settle? How badly will we miss his ability in our bid for EL glory?

Pat J

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  1. Sue says:

    Martin Atkinson is a disgrace

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      You are completely biased. Anyone would think you wanted City to win!!!!

      1. Sue says:

        Blatant penalty not given to City & Hunchback Young should have been sent off!

  2. Ken 1945 says:

    I believe he has settled in so quickly because the fans accepted him with open arms as a top top player. We appreciated his gesture when turning down the opportunity for his hattrick and just look how Lacazette reacted to the crowd when he scored against Stoke.
    That, in my opinion, shows how critical our home support is for the players.
    Abue will become such an important player for us and he and Lac should grow into a really potent strike force.

    1. pires says:

      And the “majority” on here were saying that we cannot attract great players.,… because of Wenger

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Funny that, but see below ’cause Chiza has the answer for you.

  3. jon fox says:

    “Driving attitude” and “Driving personality.” With all those cars he owns, it’s just as well! Do I assume these phrases were deliberately used? It seems so! But , to be serious, he HAS settled in well and the penalty gesture with LACA has clearly endeared him to us fans. Some footballers are just more mature than others and settle in quicker. And though the stories that preceded his transfer were rather worrying, we should only judge on what we see. I thought he was charming and warm when interviewed with Laca , after that gesture. HE LOOKS A TOP CLASS PLAYER WITH BALANCE, SPEED AND REAL ABILITY and crucially for any striker, a cool and sharp eye in front of goal. If he stays fit , I see him as clearly BECOMING our best striker since Henry.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    pep’s 300m defence conceded 6 goals in 2 games0

    1. Sue says:

      But at least dem go still win league oga

  5. Ingleby says:

    Time will of course tell, but from the little I have seen of Lacazette, I feel he has a clinical eye for a chance at goal. Aubameyang is a larger personality and looks to be adept at constructing oportunities as well as executing them. If they can both be accommodated in the team it could be very productive. As I don’t believe anything Wenger says, I have the feeling that Lacazette will be sold to Athletico to replace an outgoing Griezeman. We will revert to one up front and Evans will be bought via the WBA firesale. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. Chiza says:

    sometimes i wish aubameyang was just 25 years but damn it..he is 29 years….ohh what a pity!!!…wenger does things too late

  7. Kumagaya says:

    Lava won’t be sold. He is the furt ure. Auba is 29. They will play both and interchange depending on games. Welbeck can replace griezman. And why don’t we bring in griezman German and swap with wishire

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