11 BIG reasons for Arsenal fans to have a Merry Christmas

You do not need me to remind you that Arsenal have not started this season as we expected them to. But despite out rollercoaster form, a seemingly never ending injury list and an early exit from the Capital One cup, I think that the Gunners are not in too bad a situation and there is plenty to look forward to in the second half of the season.

We have a nice looking draw against the French club Monaco that should see Arsenal included in the draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. We also have a draw for the third round of the FA cup that looked tough at first but Hull City have since looked like they could not beat an egg.

So although the Premier League title may be a distant dream this season, Arsenal fans could still have a lot to smile about before the summer. Alexis is amazing and hopefully will soon be joined by a player or two that is as good at defending as the Chilean is at attacking.

But none of these are the 11 reasons I mentioned in the title. They are 11 goals from Aaron Ramsey that should remind the Arsenal fans who were beginning to forget, that we have a truly world class player on our hands. This video shows 10 beauties from last season.

And just when we were wondering if he could find that form again, the Welsh wizard goes and pulls one of best goals ever scored in the history of football out of the bag. Enjoy and stop worrying about Arsenal’s future!

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    1. *+*+*+*+* YULETIDE GREETINGS *+*+*+*+* to all my fellow gunners the world over….. Africa, Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia…..no matter where y’all are…..no matter where y’all from….. I Love you gunners…..oh! i won’t forget justarsenal’s admin….thumbsup to you boss……..Lets keep carry ing Arsenal fc along and hope it gets to the right destination…… Merry Xmas

    2. Hey, folks!!!! Good morning and merry Xmas!!!

      Uh, I’m off to White Hart Lane, wanna go get that cock for ma barbecue. Care to join me???

    1. My Christmas has kinda been ruined with the Podolski news about Inter. I’m not happy about the way Arsene has treated him… not that Wenger has done much to please me this season anyway.

  1. The biggest reason for me is d birth of our lord Jesus christ…..
    Did you knw that arsenal is d first english team to get 5 million followers on twitter….. I just ate a cock from white hart lane

  2. The biggest reason for me is d birth of our lord Jesus christ…..
    Did you knw that arsenal is d first english team to get 5 million followers on twitter…..

    1. Do you worship the Old Gods, the Fire God or the Others?

      I think you worship the Spending God! SPEND SPEND SPEND!

  3. I see that Kramer has signed a new contract with leverkusen which could mean that they are finally ready to sell Bender.

  4. I have been on this site for the last 4-5 years, had many arguments and many laughs. One thing for sure, we are all gunners through thick and thin that is enough for me to celebrate and wish you all a merry Christmas and new year. A big up to admin who has kept things ticking…

  5. Happy Holidays to all the Gooners World Wide. Much respect to Admin for making this site possible…
    Have a Good 1 Gooners. Play safe…

  6. Merry xmas & season greetings to all justarsenal gonners hope u all enjoy the wonderful season ,,,,,,,,,,& #AFC plz i need some goals tomorrow & tht will complete my xmas list #COYG MERRRRRYYYYYY XMASSSSS EVERYBODY HOHOHO!!!!!!!

  7. I would like to send a Merry Christmas greeting to Mr Kroneke and Mr Wenger. Actually forget the Christmas greeting. I just send a lump of coal.

  8. I hope our team will look similar to this in the New Year


    1. Schär has torn ankle ligament and he’s out ’til end of January.. Don’t know if we should gamble with him..

  9. Wenger is saying he will buy in the JAN transfer window if he finds suitable players.
    This is the same old Sxxx he gives us every transfer window, when the window closes he will tell us he tried to sing Messi, Ronaldo,or Cavani. This of course is a load of SXXX. Mark my words he will buy some kid on the cheap and tell us there was no suitable players available.

  10. Happy/merry belated Christmas to all gooners

    As for tomorrow lets get a nice convincing win. Clean sheet as well would be great.


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