1,2,3 and we’re off! Arsenal transfer action goes full throttle with Mkhitaryan

With one Arsenal transfer already signed, sealed and delivered before the dust has even settled on the Premier League season, and with one of the stars of that season Jamie Vardy apparently close to joining Granit Xhaka at his new club, Arsenal fans are already enjoying this current transfer window a lot more than usual.

But hang on to your hats Gooners, because the transfer action of Arsene Wenger could well be about to get silly and go into serious overdrive, if the Metro report suggesting that the Borussia Dortmund and Armenia international midfield star Henrikh Mkhitaryan could make it three big name players signing for Arsenal in super quick time.

The lightning fast, talented and highly sought after 27-year old was being linked very heavily in the football media with a move to our EPL rivals Chelsea, but this new report claims that the player himself has let it be known that he would really prefer a move to Arsenal.

Mkhitaryan has apparently made it clear that he will not be signing an extension to his current contract with Dortmund, and with only a year left to go on that it means that the Bundesliga club will have little option but to accept an offer for their star this summer if they are to get any sort of half decent financial return on him.

That sounds like the sort of transfer deal that would have the careful and astute Arsene Wenger rubbing his hands together, and he is the sort of player that almost any manager would love to have in their side, with 11 league goals and 15 assists to his name last season.

So cross your fingers that Mkhitaryan is about to become the 3rd Arsenal signing in what is shaping up to be the sort of transfer summer that we have been dreaming of for years.


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    1. Vardy deal seems to be delayed again and again. The more time he takes to think, the less likely it seems he will be joining us. So what alternatives do we have then? Higuain seems to be edging closer to Liverpool, can we hijack it? or we will go for someone like Janssen. I have heard he is a talented player, but do we need another young, unproven talent in the squad?

        1. Hahaha….That’s what Liverpool owner said to us when we bid Suarez 40M + 1 pound.

      1. Mmmmmmmmm? Arsene can never seem to clinch the deal of a top quality striker but has no problems pushing through a less expensive one-for-the-future midfielder. Me thinks he goes after strikers but throws a deliberate spanner into the works to avoid it actually going through. Same as the Suarez fiasco with the 1 pound. Knew it would get their backs up but could turn to his detractors and say ‘well, I tried to get a striker of note’. Just a personal thought.

  1. I think this guy is the most ‘Wenger like’ player available in the market now..small and diminutive, can play in multiple positions, has Champions league experience, comes from a big club, available at a bargain price, plays in central mid, can use both feet, has an eye for goal, can assist, has a difficult name to pronounce and spell.. the only downside is the fact that he is not an 18 year old from France lol..but I would love if we signed this guy

  2. I prefer Mahrez….we all know what he’s capable of, plus he’s younger than Miki

    1. What do you guys think of Gotze, solid experience, bags of talent, he can play across any of the front position’s, we could actually play with a false 9 system with him and Sanchez running rings with the opposition defenders, he has a lot of point to prove after being snubbed at Bayern and he’s still only 23 ?

  3. Vardy poated a tweet that could signal the tranafer is off, or on, i cant tell. but its no good.

    Henrik is also not certain.

  4. Vardy is an uncertainty. Its not done by any means. So please dont count it as a complete transfer as of yet.

    Henry Miki I can see Arsenal signing him. Mozart replacement maybe? Didn’t Mozart also come from BvB?

  5. We are also Linked with Mahrez. I think either of them could be a great addition.
    Both Valued at same cost. I am not sure who is better.

  6. Hahahahahahahaha…………. I’ve seen this “Var-day” movie series before…… Why am i not surprised?.. i’m one of the many few owning a TV

    1. L()L

      i meant to type

      can’t believe the omission of a slash caused the blunder…. Tnx 4 the observation mate

      1. hahaha.. We all make mistakes, its fun making mistakes. Good thing you didnt bash me up (online) for pointing it out. Many sensitive people online these days who cant take any pointing out 😀

  7. Article says this would be the third arsenal signing? So the fist two were xhaka and ………. I rememet it was Granit.

  8. Why is everyone going on about JV. TBH he is 29 and not 20mill above but why can’t AW go put another 50 to it and get P F A because he is young and pure class. Think this is AW last season and he thinks buying JV will win the EPL but it won’t because Arsenal need to clean all the dead wood out. We need 1 WC CD & a back up with BFG as 4th choice and we need wingers back up most of all we need to buy a captain or give it to A S or Ozill

    1. Am sick of hearing Dis ” arsenal need a wc, CB, WB, CF and all dese…” Vardy can win u d league. Ozil alone created more Dan 200chances last season Nd yet ars were outscoured by 4different teams in d league. JV is 29 yes but he scores goals for fun, broke a goal scoring streak record.. Dats not luck bro, dats pure class. If it means aw doin Dis and winning d league fine… Fergie DD it wit VP. Way we lacked was a proven goal scorer cos arsenal at dia worst still created aloy of chances last season… Let’s not forget, giroud plays beta wen he feels his place is threatened. *winks*

  9. Actually I do think he can be a good addition for Arsenal as we add power on Sanchez, Ozil and Carzora. Also competition will have to enable other midfielders pull up their socks

  10. I think he would be a far more important signing than vardy , he would actually be a better solution to the number 10 role which we play Ozil in , everyone raves about Ozil assists, however i dont think the fans understand the importance of the number 10 role in regards to goal scoring and the freedom of space offered to other players when the Number 10 role is seen as a goal scorer or goal threat

    Mkhitaryan offers a direct threat to the opponents goal, while providing countless assist , therefore i would see him as a direct upgrade to many (can not do any wrong) Ozil. i would not even bother ggoing in to stats to prove my point .



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