16 EU nations reject Super League amid rumours of a renewed version

As unpopular as the European Super League was when it was first unveiled at the early part of this year, Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona are still pushing for its success.

Arsenal had been a part of the founding members when it first became public in April, but a backlash from fans around the world forced the Gunners and the five other Premier League clubs to publicly withdraw from the proposal, but they are still legally bound to the agreement.

The idea is still not dead and could be revived soon with a more appealing set of rules.

But it has just suffered a major setback as AP via Sun Sports reveals that 16 of the 27 countries that make up the EU, including Spain and Italy have rejected the idea and would now fight in support of UEFA against it.

The report says Germany is also expected to submit a statement to the European Court of Justice.

This would come as a major blow for the organizers of the competition, with the report claiming that they are working hard behind the scenes to unveil their latest draft proposal again.

The new format will be two leagues of 20 clubs each and would make room for both promotion and relegation and they maintain it isn’t a breakaway competition as it has been portrayed in the media.

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  1. What about the English FA.

    Have they voted against it?

    I didn’t see them mentioned in the article.

    I wonder if the members of the FA have all received brown paper bags!!!!

  2. Champons league football is worth while.
    Any thing else is just silly.
    Europa League/Conference league simply justifies keeping the B grade, reserve squaddies on the books. When we beat Midtijylland, Sk Sturm Graz or Ludogorets folks start saying the likes of Mari Chambers Cedric Nketiah Niles Elneny and co are ready to take the PL by storm, just as well we keep these chaps on etc etc etc. Now without EL football these “B” graders are being exposed for what they are not good enough to play PL footballers. They are just rolled out against Wimbledon or WBA reserves in the Mickey Mouse cup which again simply helps justify hanging on to these dead woods. I would be quite happy with just a 38 match league season. Cup comps do nothing for me. As for Internationals the less said the better. Premier League is enough. Everything else is fluff and just means we have to provide a bunch of “B” grade squaddies with a living.

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