“19 months into “The Process”” not every Arsenal fan is happy with the win against Norwich

Arsenal has just secured a 1-0 win over Norwich, their first in the Premier League this season.

It has taken four matches, but it is finally here and they now have their goal and their three points.

It wasn’t an easy game against a Norwich side that has just been promoted to the Premier League and who has also lost their opening three league matches of the season.

Arsenal may have got their season underway with that win, but it was a match against a newly promoted side and they really should win convincingly.

Some of the fans certainly think so and when the club posted about the win on their Twitter account, these fans took to the comments to let them know it is still not good enough. Here are some reactions:

Arsenal’s next match is against Burnley and they will be keen to earn yet another win to keep the momentum going before tougher opponents come along.

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  1. Of course of Arsenal Reputation sake, a win was desirable even it helps the manager more than the fans.
    For once, the officiating was on our side. Not sure of the decision of the referee on the Goal ( offside challenge).
    It is not a great much to be overly excited over, except we are challenging for the bottom half of the league table.

  2. Nice win. Yeah people being negative is understandable as the decisiveness was not there at all! So many chances and we won of a lucky goal. Also what happened to the touch of the players, it seems we dont practice one touch countrol anymore.
    There were also positives as Tomiyasu and Ramsdale’s performances, Gabi-Rolls Royce partnership, and Lokonga continuing to impress. Lets keep the momentum going, and score some goals against Burnley, amd not just show banger videos of the training ground….

  3. Do you notice how when Arsenal win very few people come on to comment :).
    What’s that all about?
    As for the process we are actually only 4 games into the new process.
    More deadwood has being shipped out and a young, compliant disciplined group is being assembled. We are another 10 games away from being fully ready especially with fitness and combinations.
    After game 14 the away game at Man U we will be in a better to assess.

    1. I applaud your refreshingly optimistic outlook Fairfan ,and while the result was better than the performance it was hopefully a watershed for better days ahead.Having secured a group of talented young recruits ,coupled with the return of certain key players, the foundations are now in place to start the major rebuild which has been delayed for some time ,for one reason or another.Let’s hope the new blood circulates quickly to revitalise our team.

      1. Grandad,what is it again you recently said about Osdonne Édouard? having watched him several times,he didn’t have the physicality or the level to play in the PL?? maybe you should have taken into account that once Rodgers left Celtic,he was no longer buying into the program and wanted to leave,Lennon confirmed that he was one of the players who didn’t want to be there.

        1. One small swallow does not make a summer.Feel free to review the situation at the end of the season and if Edouard has done well in terms of performances and goals I will happily admit to an error of judgement on my part.

      2. @Grandad- You do realise we played NORWICH FFS. Your getting very much like Jon Fox,, anyone not agreeing with your view is wrong. NORWICH F***ING CITY. And we just got over the line. And that is something to be pleased about is it?
        You should have been at the game Pal. It was a RELIEF from the supporters that was felt. Because we had just beaten NORWICH. Your bar is set far far far too low Pal. Try actually going to a match and picking up the vibe from the supporters in the ground. THAT performance is Never Acceptable against a team like NORWICH and you are totally wrong and delusional if you feel otherwise

          1. Your not kidding PAL- not with your views that change as often as your underpants ( well I would hope so anyway). And for someone your age you act like a child

    2. In fairness, fairfan I was trying to listen on a very poor DAB reception radio and gave up – relying on the posts for a feel from the game.
      From what I have gleaned, the new recruits didn’t embarrass themselves and there is a degree of optimism

      But you are absolutely right about the level of comments. Bad news sells.

      1. Yeah Sue, 350 vs 130 generally on the comments on a loss vs on a win(and I usually am a negative commentator lol).
        Anyway why dont you switch to streaming? It might be less of a hassle and you can enjoy the match well. Might need a vpn though based on the network. I can suggest hesgoal, totalsportek or another great site suggested by NY_Gunner here, Drakulastreams.

    3. fairfan, has it occurred to you that some of us who have been to the match, might then have a meal out and then travel home or to their hotel etc etc???

      Having just finished my meal and having had time to digest both that, the game and the performance, I think I can comment with some time to adjust.

      As Sue says below, some good performances:
      Also some puzzling ones, the crowd reaction and the continued array of empty seats made for an uncomfortable afternoon and, despite getting our first win, I’m still not sure what progress we have made.

      Let’s remember this was against a fellow club with no points, who have spent zilch compared to us and, yet, we could only manage one goal at home!!!

      At this moment in time, I cannot see any light when comparing us to the top six to eight clubs… and the “process” started when MA arrived, at least that was what we were told.

      Why are you saying that we aren’t fully fit and having combinations to sort out?
      What were we doing pre season that was different to any other club then, or is part of the process to ensure that we are looking at Vieria, after just a few weeks, being able to coach Palace to run, fight, plan and deliver a lesson in how it’s done???

      Grateful for the three points and with all of MA’s signings in the squad, I expected SO much more.

      1. Agree ken but lets hope we do get better, i for one think we dont have a style of play or direction, even after 19 months. I think our football is baffling and disjointed and i see no real flow.

        1. That’s the REAL problem Reggie, there seems to be no improvement… how I wish there was.
          Let’s remember MA had all his players, bar Xhaka who supposedly the reason why we are playing this dire football, to select from…. apart from having eleven players at the end, could you see any difference in tactics, intensity and teamwork?

          That’s what I’m looking for from MA now and, despite three points, I couldn’t see it.

          1. If we dont kick on ken then we are in real trouble with MA. I, regardless of what people say, want Arteta to make us great but as yet i dont see where or how. I really think the job is too big for him, we cant keep making excuses, we have to go big now and prove the spending wasn’t a waste.

        1. siamois,
          I sing along to 1-0 to The Arsenal and Mesut Ozil etc etc etc etc
          I’m a supporter and if I don’t return home hoarse, I feel I’ve let the players down🤣🤣🤣

  4. I enjoyed the game! How good was Tomiyasu?! Wow!
    Thought Odegaard played well, especially in the first half. And my man Auba got the goal 🙂
    And a big shout out to our defence/gk. Loved how vocal AR was and how he was either patting the defenders on the back or high-fiving them! White/Gabriel great pairing…
    And I’m surprised more time wasn’t added on (like 20 minutes!!) with all the time-wasting from Tim Krul!!

    We’re up and running, yay! Loads of Vieira chanting today (can’t think why 🤣) Well done to Palace also!

    30% off in The Armoury (result!), I can finally watch MOTD (first time this season) and the world cup of darts is now on – the perfect Saturday!

    Well done boys!

  5. Clueless tactics, scrambled uncoordinated performance against a promoted Norwich. The win only buy time 4 Arteta, but he will surely be sacked b4 December this I know. The win makes me sick cuz it’s no way near convincing. My beloved club is failing downwards & no one is noticing this.

    1. You are normal Arsenal2Win, these fans celebrating a drab win must live in planet fantasy. The once great Arsenal is dying and yet they say trust the process. Which process?

    2. “the win makes me sick”? Best change your name then Arsenal2win if that is your reaction to your “beloved club” getting a much needed victory. I can’t believe that you think you are a fan.

  6. Honestly speaking I was really elated. But I hope they display better against burnley come next Saturday but if we are only going to win games by playing the way he did today, I am totally in support of it. I have watched alot of games where Arsenal played extremely well but ended up losing. Nobody cares about winning in an ugly manner.

  7. I thought it was a ok performance. Could have been more clinical with the chances, but most of them had a decent game, and lots of positives to take from it. Onwards and upwards.

  8. It wouldn’t matter if arsenal had won 5 or 6 nil today the negative comments from some so called fans and especially the media would still abound. After watching the games this season and then reading very negative reports i am wondering if the reporter was at the same game.

    1. Not true! The way we won today was not that great and realistically we should be winning against Brentford and Norwich more convincingly. I appreciate that every game cant be controlled but we dont control any game and it isn’t a pleasure to watch, like it should be. It wasnt a great game at all but it was 3 points and much needed and it was Norwich.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Reggie. Only positives were our overall defence and Tomi’s debut. But it was painful – passing, control, pressing, finishing all still poor.
        Hoping it improves IF Arteta keeps a stable team in particular Ramsdale and that defence they get gametime as a unit.

    2. Eamon, perhaps you could give me a positive spin on our first three results teh?

      0-2 loss against Brentford
      0-2 loss against Chelsea
      0-5 loss against City

      No goals scored – bottom of the PL – worst start to any league campaign in over five decades – over £125,000,000 spent in this window – empty seats all around the Emirates – defensive football – have I missed anything out?

      As a “so called fan” of over nigh on 70 years, I think I can be negative, while still supporting The Arsenal and reporting on what I have seen these last few years.

      I do hope Mikel succeeds, but I’m not going to sit back and not question what is happening at the moment.

      1. Ken, even under GG, thats when i went nearly every game, the football had a direction and a purpose. Contrary to perception it was enjoyable to watch also. It was about playing to our strengths and nullifying the opposition. I loved watching football under GG and he got labelled wrongly, it was very functional and effective but 1-0 was an easy 1-0. But saying that 1-0 was a fallacy, it wasn’t always that as much as was portrayed. The 70/71 team was a beast of a team.

      2. K1945 there will be questions for the year ahead whether win loss or draw. To put these out there is acceptable when as you, you allow yourself to be surprised.

        Some fans are just on a hell bent trump supporter type of crusade.

        As much as it’s not where we should be as a club, we have invested in a manager who has not managed at the elite level. This will cause the manager to take longer to learn and get it right. But I think that’s why the club also invested in young talent.

        This said, I personally – beyond all of the negativity believe we just need a season settled with the manager managing without 30 players going in and out and worrying about delays to the footballing schedule because of covid or ….

        I do believe given the space and time we can succeed step by step…
        We have fallen far and we can only look at it step by step.
        The alternative is we get an owner who will spend £863m in 5 years like United (although they have won 0 trophy and we have won 4) or Chelsea and win with that artificial victory… I dunno, I support because we work hard even when we are down like when we fight when we were up – the moment I dont see the fight I need to see change.
        That is why I love arsenal or any sport that gives me these teams, players.

        Watching Raducanu right now and I see that fight in her eyes. That is what I want to see. I have no reason to question that right now in arsenal

    3. A lot of people were expecting a big win – I wasn’t so concerned about that but this was the first time we’ve been able to put out something like the first team. Was hoping to see some slick play throughout the match and a convincing performance to show that the capability is within this team under Arteta, because we won’t have a better chance to do that in this league. Sounds like it wasn’t quite that. Can only hope now that some of the nerves will have dissipated and we can see a stronger Arsenal in the next game.
      Burnley will be a true test imo. Unfortunately I do have a feeling we will struggle and then the wheels really could fall off, but hope I’m wrong.

  9. A true gunner won’t hope for a loss inorder to see Arteta get sacked. But Arteta too needs to put an end to the unseriousness of his players but I doubt if he can. I think highly of Niles but his performance today was the least I expected of him and he is way too unserious for me, honestly.

    1. A true gonner wants the best for the club, if losing is the sacrifice to make our club better then we better lose. What’s the joy in winning a match to lose 3 others when you can lose 1 and win 3. O.T.S I don’t agree with your definition of a true gonner, it’s old.

      1. We were losing enough games to fall out of the top4, then the top 6 and now 8th
        I don’t fancy finishing any lower so an unconvincing win is better than no win to get the season up and running

  10. I saw the headline and I just knew it had to the work of Martin the Spud, usual rubbish from him and the last time I come onto this crappy blog…

  11. Certainly not impressed, but not angry or upset either…I think our lackluster start to the season has actually numbed my senses a bit…either that or I’ve lowered my expectations to just such a level that I’ve come to expect underwhelming performances, then simply hope we somehow squeak-out a result…on the more positive side of the ledger, I made note of a few things:

    (1) it’s clear that Ramsdale provides a certain something that’s been missing, from both a “commanding” presence and ball dispersion standpoint, albeit he’s still not you know who

    (2) I can only assume that Arteta’s preferred CB pairing is Gabs and White, although I would never want to assume anything, as we all know what that could mean for u and me, so any chance for them to get significant minutes together should be viewed in a positive light…still not convinced yet if it warranted the expenditure, in light of the possibilities of a Gabs/Saliba tandem, which would likely be a little less offensively-minded yet more defensively sound, but that was a decent first impression…I guess only time will tell

    (3) leading up to the game, I was quite concerned about how exactly our “transition” game would function without the stifling antics of our Swiss miss…in similar circumstances Arteta has missed the boat entirely when it comes to tactical adjustments, so needless to say I was pleasantly surprised that, even without Partey starting, Lokonga tried to play a bit more direct, when opportunities arose…would really of liked to have seen a Partey and Lokonga partnership, but I’m sure that will be on offing in our next match, unless AMN’s more physical presence is preferred against Burnley…finally, Partey’s health just might be the key to this whole “experiment”, which could be incredibly problematic if things continue as they have since his arrival

    (4) Tomi had his moments, at both ends of the pitch…hopefully he will emerge as a much-needed stabilizing force out wide right, considering our inconsistencies in the recent past…looks like we finally have someone in our defensive ranks who appears to have two viable feet, with some pace to boot

    Of course, I would have preferred a more offensively-minded formation, like a 4-1-4-1, with AMN provided defensive coverage and ESR and Ode playing centrally…the fact that we chose to deploy the usual 4-2-3-1 with only Ode starting and ESR firmly on the bench was a bit disconcerting, as we really need to create more scenarios where we outnumber our opponents in their final third…finally, if people are envisioning a scenario where Arteta shifts from our present base formation to a more Pep-like 4-3-3, they might be disappointed, as I can’t see that happening anytime soon, considering our recent recruitment campaign and the fact that he kept Xhaka, Elneny and AMN

    1. It says it all when nearly all of our spending went on defence and nothing on attack in comparison. We were poor transitioning to attack and we still are but that isnt just down to players but the way we play and set up.

  12. I also disagree with this logic …..if losing is what it takes to make us see how bad the coaching crew is then why not….we can quickly change him and get someone better…what I saw today was an embarrassment to football as a game…..if anyone thinks we are going somewhere with this bad football we are playing thinking he is bin positive then I say such person is part of the problem Arsenal is having cos in the actual sense of things you are wishing us downfall which is where we’ve bin headed since the era of this coach, so then I can say such people are the negative fans in the real sense of things

  13. Whoever picked Arteta to be manager with absolutely no experience except watching Pep was and still is a football fool.

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