Why I don’t believe Chilwell will cost Arsenal £75 Million

If Arsenal wants to sign Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell it will cost us a massive £75 Million.

Talksport has run two articles, the first one had Manchester City interested in the England international and the second article had a link to that first article with us added to City as clubs who are targetting the defender, although the Express has also linked us to him as well.

What is interesting for me are the comments from the Foxes manager Brendan Rodgers on the subject of interest in his players.

“All I know is that when you have good players, they will always be of interest, and the squad is full of very talented players,” Rodgers said.

“All I can do is create an environment so that they enjoy coming to work, where they feel that they can get better.

“From that, they grow and develop. And from then on, if players need to move on from that, it will always be a decision between the club and them.

“At this moment in time, all the players are happy and working well. We want to continue on that path. But knowing how the game works, clubs always lose players, but we will always fight to keep our best players.

“When they play to a high level consistently, that will always bring interest. The club will always do its best. You can never say the player will definitely be here. But the club will do its very best.

“All the players here enjoy playing for Leicester City, I’m quite relaxed on the situation with all the players.”

If you read that carefully he has basically admitted that any of his players are available, when you say “knowing how the game works, clubs always lose players”, that is an acceptance that if the right offer comes in then Chilwell will be sold.

Now, £75 million is a lot of money but I believe it is inflated, look at how much Leicester City have sold some of their previous stars for, N’Golo Kane cost Chelsea £32 Million, Danny Drinkwater cost the Blues £35 Million and Riyad Magrez cost Man City £60 Million, which is a club record.

When you look at those transfer fees do you really think that Chilwell is worth more?

I reckon that £40 Million will make Leicester blink and that is the sort of amount that you have to think we would contemplate spending.

Chilwell is clearly talented, he is just 22 years old with his best years ahead of him, he is the sort of signing, if it works out, that could end up being with us for a decade.

The bottom line for me is that we are reportedly interested in the young man and once you clear all the smoke away he will be available for a lot less than the £75 Million being reported.

That makes Ben Chilwell a credible target in my book.


  1. What is so impressive about Ben Chilwell and makes him cost 75 M?

    – Interceptions: Less than Bissaka, Pereira and Zabaleta

    – Tackles: Less than Bissaka, Pereira and Shaw

    – Assists: Less than Kolasinac, Pereira and Bellerin

    I think he is overrated and Kolasinac is much better than him in attacking

    1. Because he plays for England that’s why he’s overrated! If Gareth Southgate calls you up to the national squad your stock rises quicker than bottled water during a summer drought!

      1. So let’s hope Southgate calls Maitland-Niles and Nelson to make their price tags soar, then sell to the highest bidder, just like Chamberlain and Walcott

        Unfortunately Arsenal missed the trick with Wilshere and Welbeck

        1. The FA are anti Arsenal so I doubt it! As long as they perform for Arsenal, that’s all that matters ?

  2. If man city are genuinely interested, then he will go there.. I’d be happy with Kieran Tierney in the same mould as Andy Robertson and he’s been amazing obviously he’s ahead of Tierney because he’s kicked on and moved to a much better league, but Tierney has the talent to be a success also. I’d be more concerned about CB than LB though!

  3. £40M??? And the rest. Leicester had no choice with Kante and robbed Chelsea blind with £35M for Drinkwater. Man City broke their record for Mahrez. They wont sell cheap and we wont spend what they want. Arsenal wont compete for players like Chilwell. Kronke wont invest and there isnt anyone else putting money into the club

    Emery has to use proper scouting to find players like Ghendouzi

  4. This is nonsense Mr Admin. If you seriously imagine Arsenal will sanction around £40 mill for a full back you must think we are owned by anyone other than Kroenke. We are not, so we will not be spending anywhere near that amount. And you OUGHT to know that, but clearly do not.

  5. Tierney is on a par with Chilwell and Robertson and is likely to be available for around £25m.Kolasinac is a cut below these three because basically he is a mediocre defender who cannot be trusted in a flat back four.Chilwell is in the England first eleven on merit and is superior to Shaw and Rose.

  6. Tierney is IMO way ahead of chilwell and the fact he plays in a inferior league is all the better .
    Chilwell will get taken by one of the big clubs for stupid money .not worth more than 20 million but the fact that he’s getting loads of press and he’s english his price will get way above what he’s worth .
    Like a few have said on here Tierney is a quality player ,just look at VVD who was available for 12 million when he left the same team .
    But second guessing who we will sign in the summer is just that .

  7. He won’t cost Arsenal anything because ‘he’s not for sale’ – I really don’t think Leicester will sell him this summer – Arsenal haven’t been very successful in their pursuit of Leicester players in recent years, Vardy, Mahrez and Kante were all supposedly ‘Arsenal bound’ but none arrived, expect the same with Chilwell.

  8. I really dont understand why we are prioritizing LB when we have an improving Kolasinac and reliable Monreal complementing one another depending on the opponent.
    We should be prioritizing signing that VanDijk-esque CB and winger (s)

    1. Yeah-can’t help but to agree.In a flat back four Monreal has proved the more solid of the two but in a 3/5 Kolasinac has been very impressive on the left.I believe we have at least another season with Monreal and a CB is far more of a priority.
      Replace Ramsey and get in a natural Winger.With the youth coming through that is an improvement for next season.We should go for QUALITY over QUANTITY with whatever transfer funds are available.

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