1st goal crucial so Arsenal MUST be patient at Man United

There could be two very different approaches that Arsenal will face at Old Trafford tomorrow, with some fans expecting Jose Mourinho to set his Manchester United team up to stifle the space and frustrate our fluent, and creative attacking football, while some including our veteran keeper Petr Cech thinking that Mourinho will have to be more adventurous as he is already six points adrift of us and eight points off the top of the Premier League table so a draw would not be all that much use to him.

I can understand the thinking of our number one but I am struggling to see Maureen completely abandoning his defensive and spoiling principles, especially as they have served him so well in the past. He also knows that the Gunners have the ability and the players to take full advantage of an open game, so I think he will try to win without throwing too many players forward.

If United do get the first goal then I reckon we will then see him park the bus, whereas if Arsenal score first he will have to be more forward thinking, so that opening goal could be crucial and if it does not come our way early on then I think our players have to be patient.

Many times in the past we have been punished for chasing a goal and it would be bad enough for us to get just a point from the game, never mind nothing at all. Do you think this big match will need patience and perseverance from Arsenal?


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  1. summerbreez says:

    We need to go there on fire be ready to attack fast crisp and accurate but we need to keep it together in our defense so no wholes appears mount pressure pin them back as long as we do not concede we are wining >>>>by all means its going to be a tough match a good match we all need to turn up for it be ready and firing on all cylinders

    1. otunba_007 says:

      The player needs to have it at the back of there minds that we are going there for a clean sheet first because it’s a very BIG away match with one of the title rivals (yes title rivals ) and anything after a clean sheet is a very big boost to our title race

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Agreed, clean sheet and try to build from there. There are few teams I hate more to go a goal down to than a mour team.

        Mour record against us is ..he draws the away game most often, and because we would usually be playing catch up he puts the attacking onus on us when he’s at home. It served him well playing for a clean sheet and leaving the onus with us.

        This time it’s he who needs to play catch up or risk falling further away from fourth place.

  2. tweety says:

    we should go at them, and not be afraid. we have the players to do it. but not to leave the back uncovered. – always a gooner

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Keep it tight at the back. No complacency and mistake. Then utilize your chances when they come because they will surely Come.. .but we MUST keep the defense in good shape..

  4. Dawa says:

    Arsenal should adopt a fast-paced-presser from first whistle, this will enhance the chances of getting the first goal within 20 minutes.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    As long as we end up with more goals than them, no injuries, no reds, I will be happy 🙂

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