TWO Arsenal injury updates to cheer up gutted Gooners

There is not too much to be happy about this morning if you are an Arsenal fan, after another exit from the league cup, currently known as the EFL cup, with Arsene Wenger demonstrating once again that he has very litte respect for this trophy or desire to add it to his collection with an Arsenal team selection that would have struggled to beat a lower league team, never mind our Premier League bogey team Southampton.

There are, however, two things in the Arsenal news today that should be able to cheer us Gooners up, if only a little bit, and both of them come in the shape of injury updates. With the Arsenal squad suffering it´s usual long number of absentees this is pretty important for our chances of any trophy success this season.

The first bit of news reported by Metro is about Mohamed Elneny who added to our misery last night after being replaced by the boss before halftime, but after the match Wenger revealed that it was just a question of him being ill, not picking up a knock.

The Frenchman said, ‘Elneny was sick before the game and after 10 minutes I could tell he wasn’t right.

‘He has diarrhoea or a stomach problem.’

Whikle some Gooners may wonder why Elneny started the game at all if he was not well, we can at least stop worrying about him being out of action for long, something that we have had to manage with the England international striker Danny Welbeck, although that is coming to an end sooner than expected according to Metro.

The good news for Danny and Arsenal is that he is due to start training again this month and although it is likely to take a little time for him to get match fit this is a big boost to the squad that has been struggling with more injury problems than all of our rivals.


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  1. Ddog says:

    Insane the amount of stick Arsene is getting for this defeat. I actually cant believe it. If you are ‘gutted’ by this defeat you are pathetic. REALITY CHECK: Our 1st team cannot compete in 3 competitions! he rotated, good! we lost, oh well! Next game please!

    1. Kostafi says:

      Don’t you get De javu? we lost to Southampton again, at the Emirates again, in the League Cup again. 2nd time in 2 years.

      I was there, we were poor! Yes they had a stronger team, but team selection was down to AW! Ox was MOTM last round, why didn’t he start?

      I’m happy we dont have 8 fixtures in Jan but the same things cannot keep happening without it being re-examined. We either make a fist of this competition or don’t bother. Play the kids from start to finish or play a side capable of winning.

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      REALITY CHECK: Wenger’s tactical approach was the major issue last night, and the defeat is important because it exposed his flaws. That defeat has been coming for some time, because only poor finishing from our opponents has kept us unbeaten. Kostafi is spot on about the same mistakes repeating themselves. Although I agree with you about our first team not being able to compete in three competitions, because they cannot even compete in one!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Southampton didn’t tactically bury us. It was bad defending from a defence that hasn’t played together. Giroud would’ve played if able and that would have been better, Perez clearly not ready so could’ve sat out or played wide. Top comment is more accurate with what went wrong, we rested players. Your tactical approach exposing flaws, without highlighting them, tells us nothing.

  2. Jansen says:

    For me we should fool ourselves by thinking the reason we lost is because of the changes we made. We had many first team players on the pitch. For me Garbriel, Gibbs, Coqluen, Ramsey, Iwobi, Perez, Xhaka (Elneny) and Ox are all considered good enough for 1st team appearances and starts.

    Besides Southampton also plays in Europe and also rotated their squad and used kids.

    I think it is not so much the team we put out but as Wenger said the mentality, or to use his words “we lacked urgency” read: “we thought we were better than we were and didn’t put a real effort in until it was too late”; read “we were mentally not prepared.”

    If we try to tell ourselves we lost because we played our kids we are fooling ourselves and will prolong the problem.

  3. bigperf says:

    Boohoo give it a rest. Had arsene played some first teamers who’ve been overloaded with games and they get injured you’d still be here saying how wrong be was to not rest them. This is exactly why others fans are laughing at how ridiculous we are. This cup was a great experience for some youngsters who are the future of the club and getting knocked out is part of the learning curve for them. The sooner everyone realises how important we as fans are to the team the better, we have a great squad this year and one of the things that’ll hold us back is the ever so negative atmosphere around the stadium. We need to be behind the team at all times, it’s kinda sad when you have a home game and suddenly things aren’t going your way spurs equalise and the whole crowd goes silent for the rest of the game instead of cheering their and potentially leading to victory ?

    1. seatofthesoul says:

      Absolutely spot-on, our fans are gaining (a deserved) reputation of toys out the pram whenever the slightest negative thing happens and blame club personnel for it. Of course there are always issues in the club from top to bottom but it’s the same for any club.

      Wenger can’t win, for years he’s been slated for being too naive with his attacking football “that doesn’t win you trophies”, now we aren’t creating many chances but are grinding out results, united teams of old doing what we are now people would say “it’s the mark of champions”. Our fans bring it all on ourselves, we are the first to criticise our manager/players and other fans have a field day.

      Like you say, if we concede we should be shouting louder to support our boys, love em or hate em but the atmosphere at Anfield is incredible and players/managers of all clubs pool or opponents mention it as a factor. It’s almost ingrained in the team and fans that we just wait for it to go wrong so we can blame x, y, z.

      This is one of, if not the most, competitive Premiership’s in recent years. We are serious title contenders but so are Liverpool, City, Chelsea and potentially Spurs and Utd (although probably not enough for title). But you have 6 teams where two of which will be extremely disappointed not to finish top 4, and 3 (at least) of which will be the same if they don’t win the league.

  4. Jansen says:

    Completely agree. The squad we put out was more than capable to win. Are the Arsenal fans saying our squad could not beat a 2nd string Southampton who rested many of their starters?

    Credit to Wenger here, he called as it was, the team lacked a winners mentality, there was no urgency as Wenger said. At this level of competition you can strart all the Ramseys, Coqs, Xhakas and Perezs and Oxes, if they don’t give it their 100% and second strong Southampton will beat you any day.

    Our players lack humility and desire/killer instinct.

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