2000 Arsenal fans said Good Morning Vietnam! to Giroud

If JustArsenal is not enough proof that the Gunners have fantastic support all around the world, then you only have to listen to Olivier Giroud talking about Arsenal’s early morning arrival in Vietnam on a previous pre-season tour of Asia.

Giroud will be with the squad when they fly to Singapore on July 13th, and he is very excited at the prospect: “It’s always a pleasure and a really good experience because you can see the fans are crazy all over the world,” Giroud said on the official Arsenal website. “They support the team until they die and they are fantastic.

“A proper fan has to learn all the Arsenal songs so it’s nice to hear them singing our songs and the way they are singing is even more surprising because they sing with their heart.

“I remember when we landed in Vietnam very early in the morning but there were 2,000 people who were waiting for us and cheering us on. It was a great feeling and it makes you want to produce even better performances when you get onto the pitch.”

I can bet that our Asian brothers are also waiting eagerly for Arsenal to arrive next week, so if any of you are going to be there to greet them. There has been many comments lately talking about the nationalities of our readers here at JustArsenal, so let us all share our home countries to demonstrate how far and wide the support for Arsenal stretch’s across the globe.

I for one am Irish, but was brought up in London and taken to every Arsenal home game by my father. Where are you from?

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  1. OT: Summer break is really boring without football games, come on August,
    Come on Wenger, make your moves (don’t forget a striker please)

    1. Is it in heaven or on this earth..? just curious.. lol and u will like to know.

      1. Hey I asked everyone to tell us where they came from. I’m not sure if that was what he said though…..

          1. Well, I’m from Uranus (sounds like “Your anus”, right? I know). I’m on earth to spy on Putin.

    1. I’m from Singapore and I am really excited to see arsenal play at our new stadium!!!!

  2. he should be concerned about raising his standard of play this new season. WE NEED A STRIKER

    1. I know after watching him go on a tear this year and receiving player of the month honors in March, all while coming back earlier than expected from a broken foot and one of the big reasons we defeated teams on the March to the FA cup he certainly more than anyone should raise his game this year.
      Actually I think he can raise his game because playing with pace on both sides his passing game which I feel is one of his strongest attributes can really shine.

      1. Cry me a freaking river dude!
        We need a great striker. Take your endless love for Giroud to the bathroom or something.
        He’s not good enough to lead Arsenal to anything major…end of story. How many seasons do you need him to prove he’s average?
        How many seasons do we have to go without winning the EPL and CL to prove he is average?
        I think you need to raise your game up? You need to raise your love for Arsenal up and not always raising it up for Giroud.

  3. Greetings from Bulgaria! 🙂

    Arsenal fans are the best all over the world ’cause we have the power of Puma and the and the energy of the Duracell Alexis Sanchez battery! Ohh, Santi Cazorlaaa! 😀

    I hope we can get a defensive midfielder Schneiderlin or Vidal doesn’t matter and not just a striker I want Karim Benzema so much so we can lift titles making doubles and trebles! COYG! 🙂

  4. misleading title…
    but WTH…as much as Giroud is nothing near top quality and doesn’t cut it in an Arsenal shirt, at least he knows how to suck up. He is good at something at least.
    Still not enough…I mean as we’ve seen it doesn’t win matches against Monaco when he misses chances and is angry at himself and slapping hard multiple time an innocent Emirates football ground. Pitches don’t hit back ok…pitches don’t hit back. If Giroud hit the back of the net often, he wouldn’t have to hit innocent pitches every time.

  5. Im from Bath. My love for Arsenal was passed down from my Dad. He became an Arsenal fan after watching his first ever football match, an FA Cup final between Arsenal and West Ham. We lost that day but he was a fan ever since…

  6. Yeah right, amigo. You wiill produce even better performances, but only from the bench as a substitute.

  7. @Admin
    @napersie was right. #Biafra is an ethnicity comment which pitch some parts of Nigeria against another. It even led to war.
    Nigeria is the authentic name. No Biafra in Nigeria.

    I am a Nigerian, the country of The Richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote – a staunch Arsenal supporter

  8. Hallo members,I have been causing alot of disharmony in this site because of telling it as it is.Let us here vote here if you want me to stay in this site thumb me up,if you want me out of this site thumb this comment down.NB..I will obey the majority decision.

    1. Disagree with most of your comments but hey that is your opinion and don’t want anyone to leave so thumbed you up dude – might be a losing cause though!

  9. Good Afternoon, from South Africa!

    Cheers to a good season come August, and hopefully a surprise or two in the transfer market!

  10. Giroud is not really a bad guy. I think it would be a great night out at a London night club . He would probably be top scorer at a night club but on that football pitch week in and week out he is not going to score more than 16 prem goals and in reality we need our number 1 cf scoring nothing less than 22 prem goals. Forget all the tea cup goals he scores in fa cup. I would swap the last two Fa cups for a sustain prem challenge where we try and end up short by one or three points anyday. Giroud would be a good number 3 option but in this day and age you need a cf that compliments our midfield. Reliance on sanchez to be top goal scorer is not cutting it

    1. @afc I for one and all the other fans that gather for the celebrations at the end of the year really cherish the last 2 teacups!
      I know a back to goal 6’4 target is unusual for a lot of people but I really think we should support him. Player of the Month. during the Prem league season is a great accomplishment.

      1. hmmmm….You are suspicious…the way you talk about this guy.
        Swing which ever way you want man but this is not Giroud FC. This is Arsenal FC and Giroud is not good enough to take us to the next level.
        You can support Giroud while he is at Westham United in a few years. We wish him and you good luck and many more enjoyable years.

    2. Soooo… Are we just neglecting the fact that he was injured for 3 1/2 months this season?

  11. @Jim A
    I respect your view and can see you that you are very loyal to anyone or anything you love no matter how good or bad they are. I respect that. But I have to be honest Giroud Sanogo and welbeck are not the answer. Maybe they and our brilliant midfield can just about get us top 4 but that is not enough for many honourable Arsenal fans.Now the new accuse for not getting a cf is that the new messiah is Theo Walcott in cf . Let’s face it we need to spend some money on a real cf who is better than what we got. And I’m not saying go to France and buy someone in the 2nd tier league. Let’s please the fans with the missing piece that we lack up top

    1. @afc hey thanks for the respect shown. Having played the game and I’m more along the lines of the speedy forward I know how nice it is to play a ball however to someone that can hold the ball facing back to goal. Many times you can’t outrun the marking of a defender with the ball but if you hit the target and then sprint by the defender to receive the ball back then mission accomplished. I believe AW likes that option as well as Danny W was trying to incorporate that into his game as well.

    2. @afc hey thanks for the respect shown. When I played the game I was more along the lines of the speedy forward I know how nice it is to play a ball however to someone that can hold the ball facing back to goal. Many times you can’t outrun the marking of a defender with the ball but if you hit the target and then sprint by the defender to receive the ball back then mission accomplished. I believe AW likes that option as well as Danny W was trying to incorporate that into his game last season.

  12. Let’s make the opposition defence shake so that the pressure creates errors that makes space for us to score

  13. off-season greetings from Nigeria here! my love for Arsenal began rather strangely….. at first it was just pure love for my countryman Kanu…. but thierry almost always kept him on the bench, and when dey did play together I felt thierry should maybe have been a lil less selfish….. so invariably I had dis contempt for thierry and I wouldn’t call myself an Arsenal fan! Matches came week in week out and yet I found myself watching, each week with a lil less contempt and a lil more awe at thiery’s abilities, pace, close control, skills, composure, his trademark goals, celebrations,……. heck I dint even realise wen I fell in love……..the dude’s just too good to be hating on! Been loving anything Arsenal from then on!


    man when would come the day when Arsenall do a tour here …haha i can dream right, La roja of Spain came once so..

  15. big up all just arsenal news and all arsenal fans all over the world..we don’t vex here in Nairobi Kenya all the way representing the diaspora. We love you arsenal. no lie.

  16. Reading all the posts makes it somewhat of a shame that a pre-season tour to a footballing hot-bed in South America or Africa is never contemplated. Not a great fan of the pre-season PR fanfare accompanying trips to the commercially more attractive and lucrative newer markets of North America, Australia and the Far East etc. Arsenal has a solid and proud history and has previously been at the vanguard of the club game with change and innovation – a trip to say Nigeria would be so cool. It would be remiss not to mention the political and security issues – but these problems are often waiting for brave statements and action.

    Ah well, I’m in a minority on here – but I’m from London, England!!!

  17. am proudly Nigerian but does that matter? We are all gunners cos our blood is red yeah red coyg

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